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Everstone Daycare 2 (Actual RP)

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"hm?" The mareep noticed the canine approach her before it started to snarl, causing her to fluff up a little. She didn't know what she did to upset this pokemon, but she hoped that in time she could be able to talk to this pokemon before the sounds of another human had caught her attention. She looked towards Dr. Cleff and almost instinctually approached him, looking for nuzzles, lightly pressing her nose against his pant leg and giving a small trill. The bell around her neck rang lightly as she jumped in surprise at the new voice she heard while trying to get the attention of the new human, her eyes lighting up as she saw the tall round-headed creature enter the building. He was so colorful! She almost wanted to bouce around him but she didn't know if her small body would get in the way of his walk way if he was to move, so she fluffed up with excitement at seeing the strange new pokemon. 'Oh gosh! Hi! Who're you? I'm Hana! Well, it's really Chr... Cry.. Chry-san-the-mum, but I like Hana better! I--oh, sorry.. It's, it's really nice to meet you mister!' She trilled at the Blacephalon in her happy Mareep tone, her tail wagging slightly.
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With the arrival of another human shortly after Hana, Jay quickened his pace to one of the closest doors leaving the check-in room, just as he stepped over the threshold hold though he sniffed the air again, his ears twitching. There was a warm smell, as if another fire type had entered the room, but it had a cold air about like the chill of a ghost. He turned on the spot to see this tall, rather strange looking creature. He’d never seen a Pokemon like it. He was somehow drawn to the beast, he was different too. He began to walk back into the room, making sure to give the human a wide birth, with his back hunched, tail between legs and keeping one eye on the human, he kept his head down. Upon reaching the fantastical looking Pokemon he sniffed the air around it, trying to figure out who this was.
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The new figure had really caught Furbo’s eye, and she went over to Ryu and began a conversation with him. “Hey, Ryu? Look at that dude.” “Huh? Isn’t that guy shiny?” “Yup, like Timpani.” “Cool.” The two then walked off in different directions as Buroo passed by after he came down. “Hey dudes and potential females, pretty sure they’re doing good now if ya wanna come.” He said while his flotation sac puffed up a bit. Mainly due to pride. A few other Pokemon, including Poof, Rito and Spurky came down shortly after the sea weasel had passed by.
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Jay’s ears twitch again, with the new Pokemon front and centre gathering a rather large amount of attention from the others in the room, he decides it’s best he finds somewhere quiet himself. He makes his way to the lift in the far corner and presses the button, it’s already there and the door opens immediately. He warily looks inside before taking a step forward and examines the notice on the wall. Floor 3 - Rest Areas. He presses the button and makes his way up. On arrival he’s daunted by the vast corridors he can only assume lead to different areas based on type so he begins to search for the Dark Room. He can feel his head starting to ache and his anxiety running high. Hearing a loud crash in a nearby room he quickly runs the opposite direction and into the nearest room. It’s bright, sparks coming from different areas along the wall and just on the other side of the room he sees a small black and yellow Pokemon, an Emolga. ’Erm... excuse me... but where is the dark room? I have a pounding headache coming and I need to rest my legs.’
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Plug was not comfortable. The bug looked around warily, uncomfortable with the number of fire and flying types. And others in general. The tiny Pokemon tried to shrink back more into his corner, slowly scuttling upward on the wall. The yellow blip was attempting to get away from everyone else. A red haired boy walked in, shyly ducking his head in his scarf. He was wearing an orange plaid jacket and blue shirt. Beside him was a small blue and black dinosaur, a little over 3 feet in height. There were tiny crystals littering its fur and it looked around curiously and happily. The dinosaur chirped happily, walking over to the electric sheep and happily greeting it. 'Hello!' His trainer signed the fusion in before patting him on the head, nuzzling the dragon and leaving. A young, gender-ambiguous child walked in shortly after, a Crobat perched under their outstretched arm. They looked around, seemingly apathetic as the bat opened its eyes to do the same.

Cleff was starting to get a bit dizzy with all the activity. "...busy day?" he nervously asked the person at the counter. He cleared his throat before speaking again. "Anyways, would you mind if I visited your infirmary? I'd like to see the medicines you have in stock." Part of it was from curiosity, the other from wanting to see if the staff properly cared for the sick and injured Pokemon. He felt a bit like a jounalist at the moment. If there were any dark secrets this daycare was hiding, he'd find them and let the public know...or that was his fantasy at least. Truth was, even though he wore the title of Doctor, Cleff wasn't well known in his (or any) field yet.
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{Quest initiated: Brotherly Brawl) The fusion bursting into the room startled the Emolga, and Zap didn’t mind too much about it. Zop was quick to answer the question, too. “Huh, the Dark room? Yeah, I gotcha dude. When ya go out of here, just take a left. It’s got a crescent on the door too, can’t miss it!” Zop pointed out before adding something on. “Hey, something else too if you got the time. Y’see, my bro Zip is here as well and we always fight for some reason. So I kinda need somebody to talk some sense into the dude. Well, see ya around!” He adds on before gliding off somewhere.


Main Info: Zop wants to figure out why Zip argues with him so much, so wants someone to ask why. Why he can’t do it himself is unspecified. How to Complete: Find and talk to Zip the Dedenne. Open to: All
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Jay tilted his head and nodded as he listened to the small critter. 'Thank-you, I'll er... keep an eye out for him.' He pondered the thought, as he left the room and headed for the dark room. As he reached the door though he stopped. I wonder what the issue is, he seemed pretty annoyed Jay thought to himself. I think I'll go take a look Although his anxiety was running high about heading back to the check-in area with so many other people and Pokemon he didn't even know where to begin to find Zip. He needed to ask someone. With a limp still in his step he makes his way back to check-in and pokes his head through the door... 'Erm... excuse me... but have you seen a... er...' He stops. Although he comes across as quite grumpy and miserable, he really begins to struggle with his words.
A younger woman came into the daycare with a pink rabbit pokemon at her side. "Alrightly Strawberry, Be a good bunny ok?" She said smiling, petting her head "Punny!" she cried waving her trainer good bye. The Lopunny walked toward the door, stopping once she saw the tiny Green joltick "Why hello Little one!" she smiled looking at him "Poor thing must be scared to death,Poor baby..." she said reaching out her arms with a comfurting smile.
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It was so early, and the daycare was clearly already busy. She did her absolute best to supress a yawn as she pushed the door open, a coffee in her free hand. She looked around, seeing how active the daycare already was. She checked her watch, confirming that she was, indeed, late.
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