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Lune’s Backstory

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Hi! This story is the backstory of one of my OCs, Lune. Hope you enjoy!~ (Just so you know, this might, uhm, be a bit long....) (Edit: I realize how long Chapter 9 is, but it’s basically a recap, so you can skim over it mainly. If you want.) Feedback is appreciated!

Lune and Sakura Art!

I’m trying to gather art of Lune and Sakura. If you want to make some and have it put in here, just send me it! I will credit the wonderful artists who have accepted to draw them. Enjoy the art gallery!



Made by Jøltz!


Me and my mom went out to the woods. Dad was still asleep, back at home. Although, I can’t blame him. It was still pretty early. But I was wide awake. We stalked through the bushes, being quiet to not wake any other Pokémon. “Look! Mom, they’re over there!” “Sh! But thank you for pointing them out.” We stalked on over there. “Wow! These berries look so juicy!” I whispered. She chuckled. “Dad’ll be pleased.” We grabbed a few berries, then stalked our way back home.

Chapter 1: The Stone

I sat still, waiting. I wonder when mom and dad’ll be back.... I decided I’d been waiting long enough, and started playing with a leaf. I scooped it up in the air, then batted it down and pounced on it. Just like mom taught me. Mom’s so cool! She makes me want to be an Umbreon someday! I kept playing with the leaf while I waited. After a while, I heard a noise. I didn’t know who it was, so I ran behind a boulder. Then, I recieved the signal. A spurt of water followed by a series of flashes. “You’re back!” “How’re you doing, Lune?” “Great! I was having a lot of fun playing with a leaf!” Mom and dad both smiled. “Guess what? We brought something for you!” “Really?” My eyes lit up with excitement. “What is it?!” Dad nudged over a stone. I cocked my head in confusion. “What is it?” “It’s an ice stone!” “Ooh! What does it do?” “It makes a few species of Pokémon evolve.” “Woah! Cool!” I looked at the stone. Wow! This is so neat! I looked back up. “Thanks mom! Thanks dad!” “Haha, you’re very welcome!”
Thanks to Champion Spectra for making my pfp!
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I am looking for art of my OCs, Lune and Sakura! PM for details!
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Chapter 2: The Egg

It’s been a long time since I was given the ice stone. I still keep it with me, though. I used to dream of evolving. To be more specific, I dreamed of evolving into Umbreon, just like my mother! Though, now, I’ve realized something..... I don’t seem to want to evolve. But I still like to wake up and go grab a few berries early in the morning with mom. It’s a lot of fun! Sadly dad doesn’t wake up early enough. But oh well. It’s early again. And we’re out in the woods, once again. Mom points at me with her ears and then points at her nose with her paw. I nodded. I started to sniff around. Aha! Found them! I pointed with my muzzle. Silently, we snuck our way towards the berries. We grabbed a pawful and went back home. After eating, mom decided to go for a walk with dad. “See you soon!” “Mhm!” When they’re out of earshot, I sigh. Well. What am I gonna do. Leaves aren’t very fun anymore. Guess I’ll groom... “Lune! Wake up!” Apparently I had fallen asleep. “Huh? Wha’z up?” I ask, obviously still waking up. “Look!” Suddenly I look up and see an egg. And not just any egg. Another Eevee egg. I sat bolt upright. “Wha-?! A-a sibling?! I’m gonna have a sibling?!” I suddenly got really excited. “Can I see? Is the egg alright?” “Hahaha, don’t worry! The egg is perfectly safe!” “Yay! I’m gonna have a baby brother or sister!” “Well, we don’t know when the egg will hatch, that’s what makes it so exciting!” “Aw man! I have to wait?” “Yep! But don’t worry. It should hopefully be soon!” “Ok...”

Chapter 3: What’s Your Name?

It’s been a few weeks. Nothing much has happened... and the egg, well, just is exactly the same. No changes. Mom and dad aren’t here, I’m here by myself, with an egg.... what do I do? I took out the ice stone. I looked at it, and I stared. I was like that for quite a while. Then I realized: something’s making noise.... Quick! I need to get behind the boulder! I dashed behind the boulder, then realized that I forgot the egg. Oh no! So I rushed back and grabbed the egg, then brought it behind the boulder. The noise followed. It.... it sounds like.... WAIT. I looked down at the egg. Is it hatching?! I need to get mom and dad! I rushed out of the den, following their scent trail. When I finally caught up with them, they looked worried. “Lune?! What are you doing out here? You’re supposed to be watching the egg back in the den! Speaking of which, where is the egg?!” “Q-quick! Come! Hurry!” They looked at each other, then followed. We ran behind the boulder, and found the egg with a few cracks in it. Mom gasped. “It-it’s hatching! I can’t believe this! And we would’ve missed it!” “Y-yeah....” “Wait, so it is hatching?! Yay!” “Shh.... we don’t want to scare the little one...” “Oops. Sorry.” We all stood in silence, staring at the egg. More and more cracks appeared. And then- “Ah! That’s bright!” “Eev? Voi.... v-voi?” I held my breath for a few seconds. “Woah.... is-is that what a hatching egg looks like?” “Yes.” “Wow! That’s so cool!” I turned toward the Eevee. “Hi! I’m Lune! What’s your name?” “Ev?” “Lune! You must be proud! You have a baby sister now!” “Wait....” I stopped, then gasped. “You’re right! I’ve got a baby sister!” Then mom and dad looked at each other. “What should we name her?” “Well.... I like the name.... Sakura. Don’t you?” “Mom! That’s a wonderful name!” “Hahaha, thank you. But I was asking your father!” She giggled. “Oh. Whoops. Sorry.” “That’s ok.” “Well, I agree. The name is perfect!” Suddenly, I realized something. “Hey, wait a minute..... how come she’s got such differently colored fur?” “Oh! Seems you’ve figured it out! You, my dear, are what we call ‘a shiny.’” “What’s a ‘shiny?’” “Well, it’s where, a Pokémon species has a certain color for their fur/scales/skin, etc. And then a shiny is a different color than the rest of its species! And you, Lune, happen to be a shiny.” “Shinies are very rare, but a few are considered ugly. It is quite unfair for those Pokémon, for it isn’t their fault for the coloring they have. But we’re not going to talk that deep into it yet. Maybe when you’re older.” “Ok. So... do others think that... I’m ugly?” I whispered. “Don’t worry. You are perfect just the way you are.” I beamed. “Thanks!” I turned towards Sakura. “So, what do you wanna do?” “E-e-eevVOI!” She sneezed, making us burst into laughter. Something tells me she’s going to be a lot of fun.
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Chapter 4: Lazy Eve’s

It’s been only a few days. But Sakura has been a pawful. “It’s only been a few days?!” I collapsed. “This little Eevee is hyperactive...” “Hahaha, we figured! I mean, even you were going everywhere when you were this little!” I blushed. “Well... can I go get us some berries? Since you two probably should watch her, I can go get some!” “Well.... Lune, I’m sorry but no. You’re too young to fight off one Poochyena, let alone a pack or a Mightyena! No, you will not be out by yourself. You hear me?” “Yes mom...” I sighed. Oh well. Maybe next time. I decided to look outside. “Wait....” My eyes widen, I gasp, as my excitement grows. “IT’S SNOWING!” “Ah, how nice.” “Oh boy. Well, I’m not gonna go outside till spring! See y’all!” “But daaaad! You promised we’d go gather berries todaaaaay!” “Oh, alright, alright. Let’s just hope this time I don’t freeze my gills....” “What was that?” “Nothing. I’m coming.” “See ya mom!” I rush outside, kicking up snow. “YAY!” “Well, let’s hurry! Don’t want the cold to freeze you!” “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine! Now let’s go!” “Ooh, dad! Look! Some berries!” “Finally.” he grumbles under his breath. “What?” “Nothin’.” When we got back home, mom and Sakura are curled up asleep, so we were as quiet as possible. I decided to go to sleep as well. When we all woke up again, Sakura and I played a little. It was really fun! Mom and dad watched as we scooped up snow and threw it at each other. Then they even joined in! Afterward, we went in and ate some berries. Yum!

Chapter 5: Run!

So, it’s been a few weeks. Maybe even a year. At least, since Sakura hatched. I’m a little more mature, and don’t care about evolving. Strange, huh? Well, instead of my goal being evolving, it’s protecting Sakura. “Hey Sakura! Isn’t this fun?” I ask, throwing the pebble for her to catch. “Eve! Voi voi eve voi!” “I can’t wait till you learn actual words!” “Eveevoi!” Sadly you won’t remember doing these games... you’re too young. Suddenly, dad came back from berry collecting. “Hi dad!” “How’s it going, Lune?” “Pretty good. How about you?” “Good.” We fall silent. That’s about the usual length of our conversations. “Eve! Eve voi voi!” We both laugh. “You’re so much fun, Sakura!” She smiles. I don’t know if she understood or not, but she smiled! “Hmm.... is she back yet?” “No. I wonder what’s taking her so l-“ Mom rushes in. “Are you two all right?” She says in a frenzy. “Uhm. Yeah, why?” “Lune. You need to grab Sakura and run.” “Why?!” “There’s a pack of Poochyena. The leader is a Mightyena. We might not be able to protect you, so you both need to run. And hurry!” “Oh o-ok...” I whisper, terrified. I knew Sakura wouldn’t be able to walk, still being too young, so I put her on my back and went out of the cave the back way.
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Chapter 6: The Journey

The cave opens up on this end to a waterfall in front, and a very narrow pathway to the right and left. I decide to head to the right, going very slowly to make sure I don’t slip. But I am still an Eevee, so my paws were small, making it easier to get a walking space. I almost fell a few times, but I made it across. I make my way from there to the edge of the forest, and stay towards the edge. I don’t want to be anywhere near that pack. As much as the thought of feeling safe feels, I know I don’t feel it, and I miss having it. It’s hard to go so far away from home, knowing I won’t return. Thinking about it, it makes me realize something. I need to take care of both myself, and Sakura. This will be difficult. And then a loud howling surrounds us. “Who’s there!” I yell defiantly. Suddenly we’re surrounded. “P-poochyena?!” Uh-oh. This is not what I wanted to happen. Then I notice something.... “A-are you a shiny too?” “What’s a shiny?” “A shiny is where if you are a shiny, you have different coloring then the rest of your species.” “Oh-oh...” “Don’t worry! It isn’t a bad thing! You see? I’m a shiny, too!” “Really?” “Yeah! And my mom told me that shinies are very rare, so we’re technically really cool!” Maybe if I keep talking, I’ll convince her to let us go.... “Alright, what’s going on?!” A Mightyena leaped out of the bush. “We’re supposed to be hunting, not babbling!” “Sorry, it’s just, these two are very young and small, mainly just fluff. I don’t think they’d make a good meal.” Thank goodness, it worked! “Oh, alright. But we’ll need to work extra hard to find anything better!” I saw the shiny Poochyena give him a glare. Thankfully the Mightyena didn’t notice, otherwise she would’ve been shredded. Then the pack walks off into the bushes. I breathe a sigh of relief. Time to hurry on, away from this pack. I realize that Sakura is asleep on my back, so I start to try and be as gentle as possible. It’s been a while of walking, and nothing new except for a few passing Diglett. Although, I now see a city up ahead. Ah, great, a city! I’m an Eevee, walking into a city, what could go wrong? I think sarcastically. I’m gonna avoid it. Thankfully the sun is starting to set, so the trainers start heading home. But one stays to watch the sunset with her Pokémon. With her is a Dragonite, a Noivern, a Meowstic, an Umbreon, a Lucario, and a Delphox. Though the Umbreon yawns and turns around to groom. In doing so, he spotted me, so I freak out. Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no.... My eyes widen with fear. But suddenly he speaks. “Don’t worry. We aren’t going to harm you. My trainer loves Eevees, so who knows, she might even give you an oran berry or something yummy!” “R-really?” “Yeah!” Suddenly he seems to notice Sakura. “Is she alright?” “Uhm.... yeah... sh-she’s just asleep....” “Ok. So why is she asleep and not walking with you?” “She doesn’t know how to w-walk yet. She’s t-too young.” I start stuttering, seeing the other Pokémon turn to me. Cowering with fear, I start wondering what they might do with me. What if the trainer spots me, and tries to capture me?! Or, what if those other Pokémon attack?! I start backing away. Or what if the trainer sees me and tries to hit me? Or what if one of them would take Sakura away?! “Guys! You scared the poor Eevee!” The Umbreon had turned towards the other Pokémon, but now he looked at me. “Don’t worry. You’re safe. Oh yeah! By the way, my name’s Tsuki. What’s yours?” “Me? I-I’m L-Lune....” “How about the little one? What’s hers?” “S-Sakura.....” “Aw! That’s a cute name!” Tsuki starts to walk towards me, while I start to back away. “No, no, no. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna hurt you!” I stop walking, but still feel cautious. “See? Not gonna hurt you. If I wanted to, I would’ve used Body Slam already.” Then the Meowstic spoke. “I’m just surprised at how calm Tsuki is right now!” “Hah, yeah. It’s just, he looks so scared! I don’t wanna scare him even more!” “Th-thanks...” “So, why is it that two wild little Eevees are all the way out here by the city, rather than in a den in the forest?” “Diamonds! Don’t ask that! It’s probably something really tragic!” “W-well..... y-yeah.... kind of....” “See? I told you.” “We had a normal day, having fun playing and all, when my mom came rushing in and telling me to grab Sakura and run and it’s because there was a pack of Poochyena. So I did. And I made my way here. I.... don’t know if their alright....” “Oh.” “Wow, that is pretty sad.” “I-I’m sorry.... I didn’t mean to bring it up....” “Well. I hope you have a nice day, but we’re busy.” I realized that all the trainer’s Pokémon had been listening. “Guys? Come on, our trainer’s leaving! Hurry up!” “Oh no! Well, see you around Lune, and I hope your parents are alright!” They all left to run after their trainer. “S-see you.... well.... now what?” I start to walk past the city, wondering if I will see them again.

Chapter 7: The Night

It was getting late, so I went into a bush and set Sakura down gently. I fell asleep pretty quickly, and though I did have pleasant dreams, I knew that they were just dreams. I wake up pretty early once again, and decide to look for some food. Although, the moon is still up, so it’s still nighttime. I look at Sakura to see her sleeping peacefully, and pleasantly. That makes me happy. But then, suddenly, I have this weird sensation and I have no clue on what’s going on. Then I see a bright light coming from me, and I wonder..... After a minute, the light disappears, and Sakura’s awake. She blinks at me a few times, then smiles. “Eev! Voi voi!” “Shh...... hush...... sleep......” Thankfully, she goes back to sleep pretty quickly. Phew. That was close. Hopefully there aren’t any Ursaring nearby. I look at myself. I.... I evolved? Wow! I evolved into an Umbreon! Ooh! My rings are blue! Cool! I decide to pull out the ice stone my parents gave me. “It’s been a while, huh?” I whisper. “Well, look at me! I’ve evolved! Into an Umbreon, like I used to want. Ah, if only mom and dad could see me now..... I wonder if they’re all right....” I gasp. As soon as I said that, I have a headache, and some kind of vision. There are two figures.... shadows..... I can’t make anything out. Everything is blurry, misshapen. What is going on?! And then it stops. Everything is back to normal, before I black out.
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W O W I like this,so much suspence! keep writing please!
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QUOTE originally posted by EeveeLover200

W O W I like this,so much suspence! keep writing please!
Thank you so much! There’s definitely going to be more, and I’ll be able to post more soon!
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Chapter 8: Traveling Buddies

In the morning, I wake up to see Sakura still asleep. That’ll be helpful. I put her on my back, and start walking. A few minutes later, she wakes up. “L-L VOI!” “Wait, did you just try to say my name?” “L-L-L EEVOI!” She’s starting to sound frustrated. “Like this: L-U-N-E. Got it?” “L-L-L- VOI!!!” She makes a “hrmph.” sound and stops. “Alright, how about this. Let’s try U. Like this: ooh! Got it?” “Ooh? L-L-L Ooh?” “Yeah! See? You’re getting it!” “L-Ooh! L-Ooh!” I start laughing. “Yeah! Good job, Sakura!” She smiles. It makes me feel happy. “Alright, now try: NAY. Ok?” “Looh-n-n-n..... Looh-n-n-n.... LOOH! LOOH!” “Alright, alright. I guess that’s enough for now. You’re doing amazing!” “Looh!” I laugh. “I guess you can call me ‘Looh’ if you want.” “Looh!” Alright, let’s get going. I start to walk farther away from the city, when I suddenly hear a noise. I growl. “Who’s there?” Silence.... “I said who’s there?!” A moment of quiet. And then... “Oof-! Hey, get off of me!” I realize that Sakura isn’t on my back anymore. Where is she?! Then I hear her walking away. Okay, good. I use Double-Edge on my attacker, and run to Sakura. “Who are you? And what do you want?” No response. They must’ve went in the bushes.... And then, a sound. “You dare come on my territory, then ask what I want? I want you to get off my territory, that’s what!” Then they’re coming at me again, so I use Protect. “We mean no harm! We were just passing through! We didn’t know this was anyone’s territory, I promise!” “Hmm......” They’re out of sight again, and obviously thinking. But I won’t let my guard down for a second. Sakura will be safe with me. No matter what, I will keep her safe... “Well, fine. I will let you off the hook, but just this once. Never again.” They say, coming out from a nearby bush, just slightly to my left. “Thank you.” Suddenly, they’re laughing. “What’s so funny?” “Well, you certainly have quick reflexes!” “Uh.... thanks? I guess?” “Well, the name’s Silver! What’s yours?” Why so friendly all of a sudden? I don’t understand.... “I’m..... I’m Lune.” “Looh!” Sakura smiles. “Hehe, yep. That’s me....” “Aw! She’s so cute! What’s her name?” I give her a hostile glare. “What? Oh, are you offended? Did I offend you with the whole “This is my territory!” thing? I’m sorry! I do that to any Pokémon that comes by. You know, to keep them on their paws.” I don’t relax. “So, what’s her name?” “Her name’s Sakura.” I tell her grudgingly. “Aw! That’s cute!” Sakura crawls over to her. I wince. Silver looks down at her. “Hi Sakura!” “Looh?” “Aww!!” She looks back up at me. “When did she hatch?” I look away. “At least a year.” I mumble. “Oh! She’s older than I thought!” My only response is a “Hrmph.” “Oh come on, if I was going to hurt you, don’t you think I would’ve done it already?” “I dunno, I don’t know you.” But I must admit, you’re kinda pretty.... “Well, that’s true. But I would’ve! So that means you’re fine.” “Okay.... I guess... but anyway. Not to be rude or anything, but, what are you?” “Well, what are you?” I open my mouth to speak, but she was too quick. “Just kidding! You’re an Umbreon! And that’s what I am. An Umbreon!” “But... you don’t look like an Umbreon...” “Well, that’s because I’m an albino!” “What’s a-“ “So, considering you’re a shiny, you must know what a shiny is. So, basically, an albino is just the same! But a little different.” “Okay...? I think I get it.....” I take a moment to understand it. “Okay. Well, anyway, nice meeting you, we’ve got to be leaving, bye!” I pick Sakura up, put her on my back, and walk away. Oh, that was so rude of me. I should go back and tell her I’m sorry. But I shouldn’t. We’ve got to get as far as possible... As I’m thinking, she’s walking up behind me. Oh no. She’s following. I can hear her pawsteps.... I start walking faster, trying to stop her from following. She persists. Why are you following me?! Just leave me alone! Please! I can’t take care of all three of us! I walk even faster, till I’m practically running. But she continues to match my speed. I start freaking out as she continues. WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME?!?! I keep running. And running. And running. But no matter what, she’s always right there behind me. Sakura just thinks this is a game. “Looh! Haha, Looh!” Alright, I’m going to stop running, turn around, and ask her why she keeps following me. I hear her keep on pounding on behind me, and decide not to. Nope! Doesn’t sound like she’s going to stop, so neither will I.

Chapter 9: Friend....?

After running for quite a while, we started to slow down. But not very quickly. As our energy depleted, we very slowly started to stop. It’s night. We ran almost all day and now half the night. So we’re tired, of course. So we slow down. I collapse and immediately fall asleep, since I was running while carrying Sakura. When I wake up, I realize it’s early morning, and I don’t see Silver. Okay, I guess she’s gone. Which is strange, why do I have to feel so sad, yet so happy about that? Sakura is still sleeping, so I decide to leave her there for a few minutes while I look for berries. She should be fine... right? When I come back, she’s still asleep. But there’s a noise from nearby..... “Who’s there?” I ask, using Protect to keep Sakura safe. “Hahaha! Wow, just like when we met! Which is so surprising that it was only yesterday!” I now have conflicting feelings. Why do you do this to me Silver? In my mind, I sigh. But I relax, stopping myself from wasting energy on the Protect. “... uhm.... this is awkward.... so, why did you chase me?” “Oh! Wait, you thought I was chasing you? Well, kinda.... I mean, I wanted to know what you were doing, but then you ran off so I couldn’t ask, so I couldn’t find out.” “Well, you certainly are persistent.” “I can live with that.” Wait, is she planning on coming along?! Oh no oh no oh no...... “Hey, what’s with the face?” “Uhm.... uhm.....” I was making a face? “Sorry, I was just.... thinking....” Well, now she’s the one making a face. “Well, let me ask you the same question. What’s with the face?” She freezes, and she starts to look nervous. “Are you okay?” “I-I’m fine. So, uhm, what were you thinking about?” Silver laughs nervously. I don’t understand, why does she seem so nervous all of a sudden? “Oh.... well..... uhm...” I can’t tell her I’m worried that she’s going to come along! That’d just be rude! She starts to look even more nervous, and she gets a little fidgety. What is up with her? What does she think I thought? “Well, you see..... the reason I’m out here..... is because..... is because.....” I feel a tear welling up. Oh, come on! Now she’s going to think I’m a crybaby! She stops looking nervous and looks calm for a second. But she looks a little worried. “Is.... is everything okay? Did I bring up a touchy subject? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it!” “No, no. It’s-it’s alright... It’s just, I wouldn’t have traveled this far normally. But....” “Well, you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to!” I start to cry. She sits beside me to comfort me. “Why? Sakura is still so young.... sure, I could handle this if it was just me, but..... Sakura has to go through it too....” “Shh.... shh...... it’s okay, it’s okay.” That reminds me of my mother, when we heard howling in the night one time. I cry harder. Silver seems to realize this, and probably thinks it was something she did. She shifts a few centimeters away, but stays there. Silver, don’t worry. It’s not you, you’re comforting right now. It’s just.... my parents...... I.... I miss them.... I keep on crying. I realize how this must make me look, and probably is uncomfortable for Silver. I mean, we literally met yesterday, and now she has to comfort me? A few minutes pass by. I stop crying, and turn towards Silver. “Thank you. I think I needed that.” She nods. “I’m glad I could help. Not that I know what I did, but..... you okay now?” “Yeah. The problem is, well.....” “It’s okay! You don’t need to talk about it. I.... don’t really need to know.” “No, no. I mean, you had to comfort me when you didn’t even know why! I think you deserve to understand.” Hopefully I don’t cry this time.... “So, basically, I.... uhm.....” “No, really, it’s fine. I don’t mind!” “Well, I, uh, don’t know where to start! So.... yeah, how about we start here: Me and Sakura we’re in our den, while mom and dad were out in the forest. My mom was an Umbreon, and my dad was a Vaporeon.” “Wait.... was? I.... I dunno, are you sure you can handle this?” Knew it. Looked like a crybaby. “I’m sure. But anyway, Sakura and I were playing, and then dad came back. We always had short conversations, since we never knew what to talk about. So, we basically asked how each other was doing, and that’s basically it. Then, of course, Sakura tried to speak as well, which was adorable.” “I’m sure!” She looks over at Sakura, who was still sleeping, and she quietly moves closer. I smile, and we both look at Sakura for a second. Then I continue. “Yeah, she shouted: ‘Eve! Eve voi voi!’” Wow, that was a really good impression on my part... “But anyway, dad was surprised to see that my mom wasn’t back yet. As we wondered what was taking her so long, she suddenly rushed in and told me to grab Sakura and run.” I paused, looking up at the sky. “That must’ve been difficult...” “It was, and still is. But that’s not everything. I didn’t leave straight away, considering I didn’t know what was going on. So mom told me that there was a pack of Poochyena. Their leader was apparently a Mightyena. Which is surprisingly rare, and you’ll see why I said surprisingly in a minute.” It feels good to tell someone about this, since Sakura can’t talk, and wouldn’t understand. “But anyway, when she said that, my main objective from there on was to bring her to safety. So I did. I grabbed her and put her on my back. Then I ran. Of course, though, before that, we lived in a cave that the backend had a waterfall and a small ledge. So I had to walk on the ledge first. But I made it across fairly quickly. I went as far as I could, and got tired so I started walking instead.” Wow, Silver is such a good listener! “Then I ran into another pack. This pack also had a Mightyena for a leader. That’s why it’s surprising that Poochyena packs don’t usually have Mightyena’s for leaders. I mean, yeah, they form separate Mightyena specific packs, but still. In this pack, there was one Poochyena that stuck out to me.” I look towards Silver again. Silver started to look nervous again. But this time, more nervous then she had been. “So, uhm.... what made that one stick out so much?” “Well, glad you asked. Not really, just slightly enjoying telling my story now. Anyway, so she-“ “She?” Her eyebrows raised. “What? What’s wrong with that?” She rolls her eyes, then sighs. “Sorry, now, continue.” She sounds exasperated, but intent on learning more. “Okay....? Well, anyway. So she was different from the other Poochyena. Her fur was golden.” I pause for dramatic effect. “Golden?” “So, her fur was actually golden. Because of that, I knew that she was a shiny.” “Cool!” “I know right? So, anyway, Sakura and I were surrounded. Of course, this is before I evolved. At the time, I was still an Eevee. This helps quite a lot, in a few seconds. Because I was surrounded, I needed a way to escape. So I talked to her, trying to befriend her, kind of, to have her persuade the pack not to eat me. It worked, apparently, since we were talking, and the Mightyena came out of a nearby bush. I’m guessing she doesn’t like him very much. But he wondered why we were talking and the hunt wasn’t continuing. So, she told him, and these are her exact words: ‘Sorry, it’s just, these two are very young and small, mainly just fluff. I don’t think they’d make a good meal.’” “Really?! Wow, that’s amazing! I can’t believe you convinced a Poochyena. How in the world?!” “Well, like I said. I realized she was a shiny, so I asked if she was a shiny, she didn’t know what a shiny was, so I explained how a shiny is a really rare occurrence and stuff, and then said that because we’re so rare, being shinies and all, we’re actually really cool! So, she decided to keep me alive.” Thank goodness for that, otherwise I wouldn’t have met you. “I walked for a few hours, and eventually, a city came in sight. I wanted to avoid it, but I didn’t want to go in the forest. So I went around by the edge of the forest, but still, it got me close to the city. Although, thankfully, it was sundown. So all the trainers went to their homes. But this one, she stayed out to watch the sunset with her Pokémon. She had a Dragonite, a Noivern, a Meowstic, an Umbreon, a Lucario, and a Delphox. I’m guessing that the Delphox’s name was Diamonds, since the Umbreon called him that. But the Umbreon’s name was Tsuki. He had been about to groom, but he spotted me and started talking, which got the attention of the other Pokémon. Thankfully the trainer didn’t see me. But yeah, I talked to them for a while, then kept going away. That’s when I met you!” “Well, that was interesting... uhm... you probably could’ve summarized it better, but it was nice to have some details!“ “Anyway, Sakura is probably awake by now, so let’s see what she’s up to.” “Okay!” We both turn around to see: Sakura is missing.
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Chapter 10: Where Are You?

I start to panic. Where is she? Where could she have gone?!? “Sakura! Where are you?!” I look inside another bush. And another. And another. But still no Sakura. “Lune. I know you’re panicking, but I think we’d search a lot better if we just stay calm. Okay?” “I-I’m not panicking. R-really.” I look around again. “Sa-ku-ra!!! Where did you go?!” Silver just stays where she is and sighs. “What, do you have a better idea?” “Actually, I do. We could follow her scent trail.” “Oh. I- oh. Yeah, I think that would probably work.” “Mhm.” I find Sakura’s scent trail and start to follow it. But then we hear a noise. “Eve! Eve voi voi!!” It sounds like an Eevee in trouble. But more than that- it sounds like Sakura. “Sakura! I’m coming!” I run to where I heard her. And I hear something else as well as I get closer. It sounds like a thump. Sakura..... please be alright, please be alright..... We reach the place where we heard Sakura, and there’s a Seviper. Oh no.... “Hey! You! What did you do to Sakura?!” Silver stares at me, astonished. “You really think it’s gonna know who Sakura is?” “I mean, I guess..... HEY!” I just narrowly dodge an attack from the Seviper. “Why are there ssssso many on my territory? GET OFF!” “Yeesh, someone’s grumpy.” Now’s not the time to make jokes Silver! “I sssssaid get off my territory!” It launches a Night Slash attack at her. I start looking for Sakura quietly. I slip past the Seviper and there she is. Right beside a tree. She’s- I realize that she is badly injured. Oh no... Rushing over to her, I see she’s hurt, but will be okay. Thank goodness... I turn towards the Seviper. Using Dark Pulse, it turns to me. I use Growl to lower it’s attack. The Seviper uses X-Scissor. It knows X-Scissor?! I get hit, but attack again with Dark Pulse. Looking back at Sakura, I see Silver is taking care of her. Though I get hit in the process. It used Lick, and I happened to get the 30% chance of paralysis. But thanks to my ability, Synchronize, the Seviper also gets paralyzed. Once again, I use Growl. This time it uses Wrap. Uh-oh. I try to dodge, but because of the paralysis, I’m not able to. It’s tail is wrapped around me, really tight, holding me down. I try using a Dark Pulse, but it doesn’t hit hard enough. I feel a sharp pain in my leg, and I cry out. Silver gets up to come help, but before she can, a bunch of Zangoose appear. The Seviper gets enraged. It loosens its grip, forgetting about me. I squirm out of its grip, and run over to Silver and Sakura. Breathing heavily, I collapse. “Lune, are you alright?” She’s looking down at me, but everything is slightly blurry. “Y-yeah. I’ll be fine... We better get out of here.” Silver nods. “Do you need me to carry Sakura?” “....yeah. That’d..... that’d be great.” She nods and picks her up. “Alright, let’s hurry.” I look back to see the Seviper fighting against the Zangoose viciously. But I follow Silver and I don’t look back.

Chapter 11: Teaching Skills

We walked for quite a while, so we decided to rest. Sakura was fine, injured, yes, but will be okay. “I’ll go look for some oran berries.” Silver walks off. “Well I guess I’m watching Sakura then.” “L-looh...?” “Don’t worry, it’s okay. We’re fine.” “Looh. Looh?” She looks at me questioningly. “Well, alright. I can try. So, where did we leave off?” Almost as if she’s trying to answer, she says, “Nay.” “Ok then. So now you know ‘Nay’. Let’s try Looh-nay. Got it? Just say Looh, then add nay.” “Nay. Nay. Looh. Looh-n-n-n-nay. Looh-n-nay. Looh-nay!” It sounds like she’s cheering. Well, now she’s got that down. “Good job Sakura!” “Looh-nay! Looh-nay!” She seems to be enjoying herself. “Alright, how about we try Silver next? First, try this: Sss.” “Ssss.” She looks around, looking scared. “What’s wrong?” Oh. I see. “Don’t worry, the Seviper is gone.” I guess we’ll have to wait to work on saying Silver. “I’m back.” Silver walks over holding a few oran berries. “What’d I miss?” “Looh-nay!” Sakura yells enthusiastically. “Oh! She can talk now?” “Well... kind of. That’s all she knows how to say right now.” “I see.” “Loohnay!” “Haha, yes, that’s my name. Now eat an oran berry. It’ll make you feel better!” Sakura looks confused, but she eats it anyway. We all eat some berries and rest for a bit.
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Chapter 12: Again?

Continuing on our path, I am still a little damaged, so Silver has to carry Sakura instead. We don’t say anything, and I doubt that we will. What would we talk about? I mean, we don’t have much to discuss. An idea pops into my head. “Hey Silver.” “Hmm? What’s up?” “Well, I told you my story. Why don’t you tell me yours? It could help pass the time.” And again, I start to wonder.... Pass the time till when? Where are we going? What is our destination? If we don’t find a place to stay, will we just keep traveling? But the one thought that keeps on bothering me the most, Will Silver stay with us even if we do find somewhere to live? How long till she leaves, wanting to go back to her home? Her family? “Oh, you don’t want to hear about my life. Your story was way more interesting than mine will ever be.” “No, really, I wanna hear it!” “Are you sure? It’s pretty boring....” “Oh, come on! Just tell me! I told you my story, didn’t I?” She stays quiet for a moment. “Oh, alright. Fine.” She was right. She had quite a normal life for a wild Pokémon. Though she left her family to adventure. But she decided she wanted to live somewhere, have a proper den. She found a place, had stayed there for a while, doing normal things, like eating, sleeping, those kinds of things. But then she met me. She decided to join my adventure, because she got a little bored of her place. The whole time I had listened on, though it wasn’t long till she had finished. “Like I told you, not much.” “Well, you actually left your family on your own... don’t you ever wonder how they’re doing?” “Hmm.... sometimes... but I know them. They run away from any danger if they can. Which they usually do because they are always on high alert.” “Looh!” “Sakura, you do know how to say my name properly, right? So.... why’d you say ‘Looh’ instead?” “Looh! Looh!” She looks really happy. “Well, I guess you enjoy saying it like that better. I mean, that’s fine, I guess.” “Looh!” Laughing, I turn back to the path ahead. “Oh no. Not another one!” “What do you mean?” “That’s a city over there! And I don’t want to go any nearer...” “Well, I mean, we could go and curve our pathing to the left or right, but then we might encounter the Mightyena packs that live around here. So we’re safe on this small line of unclaimed territory. But we won’t be if we go any to the left or right.” “Oh. Well that isn’t very helpful. I guess we’re gonna have to go to the city.” Not that I want to. “Don’t worry, we’ll be fine! If we get there during the night, we won’t have to worry about any trainers!” “Okay.... I guess if it’s our only way through....” We wait till the sun goes down to go any closer. There also wasn’t much of a choice but to go through, since the paths around were also claimed territory of some Pokémon. “Why are there so many Pokémon with territory’s right here?! Do they want to get caught?” “I guess so.” We enter the city, and sneak around. “Why does it have to be that we have to be in the city? I mean seriously, why is that our luck?” “Are you going to keep on complaining?” “No.....”

Chapter 13: The City

It is extremely unsettling, walking in a city. You never know if a trainer is around the corner until it’s too late. But Silver is a whole lot calmer than I am as we walk between the humongous structures, which make me feel trapped. “Are you going to be clinging to my side the whole time we’re in here? I mean, I am already carrying Sakura, y’know. I don’t need to support you too, do I?” “S-sorry. Just something about this p-place makes me feel queasy. I don’t want to be here.....” She sighs. “You’re fine. It’s night, all the trainers are asleep in their homes, you big scaredy-Meowth.” “Well.... you n-never know, right? They could wake up at any moment, and attack us!” “Yeesh. You need to calm down, we’ll be fine. You know Dark Pulse, right? That’s a pretty good move. Oh! You also know Protect! See? We’re fine!” “W-well... if you say so....” Her words should be comforting, but I’m too afraid. I-I’m no scaredy-Meowth.... I’m.... I’m an Umbreon! A really powerful one! I c-can protect myself! Silver’s ears shoot straight up. “W-wh-“ “Shh! I head something....” she whispers, looking around. I give her a look of ‘I told you so!’ and start looking around. “Are you su-“ I freeze. Something definitely is there. “W-we gotta get out of here!” I whisper to Silver, but she doesn’t move. “You can run if you want to, but I’m gonna figure out what that was.” “I’m not going to leave you behind!” Plus, you are carrying Sakura.... Another noise. I start shivering in fear. Then there’s a voice. “Wait, I heard something. What was that?” And more weird noises, unidentifiable. “Are you sure you don’t want to run, Lune?” “I-I’m fine! I’m not a scaredy-Meowth!” “Yeah, I’m definitely hearing something. Who’s there?” We both freeze. Exchanging glances, I can tell she’s staying. Why do you do this, Silver? Why? I can’t leave you behind, and you know that. So why are you doing this to me?! A burst of light. That’s bright.... The light gets smaller, less blinding. Soon I’m used to it. But I realize I’m not by Silver anymore. I’m instead hiding next to one of the structures. When did I get over here?! “Hmm? An Umbreon, roaming the streets at night, carrying an Eevee? What’s this about?” My heart pounds inside my chest, and I know I should go over to Silver, to protect her and Sakura, but I can’t move. I hear a sigh. “Lune? You actually ran off like that, huh? I mean, that’s fine and all, but still.” I want to cry out and tell that I didn’t mean to, I just did it instinctively, but no words come out. I’m silent, unable to move. “Lune? Did you seriously run that far?” I open my mouth, but once again, no words. “Wow, I... don’t know what to say. You actually ditched me? At the last second?” All that comes out is a squeak, too quiet for her to hear. “Lune?” I hear the other voice again. “Wait, I know him! Lune! Come back! It’s just me, DiamondFlame!” “DiamondFlame? Who’re you? He never mentioned you....” DiamondFlame? Who’s DiamondFlame......? DiamondFlame, DiamondFlame...... I’m drawing a blank..... “Well, actually, he might not know me too well....” I hear a movement. Another voice, but this time, it’s a little harder for me to understand it. “Hmm? What’s up DiamondFlame?” A few seconds of silence. “Wait, the-?” I don’t understand the last word, whatever it is, I have no clue. “Yes, can you get him out? I need him to come out for a few seconds.” “Okay, I guess.” Another noise, this time pretty loud. How many creatures are out there right now? There’s another voice..... “Hey guys! What’s up?” “So, you remember Lune, right? The little Eevee we met the one time?” “Yeah. It hasn’t been that long ago since we met him, maybe a few days, at least. Why?” “Well, we kinda need you to find him and bring him back here, he kinda ditched this Umbreon and his sister....” I did not! Or... wait.... I kinda did...... didn’t I? I didn’t mean to...... and why is it so hard to speak right now?! “Oh, ok. Hey Lune!! Where ya’ at?” Who is trying to find me right now?! “Lune, are you over here? Or.... over here? No? Hmm......” “Try calling out who you are. He might feel safer knowing that it’s you.” “You’re right, he was quite a frightened lil’ Eevee when we met him. Hey Lune! Remember me? Tsuki?” “Once again, he didn’t mention you.” Tsuki? That Umbreon? I try moving again, but I still won’t budge. I try calling out. “I-I’m over h-here....” I manage to squeak out, very quietly. “Wait wait wait- I think I heard him! Lune!” “H-hello....?” “Yeah, I definitely heard him! Let’s go!” I hear pawsteps. “Tsuki? DiamondFlame? Where are you two going?”

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