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Beauty and Maxed Sheen

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Sugarkitza's AvatarSugarkitza
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Hello I've got a question! I'm trying to evolve my Feebas into Milotic and I have a lot of Blue Pokeblocks to do so. Still, the sheen maxed out and I'm halfway to max beauty. Is there any way I can lessen the sheen so I can keep upping the Beauty stat, or am I stuck?
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
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Just copy 'n' pasting a quote from an earlier thread with a similar question:

QUOTE originally posted by Arsenal

If you want to be able to evolve it, you should reset the Sheen with a black pokeblock (or grab a different feebas) and feed it different kind of blue pokeblocks. This Guide shows you how to. You need to have some Blue Pokeblock III (made with Starf berries) and Blue Pokeblock III+ to evolve your feebas.
Prioritize using Pokeblock+'s in the future, since they raise sheen significantly less than regular pokeblocks!
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