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ok.1 of my pokemon had come back from scouring and when I clicked on it to retreive it, it said something about getting something called totem something or other and it went into that pokemon.what did this item do to that pokemon
Grey Skies's AvatarGrey Skies
Grey Skies's Avatar
What pokemon did you send out? It sounds like you sent one out that has a totem forme If you send a pkmn with a totem forme out to scour, it'll automatically start collecting Totem Stickers which will transform it into that totem forme once you've collected them all (5 from each scour area)
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its called a Vikavolt
Grey Skies's AvatarGrey Skies
Grey Skies's Avatar
Yep, that mon has a totem forme! so if you want to get normal scour items or if you don't want that particular Vikavolt to change formes, i'd recommend switching it out for another pkmn ^^ here's a quick list of all pkmn that can totem if you want a reference for that:

img (spoilers?)

ok thanks. it just came back so I'm pulling it out and sending it to a field

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