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Bizarre Ball Boogaloo

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The set-up thread is here!
There was a long, grassy expanse of land between the kingdoms of Umbra and Mystice. People seldom ventured onto it, save for the occasional restless child looking for somewhere to play, or perhaps a traveling merchant trying to make a living. However, nobody that had been on it had ever discovered the castle made of pristine white stone that stood tall and proud in the land that nobody else used. The castle had approximately eight turrets, all topped with a different color spire. There was a pair of grand double doors made of light wood that served as the enterance. There seemed to be many archer's slits around the entrance, but they all seemed to be vacant. Still, the possibility of danger was not to be ignored completely. The two double doors opened up directly to a large throne room, or perhaps it was a ball room. It seemed like it could have been both. The floor was made of shining white marble, and the space was lit by a bright chandelier, and several candles on the walls. The actual throne was at the opposite end of the room. It sat elevated on a perch, and was covered in plush velvet furnishings of a red-violet hue. On this throne sat a woman in a suit, sporting a mischevious grin and tossing a Pokéball up and down. She was sitting cross-legged, and leaning on one arm of the throne. Her gaze was fixed intently on the double doors. She was sure her guests were to arrive soon. After all, the real fun wouldn't begin without them. (Alrighty, guys! You may now begin! You can start it off with your character arriving at the castle, or in the process of traveling/preparing to travel to it, if your character is from the kingdoms of Umbra or Mystice!)
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Lyssa stood, for the first time in her life, almost perfectly still. Her suit was still singed with the metallic smell of Fulgar, even with how far she’d traveled, and she was almost certain she had a smear of oil on her jaw. The only thought in her mind as she gazed up at the castle was clear: When did that get here? Well, no, that wasn’t her only thought. But the rest of her thoughts were a cluttered mess, too strong for her to untangle even with the practice she’d garnered over twenty-seven years of doing so. She wasn’t even surprised that there was a castle all the way out here—the sight of it was half-irritating, and half-daunting. It wasn’t unlike anything Lyssa had seen before, but Lyssa hadn’t seen it before, which was more than enough to strike a feeling of unease. A mix of anxiety and frustration pulsed not just inside her mind but throughout her body—her foot tapped against the ground beneath, producing a hollow clicking sound of whatever her shoe was made of (she wasn’t quite sure; they were a pair of tight dress shoes she’d not worn before) meeting stone, and her hands tapped with aggravation at her sides. She fidgeted with her sleeves. Fixed her tie again. It still felt far too tight, but either that was something Lyssa would have to deal with, or her host and fellow guests would have to deal with her. She’d appreciate the latter more. Why am I here again? she couldn’t help but think. It was an easy question to answer; Lyssa had been mulling over it ever since the invitation arrived, after all. That letter had been the one interesting thing Lyssa had come across since her sister had left her as the heir to the throne. Not that that was something Lyssa blamed her for; no one could predict their own death, and many, many parts of Lyssa missed her, for far more than the role she held and prevented Lyssa from taking on herself. But in theory, being royalty was boring—in practice, Lyssa had found, even more so. This, though. It wasn’t much, true, but it was something. It had intrigue, far more so than anything going on in Lyssa’s life now, and even the balls she had attended as a child. She couldn’t even begin to guess who the “T” who’d signed the letter was—and that was the best part. Lyssa’s advisors—and her brother, when he could stand to be in a room with her—had told her to attend with the utmost caution, maybe not even attend at all—but caution had never been Lyssa’s strong suit. And anyway, even without an advisor five feet behind her like she was still the unruly child she’d once been (only half applied), she wasn’t alone. She hadn’t been for years. Lyssa rested a hand on her belt, comforted by the weight of the Pokéballs resting upon it, and reached up to her shoulder to scratch her Pachirisu’s cheeks. Faint electricity crackled against Lyssa’s fingers through her gloves. She retracted her hand, shaking out her wrist as it fell to her side. If nothing else, at least Pouches could always shock her back to her senses. Lyssa took a slow breath in and let another out. “Right,” she mumbled, straightening her shoulders and beginning her ascent toward the double doors. “Let’s get this over with, then.”
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The ride had been peaceful for Elisa's standards, compared to the norm whenever she's out going somewhere else. Then again, it had been a while since she had appeared in person (even if it was simply passing by to go out of the kingdom), and maybe she had instilled fear within the citizens that ensures they won't cause any trouble, or obviously conduct something that would put them immediately in bars, while they're within her sight. Finding solid evidence is one reason why they aren't caught after all, and having the royal be a direct witness to the deed is a big one that probably wouldn't require a lot of trials. Though her chaotic country would most likely still not rest while she's out, her council could still handle all the affairs on their own. Especially when one thing she should be prepared the most is the invitation that even if the name of the sender was written, can still be considered anonymous from the lack of information on the identity. Elisa already has enough amusement in her platter, seeing how much stuff her people do to escape from law, so this kind of thing is something that might be the most normal thing that could happen for her. She's not feeling any different for the day, so she takes a casual stride on accepting this one, even though it was met with a lot of protests from othes. Not like she can't handle herself, but an unknown identity and invitation to a place that was unheard of can be dangerous as far as they are concern. Top that with her being the only remaining royal family in her kingdom, so they ensure more security around her. But she's not weak, they all know that, so it was easy to bend their decision on her whim. And standing in front of the castle, she kept a straight posture and lets the people she brought with her lead the way. She only brought with her the people she trusted the most who could also protect her so that she won't be raising a finger all throughout if problem ever arises. "I trust that you'll signal me if you see something interesting, won't you Reina?" she then cooed at the Misdreavous floating around her. The reply she received was a cheerful sound as she flies around her head, and the queen lets out a simple chuckle. Her new dress was tailored with her usual dark color scheme, making it stand out a bit from the pristine walls of the castle, and awaits for the group before her enter completely before they follow. The people in front of her did the honors of opening the double door for her afterwards, and she makes confident steps inside, to only notice immediately the seat up ahead and the lone figure on it.
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Orion sighed as he stepped into the carriage. Yet another formal event that he was supposed to go to. With his parents away on a diplomatic assignment and his siblings all preoccupied with other “more pressing” matters, he was left as the only available person. Though he was never told exactly where he was going or why, not that he cared enough to listen when he was essentially forced to attend. As the carriage pulled out, he thought of what his friends were doing now. No doubt they were running around playing one of their fantastic games that they’d all made up. A second sigh escape him. He looked at the kingdom as they drove by. The one consolation of leaving the castle like this was that he got to see all the amazing buildings that their kingdom had to offer. He remembered that he would ask to go on rides when he was younger to see them, perhaps when this was over, he’d ask to do that again. As he gazed out, he suddenly felt a small weight on his lap. Shadow had gotten out somehow and was contently looking out the window. Orion smiled and patted the Sableye on the head. It was like Shadow had somehow sensed he need a friend. Shadow was the one pokemon he’d met so far that he couldn’t get a clear read on, except for when he wanted to battle, eat, or wanted something. With others, even random pokemon, somehow, he could tell what they were feeling and what they’re intent was. Shadow was the only exception to this, which honestly was okay with him. As the ride continued, Orion and Shadow had fallen asleep. They were awoken by a sudden bump and fallen on the floor. Orion heard the driver apologize. “It’s alright, I’m okay,” he told the driver. When he looked out the window he marveled at the castle. He was used seeing tremendous buildings but this, out here in the woods, it was like something out of a storybook. Once the driver helped him down, he bowed to him then went up to the pokemon pulling the carriage and thanked them as well, knowing that they enjoyed receiving praise for a job well done. He was led inside, once more admiring how the castle looked, perhaps this wouldn’t be as dull as he thought. Shadow had also been called back to him; Orion unsure as to whether having a pokemon out would be considered bad manners. As the doors opened, he stepped inside, tripping in the process. He had tried to regain his composure, hoping that he didn’t make too much of a fool of himself.
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Fluffing out another pillow that he hid underneath the smoke-colored blanket, Valen then stepped back to observe his handiwork. Being rather scrawny and small for his age, it didn't take too much hard work to imitate his 'sleeping figure' on the queen-sized bed. What had been a challenge was to recreate the exact same shade of his hair to top the whole thing off - nothing that his pokemon did not solve for him, coming back about an hour later after realizing the dilemma with a red-stained mop. Where Kana found a way for his hair to be replicated, Valen wasn't too eager to know If his parents could hear his thoughts, no doubt they'd refuse to give him permission to go He had been quite an excited ball of energy upon receiving the mysteriously signed invitation. He's quite used to fancy letters with long paragraphed proclamation of the title of the host. 'You are cordially invited to the formal ball in celebration of his highness, the 43rd of his royal lineage, commander of - blah - blah - blah'. Boring, icky. This latest one though, was simply signed 'T'. Anonymous, mysterious... certainly piqued his attention None of the others seemed to share the thought though. His parents were quite firm with not allowing him and his siblings certainly thought the same need to be wary of the oddly signed invitation while still wearing that 'holier-than-thou' expression nobles seem to have perfected So he's decided to sneak out. At least two Drifblims he'd befriended had agreed to ferry him for his escape attempt. Not really ideal but they should be a lot more sneaky and - luckily - the wind direction was in their favor so there was little to no worry about being carried off in a whole other direction He pats his work one final time before going out his window and towards the graveyard where his friends were waiting. Valen doesn't really wanna fault his parents, weirdly signed invitations from out of nowhere does spell danger. It spells curiosity for him though and that certainly outweighs his need for self-preservation Besides, he's 5th in succession... not much of a loss is gonna happen there...
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Chara Zalacar was many things: Unwanted, a child, a royal, and an expert at hiding their emotions. There was no strong reason for the last one other than the third one, but it was true nonetheless. That was why they did not react to the falling boy who was... maybe their age – She didn't know, she didn't get around people often, nor care for the age and men were growing beards far too fast – or the undoubtedly older royals before her as she stepped out of the monochrome carriage meters away. They began the walk to the ornate building, noting the spires of different colors; their chambers, likely, and hers was most probably the ice-blue, nearly white one. Ahead were two females and a male ahead. They stroked their Weavile partner on the head with a feather-light touch as the two walked. Their colorful Lampent floated behind her like an ominous omen of the prin themself. Chara nodded to the other guests once as a whole, trying to get a good look of the front of the building. True, they hadn't seen it before, but they rarely left their kingdom. They didn't even visit other royal families for negotiations with the prin's father. And never Fulgur. Heck, they'd only been in Umbra long enough to gain their follower of a Litwick, who was now Arti- a Lampent. Time to wait.

astra travled, her cloak flowing behind her, her familily had much more important tasks in the kingdom of vinera. she had out her trusted scyther lucio. she had been offered a carrage more then once but she declined, she just hoped no one would mind if she was late at all. she was wereing the commen boots she wore when she wanted to attend her personal garden, in a small pack she carried the proper dress and shoes, for at the moment she only wore a simple dress for travel. "you know lucio, i just hope this isn't a trap." she said, the scyther nodded and eventually they saw the gleming castle standing tall. "were almost there." she said, a smile growing on her lips. after more walking they stood outside the door. she took off her cloak and quickly changed her shoes and hid somewhere to change. she fixed her hair and finnaly entered the castle. she kept lucio out just in case, besides he was whereing a small bowtie that suited him. she made her way to the royal on the throne and curtsied, "im sorry if i am late"
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A bit rushed because I wanted to post this before work
It was no surprise to Tavi that she didn't recognize the gleaming, pristine structure a ways past the treeline where she currently stood. She rarely ventured past the borders of her kingdom, as its most powerful defender she could rarely afford to stray away even for the rare diplomatic event where she was needed. So she'd never been too close to this area, yet alone seen this castle... And yet it exuded such an aura of mystery that the Queen felt her face slowly morph into a soft smile. Yes, she was very happy that she'd accepted the mysterious invitation. In the distance, she could see other people in the field and approach the castle, alongside a few ornate carriages. Other invitees, most likely. Dusting off her maroon travelling cloak self-consciously and trying not to disturb the Aegislash mounted on her back, (who, comically, was taller than Tavi herself,) she turned to the Sawsbuck whi had carried her here. This was her brother's Pokémon, Oakley, her one concession to her advisors to help her get here safely. After all, how could she ask others to accompany her, the most powerful trainer in the kingdom, when a dragon could attack at any moment? It was just unreasonable, even if she was that important to the kingdom. The deer Pokémon looked at her with questioning eyes, and she crooned softly, "It's alright, Oakley, you can go back. I'll have Alie carry me back when I'm done here." The Sawsbuck gave her a long stare, but acquiesced with a proud toss of its horns, and retreated back into the woods. Of course, my brother probably intended for him to stay with me the whole time, she thought wryly. They worry too much. Before she advanced out of the woods, she recalled Aya back into her Poké Ball. The sight of a five-seven sword Pokémon did wonders to deters bandits on the roads, but was hardly polite at a royal party like this. And given Pago's reputation as a latecomer kingdom who had to battle for their own survival, whatever kind of unspoken threat an Aegislash projected probably wouldn't be welcome... Especially when Tavi herself had little patience for diplomatic matters. Well, it was a party invitation, after all. No need to stand about worrying. Brushing off the the cuffs of her shirt, she finally stepped out of the foliage and began to approach the castle.
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The figure sitting on the throne donned a catlike grin. She had expected to open the doors dramatically herself-or rather, have one of her Pokémon do it for her, but this was fine too. She could work with this. "Greetings, all!" She spoke in a loud voice that echoed across the large room. "Thank you all for coming. I'm surprised so many of you came. Not a lick of caution among the lot of you, hm? Well, no matter. That's better for me." The woman was not doing anything to try and hide any mischevious intent she had. Her tone of voice and expression gave away that it would not be a conventional get-together. "Now, I'm sure you're all curious. So please, do come in now." She at last stopped tossing the Pokéball as it came down and landed in her palm.
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