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ThatDUDE's AvatarThatDUDE
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any tips on how to get things going for new players?!
Tejturbine's AvatarTejturbine
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ive found that one of the most useful things u can invest time into is filling ur dex because it allows u to unlock other useful stuff! for that u can adopt eggs from the professor, or use the shelter. essentially just log in as many days as you can, do your tasks, and ull find gradually u have built up currency and a good collection of pokemon. pm me if you want to talk/need anything tho!
aud.rey's Avataraud.rey
aud.rey's Avatar
how about don't scam people, play fair, be kind to others, and have fun? (oh, and click for credits, invest in scour slots, etc etc.)
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Elmani's AvatarElmani
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Log in every day and hit your daily tasks - 1000 clicks (do party clicks to fill your egg timer), hatch an egg, do a scour mission Do scour missions all the time - literally as soon as you notice they're complete, send them off on a new one. Maybe use this as a chance to get the totem forms. Boxes can be opened for a chance at GP or a scour item, or can be consistently sold for between 25-30 kC Boxboxes (21 boxes) generally sell for 100 ZC - five of them is enough for a month of Hypermode, useful for shiny hunting Work on filling your Dex first thing imo - watching the numbers tick up is satisfying among other things You can buy or rent breeding pairs for eggs you're having trouble finding in the shelter (e.g. exclusive or variant eggs)
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brèâd's Avatarbrèâd
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A secondary goal to filling you dex can be wishforge badges. I wouldn't jump head first into hunting for high badges yet, as relics and evolutions + the sheer number of gems can be expensive and timeconsuming. But bronze to about gold can make a huge difference as compared to none at all. Relic Coppers and Silvers aren't too terrible to find and with each badge you get a boost on experience gained on eggs/pokemon. This can make getting legendary eggs or high level evolutions a bit easier and can help make dex filling just a little less tedious. Good luck, and if you need anything ask me!!
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ChampionCedar's AvatarChampionCedar
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I'd suggest checking out the guides forum for useful CSS you can add to your custom site skin that can help you a lot in clicking fields and also finding stuff in the shelter/lab. There are CSS code for stacking pokemon in fields for easier clicking, and there are also CSS for finding shinies/legends/etc in the Shelter.
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Vaporeon26's AvatarVaporeon26
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Speaking of dexes some people have free dexing shops you might need to dig around in the trade shops froum but they're there burried among all the other shops. The guides forum is really helpful as well there are some guides made just for beginners (well maybe just one) https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/256101/The-Beginner-s-Guide-to-PokeFarm-Q https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/257065/The-Beginner-s-Guide-Help-Questions https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/29618/A-Guide-to-PFQ-abbreviations https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/143511/PFQ-Tips-and-Tricks https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/47852/Clicking-for-Dummies
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