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Happiness Field

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Pichu27's Avatar
~Somewhere~ Twitch A yellow and black ear twitched. Twitch Twitch A head jerked up and turned towards the sound. Twitch Twitch Crack "Piiiiii!" The scream echoed through the house. Thundering feet quickly headed towards the scream after that. "What? What is it?!" A girl appeared at the doorway, panting heavily. Seeing a Pichu inside the room, she rushed forward, "Why are you screa-" She paused, looking at what the Pichu was seeing as well. An egg sat on top of a cushion, cracks appearing all over it. She gaped, "It's- It's-" The egg gave one final crack and started glowing. "It's hatching!" The glow grew brighter before dispersing, leaving behind a small curled up blue and grey creature in the egg's place. The creature slowly uncurled. It's long blue neck stretched out, tilting left and right in confusion at the rather bright place. Fumbling about with it's flippers, it let out a soft wail. The girl and Pichu glanced at each other and grinned in unison. "Hello, little one." The girl gently patted the head of the newborn creature. "Welcome to Happiness Field!"
----------------------Happiness Field-------------------------
"Flicker!" The girl, Pichu27, called out. "Come on, we have to head out of the fields soon!" The Pichu, Flicker, ran towards her with his soft padded paws, a little electricity leaving his pink cheeks as he did. A small bag bouncing up and down on his back. He quickly and expertly climbed onto her and rested his body on her right shoulder. Here~! "Cheeky little one." Pichu27 smiled in exasperation. She carried the basket containing five eggs, making sure a cloth was secured around each egg to prevent it from breaking from other sources. "Right, let's go!" This place is called Happiness Field, managed by Pichu27 and her loyal Pichu. Happiness Field is filled with newly hatched pokemons, most of which will soon leave the fields, either into the wildeness or the shelter to be adopted by trainers. "All right," Pichu27 checked a road sign. "...Where is it...Ah! 'Pokefarm Q' Head...right." She confirmed the sign and nodded, walking towards the right. "It's been a while since I am back here, there sure are a lot of new things here." Flicker grumbled, pouting really big. Pichu27 laughed awkwardly, "Aw, don't be mad. I didn't mean to leave you all alone here." She grimaced slightly at the small sparks Flicker let out in displeasure. "Besides," She gave a warm smile. "You did well without me here. You took care of the eggs and knew when to release them. I heard from the professors that you even single-handedly took on a Rhydon that was damaging the fences. I'm extremely proud of you, Flicker. I made the right choice leaving you in charge of Happiness Field." Flicker made a huff and turned his head away, but Pichu27 was able to tell that he was pleased at the compliments. I am just doing my job. Where were you anyways?! It's been almost six years! "Ah...that." Pichu27's smile faded slightly before bringing it back. "There were some...issues that I had to take care of before coming back here." Flicker blinked, getting confused at the weird tone she was giving. Issues? Pichu27 gave a small hum. Curiously ate into Flicker. He wanted to ask, however- FLicker looked up into Pichu27's eyes. It was not so obvious to an outsider, but Flicker could tell. The slight furrow of the eyebrow, the hidden tiredness in the eyes. Something bad had happened. Not wishing to pursue it, Flicker asked another question in hopes of driving out gloomy atmosphere. Did you meet with big brother? How come he didn't come with you? Is he still fighting strong and taking strong pokemon down? I miss him so much~ Flicker gave a sad 'Piii'. He blinked when he suddenly felt Pichu27 walking faster. Giving a confused squeak, Flicker stood on top of her shoulder. Is something- "Here we are. Pokefarm Q." Pichu27 placed the basket down before reaching for Flicker and placing him on the ground. "I'm going to head to Garthic. You know what to do, Flicker. I will see you there." Flicker only managed to give a 'Chu?' in respond before Pichu27 took the basket and left just as quickly. He stood there watching the retreating figure of his owner before shaking his head fervently. I will think about it later. Time for work! He then bounced off, heading towards the direction where most people gathered. Whenever Flicker came here, his main job is to meet anyone and everyone he saw. He would hug their eggs and give some berries in his bag to their pokemon. It's a process called, 'Interacting'. It gives pokemon energy and eggs a higher chances of hatching. In exchange, Flicker would direct them to where his eggs are and hoped that they would return the gesture. ~After a few hours~ Flicker stretched himself,before heading uphill. A laboratory could be seen at the very top. "Oh? Look who we have here?" An elderly woman was sweeping the entrance of the lab. "Good work today, Flicker." Flicker ran in circles around the woman, Professor Holly, also known as Prof. Holly, in excitement. Prof. Holly laughed heartily, "Looks like someone had a fun day. I heard that Pichu27 is back." Flicker gave a thumbs up. "You must be so happy." Prof. Holly patted his head. "Well, do have a snack before you leave."
----------------------Happiness Field-------------------------
"Here you go." A bowl of cheri berries sat in front of Flicker. Flicker waved his paws happily at the sight of his favorite food and munched them greedily. Prof. Holly sipped on her tea, watching Flicker tossing the berries up and gulped them in one go, grabbing his cheeks in happiness. She chuckled at the adorable sight. "Now that Pichu27 is back, Happiness field will be back to its usual business, hm? Not that you didn't do good job. But it can be quite tough of you to carry so many eggs at one go." I did it for six years! I can do it again! Prof. Holly chuckled as Flicker pointed his nose up in the air, still chewing his berries. "Let me guess, you probably said something about doing it for so long and you had no problems." Flicker 'Chu!' at her before popping another berry inside his mouth. "Hm." Prof. Holly placed her tea down. "It's too bad I can't understand you like Pichu27. She truly has a mysterious gift. Being able to understand what pokemons are saying." She watched Flicker continued to eat. "...Come to think of it, did Sparks came back with her? I would have thought that you would come together with him. It's been so long after all." Flicker swallowed the rest of the berries in his mouth. His ears flopped at the very mention of his brother. "Oh? What's the matter, Flicker?" Prof. Holly frowned in corcern at the sudden change. ...I don't know. Prof. Holly tilted her head and pressed a hand on top of his head. "Well, whatever it is, I'm sure it will be fine." Flicker merely twitched his ears slightly
----------------------Happiness Field-------------------------
~Back at Happiness Field, Evening~ "Good work today, Flicker! Let's hope that some of the eggs will hatch." Pichu27 stretched her whole body, giving a satisfied hum when some of her bones popped. "I will see you tomorrow, Flicker. Good night." She turned to her pokemon, blinking when Flicker stood at a corner, unmoving. "...What's wrong, Flicker?" The Pichu shifted slightly and looked up at her. ...What happened to my brother, Pichu27? FLicker heard the slight inhale. He started letting off sparks nervously. Did...Did something happen to him? Is he all right? Where is he? Can I see him? Will I be able to see- "Hey, hey, hey." Pichu27 kneeled down and scooped FLicker into her arms, not caring at the sting the sparks gave off. "I won't lie to you and say...that everything is all right." Flicker whimpered slightly. "But the thing is...I don't know what happen either." Flicker looked at her, finding her blue eyes already looking back at him. "I will find out what happen and tell you everything all right?" She gave a kiss to his head. "In the meantime, we will just do as we usually do and gather information along the way. Is that all right with you, Flicker?" They looked into each other's eyes, each trying to find something within. Flicker sneezed. They blinked at the comical moment, and started laughing. Flicker then jumped down from Pichu27 arms and pointed to her. All right! I will find more information better then you did! I will win! "Why is it suddenly a competition?" Pichu27 chuckled. Tomorrow is another day! Get some rest! "Good night, Flicker." The Pichu ran up the stairs and into the room they shared. He then climbed onto the small bed, made just for him, and nuzzled into the soft blanket. He stayed still for a few moments, his sensitive ears picking up the sounds of Pichu27 still sorting things out downstairs. He turned sideways, making sure his back is facing the door. A tear slowly flowed down his cheek and hitting the blanket. No matter what Pichu27 had said. Another tear followed the first tear, followed by another. Even if Pichu27 did not said it. Flicker shivered slightly, trying to control the tears. It did not change the fact. Flicker squeezed his eyes tight. That Sparks was missing.
----------------------To Be Continue-------------------------
Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you have enjoyed it *Smiles* If you want to know more about Flicker, do check his description!
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