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SAM, Pokedex, and Summons

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Thinking on the whole thing about the Alola Dex summons (a fair amount of Pokemon aren't unlocked until after getting summons), and my current hunt for Melan Mawile, it got me thinking... If I get Shiny, Albino, or Melan Pokemon, do they count towards the Dex counter for summons? Or is it only the standard colors that count? I'm currently working towards getting all my Alola Pokemon evolved, as well as totems. That should get me at least nearly there. If alternate colors also work, I might be able to (somewhat) speed up unlocking the Alola quest.
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S/A/M/D will all count for your normal dex as well! ^^
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Thanks for letting me know. Since the question seems to have been answered, I'll go ahead and close the thread. I'll definitely see about trying to get albinos to boost my Alola dex for summons.
SAMs do not in fact boost your score. Having the Pokemon in your dex period is worth 1 point, and I found that out myself a few days ago somewhere. That would mean, counting what I will get from my totems, I'll need to trade in hopes of getting some things.
Niet's AvatarNiet
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Trading is not required. But it does make things easier.
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Either trading or a few lucky finds in the shelter would be needed. The Alola Dex has a bit of a paradox (at least concerning someone's attempt to solo build); In order to unlock legendaries, I need to get enough Pokemon to reach the goal. In order to reach the goal, I'll need to get legendaries to be able to gain enough Pokemon (for the likes of Alola Marowak).
Niet's AvatarNiet
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The Shelter isn't required either. You can do it all on your own if you want. It'll be harder but there is absolutely no "paradox" (or, to give it its proper name, circular dependency) here.

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