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Destiny kNOT Working?

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ZenZeryxis's AvatarZenZeryxis
ZenZeryxis's Avatar
I recently bred these two https://pokefarm.com/summary/h0x7S (29/11/2*28/28 129IV) https://pokefarm.com/summary/hJxhC (***29** 184IV) with the sire holding a Destiny Knot, however... the six offspring I just hatched, their stats are all over the place? 29 11 2 17 31 28 118 29 31 2 31 28 8 129 31 11 31 1 28 28 130 31 11 20 31 28 31 152 14 11 2 31 31 31 120 29 11 31 29 30 28 158 I thought the Destiny Knot was supposed to push for the holder to give five stats? He's only two points from perfect in SpAtk, and the dam's SPAtk is perfect, so shouldn't I have have more chances of getting 3-6 perfect IVs? Or am I missing something entirely?
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Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
They're inheriting stats from both parents. It doesn't matter who is holding the Destiny Knot.
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ZenZeryxis's AvatarZenZeryxis
ZenZeryxis's Avatar
Thats weird... I thought both parents contributed stats when bred, then having one hold the knot pushed for that parent's stats more? Guess I'll just have to hope for better daughters.
Mareep's AvatarMareep
Mareep's Avatar
Usually 3 random IVs of the parents are passed down to the offspring. With the destiny knot, it's 5 instead of only 3. That means even with two 6IV parents, you only have a 1/32 chance of getting another 6 IV.
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TheMimic's AvatarTheMimic
TheMimic's Avatar
True. Destiny knot is working, but you need a better mate for that 184 IV pokemon. The better stats the parents have, the better chances. Just covering the lacking stat through the mate is never enough, even in RL breeding. Get a stronger mate that can cover more stats to increase your odds. You are looking at over a 1000 eggs before you see that 6 IV eevee. Two 5 IVs that cover each other's faults cranks out 3-5 IV pokemon almost every time. Breeding a 6 IV with a 5 IV can take over 200 eggs before you get that 6 IV dream. I know from experience in the games and from here. I am willing to help you achieve that dream if I come across a decent female to lend you.

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