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[OPEN] Ask Professor Cypress

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Bionmog's AvatarBionmog
Bionmog's Avatar
Professor Cypress, Thank you for the advice with kristin, it really helped. I started making some cookies, and Kristin jumped right in and was acting way better than before. The cream on the outside of her body went right back to normal! Anyways, i've been having a problem with something. Not something you may know how to deal with, but I've been experiencing wierd things at times during the day. In the unova region people have been experiencing wierd earthquakes, incredibly thick fog, and weather extremley crazy weather that unova never experiences. I am not a scientist in the weather patterns in unova, but it doesn't take a scientist to figure out that the weather patterns are wierd and have been happening all over unova. I'm asking you this as I don't have any relatives or friends outside of unova, and currently Proffessor juniper is out in the galar region on vacation. Have other regions been experiencing such extreme weather, or is something going on in the unova region? NOTE: Before Proffessor Juniper left, she left a note asking if I could ship a communication device to you. Proffessor juniper gave me one to communicate with her while she was in different regions, and they are quite strong. She once called me during a pokemon battle where her minncino was absolutley demolished some canine pokemon with a sword. I couldn't see what exactly what it was, but I knew it was quite strong. Anyways, I sent one of said communication devices with this, it should arrive sometime soon. From Nicholas the pokemon scientist.
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andrian's Avatarandrian
andrian's Avatar
Dear Nicholas, Your question is a bit out of my area of expertise, as I am not a weather researcher, either. I have not observed these things near where I live. However, it is possible that your observations are nonetheless the result of Pokemon. Several years ago, the Hoenn region experienced similar sudden weather shifts and earthquakes, and it was the result of the legendary Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre having awoken. The two fought with one another, and their battle caused earthquakes, heat waves, and torrential rain all across the region. According to reports from eye witnesses, their battle was stopped when a third legendary Pokemon, Rayquaza, arrived and intervened in the battle. Somehow, Rayquaza managed to calm the other two, and they returned to their lairs peacefully. I hope you and the inhabitants of Unova remain safe and whatever is causing this problem stops soon. Please take care of yourself and your Pokemon, and try to avoid low-lying areas, as they are likely to experience flash floods. As always, love yourself, love others, and love your Pokemon. P.S.: I have received the package you sent. I'll use it to send Professor Juniper my thanks!
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Dear Professor Cypress, Hi! So, I had to take care of an egg, I was allowed to keep it, and a Togepi hatched out of it. He's okay, perfectly healthy and all that, but yeah, one problem: "Toge" here thinks I'm his dad. What am I supposed to do here? I don't really know if it's healthy for Toge to be this attached, or if that's normal, or what. I don't want to push him away, he seems pretty happy like this, and I don't wanna upset the l'il guy. Is this just something he's gonna grow out of when he grows up, or do I just have to deal with being a dad now? I know this isn't a legit serious problem, but I just wanna make sure it's not gonna give him accidental stress or anything. I'd feel super bad about that! Thank you! - Jas
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andrian's Avatarandrian
andrian's Avatar
Dear Jas, Thank you for writing. This is a common question from trainers who have hatched Togepi, and so I'm sure it will be of help to my readers. I appreciate the fact that you are concerned for your Pokemon's emotional well-being! Kindness is one of the keys to properly caring for Pokemon. In short, yes, Toge thinks you are his parent, and this is normal. Togepi is one of several Pokemon species that will imprint upon the first living creature they see after hatching. This is usually their trainer, though I have also observed cases where a Togepi has imprinted on one of a trainer's other Pokemon, which can become a tricky situation in itself. However, a Togepi that fails to imprint on anything can suffer severe trauma, so the fact that Toge has become attached to you is quite healthy. As Togepi is one of my favorite kinds of Pokemon, I have raised several over the years, and while this familial attachment never goes away, I can say with confidence that as your Pokemon grows, it will become more independent and self-reliant. You should gently encourage this, but allow Toge to go at his own pace. As his confidence builds, he should become more adventurous. He will also probably begin mimicking some of your behaviors and will want to join in with your everyday tasks. I have found that Togepi who have imprinted on humans often love to play with toys designed for children such as kitchen play sets, toy vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers, and other similar toys which allow them to mime the behaviors of their "parent." Nonetheless, it is important to remember that your Togepi is not human, and as such will also display certain instinctive behaviors common to his species. Togepi thrive on compassion and kindness, and will be drawn to people and other Pokemon that display these emotions. I definitely think there may be some truth to the proverbs which say that Togepi bring happiness and good luck to such individuals. However, negative emotions can cause Togepi distress, and may even weaken them, so it is important to take care of yourself as well as your Pokemon. If you treat Toge well, I'm sure you will find the time you spend with him quite rewarding! I wish you and Toge, as well as all my other readers the best of luck! As always, love yourselves, love others, and love your Pokemon!
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
Dear Professor Cypress, First, I gotta thank you for last time! Bergamont is doing way better after following your advice. My other Pokemon have even taken a liking to the lightbox I got! The holiday season has also helped Bergamont's mood due to the general theme of joyfulness. Another one of my Pokemon, Florentine, is having another season-related problem. She's molting, which is nothing new. She always molts during drastic temperature changes, and usually it goes off without a hitch. This time, she seems especially distressed about losing her feathers! I see her trying to put the feathers back in to no avail and whenever anyone tries to help, she always hides herself away. She's been touchy with her appearance, yes, but never to this degree! I don't know if she's trying to impress anyone at all. I also can't get a close look at her due to this conundrum, but from what I can tell her plumage is dulling and even becoming brown. The most drastic change is the neck crest, which doesn't seem to have any pinfeathers growing back! Is Florentine alright? I'm very worried, and hopefully you can help me again! Best wishes, Trainer Ren ((EDIT: i cant believe i forgot literally the key part of the letter. oh my god i am so dumb-- she's a tranquill--))
andrian's Avatarandrian
andrian's Avatar
Dear Ren, Thank you for your letter. I'm glad to hear that my advice has been helping your Pokemon! It's always nice to hear how a Pokemon is progressing. Regarding Florentine, as you have not indicated what species she is, it makes it more difficult for me to properly diagnose the problem. However, there are some general guidelines for molting bird Pokemon that I can provide you that may be of help. As you've noticed, temperature changes tend to trigger molting in bird Pokemon. This is quite common, as changing seasons require different amounts of insulation. In the same way that we wear thick coats and hats in the winter and t-shirts and shorts in the summer, bird Pokemon will grow thicker plumage in the cold months and lighter plumage in the warm ones. One thing that's very important to be aware of is that molting can be very uncomfortable for a Pokemon. The loss and regrowth of feathers can be itchy, or even painful. If you remember what it was like losing your baby teeth and growing in your adult ones, you might have a rough idea of what it's like, except it's happening all over your Pokemon's body! This can be made worse if your Pokemon's skin is dry. One way you can help reduce this discomfort is to provide your bird Pokemon with a bath and to increase the humidity where they are. You can use a humidifier or a misting fan to raise the humidity near where Florentine is hiding. If she will let you near, you may also want to try rubbing her down with aloe cream, which may help alleviate the discomfort. In addition, regrowing all those feathers requires a lot of energy and nutrients. The reason for the change in Florentine's plumage color may be due to a lack of some important nutrient. I suggest going to the Pokemart to pick up some nutritional supplements to add to Florentine's diet, and providing her with extra food. Protein is especially important for building healthy feathers, and so you may want to increase the amount of high-protein foods you are giving her while she is molting. If these steps do not help Florentine, you should take her to the Pokemon Center to have her examined. She may be ill or suffering from parasites, and they will be able to treat such problems. I wish you and Florentine the best of luck, and I hope that this advice helps you and my other readers. As always, love yourselves, love others, and love your Pokemon!
Dear Professor Cypress I'm trying to train up my team of flying pokemon so I can hopefully starty my own gym in Galar! The problem is... I have to stick with single battles... My pokemon don't seem to get along! Individually, we have a high bond, but all together, they seem to want to fight eachother! Rotom and Archeops won't stop fighting, Braviary and Unfezant keep trying to out do eachother, and Corviknight just... keeps to himself. My Noivern is fine until I try to give attention to the rest of my team. I've been with her since the begining of my journey and she's only been like this recently! I really need your help! Sincerely, Future Gym leader Ashe
Feel free to DM me about my flying type gym in Pokemon Sword!
Bionmog's AvatarBionmog
Bionmog's Avatar
Professor Cypress, So the weather has stopped, apparently a few legendary pokemon were messing around with the weather patterns. I think it was thundurus, landorus and some other. Anyways, I've been having a problem with a recent discovery. Recently, I took a trip to the galar region, to reasearch the crown tundra, and found a lost mudkip. It looks different from what a normal mudkip looks like, and acts differently too. Anyways, I brought it back to the unova region and it changed to a normal mudkip. I tested this a few times, bringing it to colder places, and it would change and adapt to the climate in a matter of seconds. I know your research on regional formes and I am wondering if this happens around the world, or if i have found a breakthrough in the science of pokemon. Ps: i think Kristin liked the trip to the galar region, same for all my others. From, Nicholas the Really confused Unova pokemon scientist
wobbegong's Avatarwobbegong
wobbegong's Avatar
Dear Professor Cypress, First of all, hello! I hope this letter finds you well. I have a concern about my ninetales, Pixie. She’s usually a very kind and she gets along very well with the rest of my party, but recently I entered with her in a contest, and while usually we do these mostly for fun, Pixie got in what appeared to be some kind of argument or competition with another competitor’s houndoom. We won, but Since then, she seems to be constantly trying to prove herself, and sometimes this includes provoking impromptu battles with my other party members to show how strong she is. She’s been my partner since forever, and I’ve never seen her act this way before. What can I do? ~a very concerned Blue
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MajikkanCat's AvatarMajikkanCat
MajikkanCat's Avatar
Dear Professor Cypress: This is really just a follow-up. Your advice changed all our lives, and Yves's in particular. He doesn't lock himself in his aviary anymore, and Solace has taken on a new role as - according to Mirabilis, she even introduces herself as “Solace, Yves's hat”. We were also wondering if you would like to know more about the various Pokémon specific to the Q region. Qian Noibats are particularly fascinating - they have the Psychic type and share some features of Cosmog! ~Cat~

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