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pricing shinies/albinos

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Ruax's AvatarRuax
Ruax's Avatar
hello! i'm working on an indeedee hunt, what the eggs are 10k exp. how much would a shiny/albino/melan cost for a 10k egg? i know it depends on the person but i just would like a basic idea
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Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
Many people use delta points to help price their specials. Most use a rate of 1DP = 10kCR | 10GP | 2ZC 10k egg shinies give 8DP when delta'd, and albinos give 16DP Therefore, a general price for a 10k egg shiny is ~80kCR/80GP/16ZC, and a 10k egg albino would be ~160kCR/160GP/32ZC Some people price higher or lower than this, though, so don't feel the need to follow this guiding to the letter! Just as a general idea.
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Ruax's AvatarRuax
Ruax's Avatar
thank you for the general pricing idea! i defiantly will probably up it a bit since it feels a bit unfair on my end, but thank you! also thank you for being there whenever i'v posted on the help forums (':
Ruax's AvatarRuax
Ruax's Avatar
also may i add, what would a melan maybe cost with that amount of exp?
iZoura's AvatariZoura
iZoura's Avatar
Generally it would be 3,200zc / 16mil credits / 16,000 gp for a 10k egg melan ^^
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Dingo Blue's AvatarDingo Blue
Dingo Blue's Avatar
KO has a neato post in their journal with all the dp values for s/a/m btw so you can have all the values in one spot :>

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