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Berries, quantity over quality

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Nylaryx's AvatarNylaryx
Nylaryx's Avatar
With the most recent tournament finishing up, being harvesting berries, I'm curious as to what people did to maximize yields. As in, what did you plant, what mulch did you use, how often did you water and so on. If there is an in depth guide to this, I cannot find it.
Rebecca Gold's AvatarRebecca Gold
Rebecca Gold's Avatar
I personally plant Razz Berry with Growth Mulch and water every 45min-1h so they don't get damp. Mulch cuts waiting time so instead of 8h you can harvest them in 6h. ^^
BrinnaSilvio's AvatarBrinnaSilvio
BrinnaSilvio's Avatar
The moment the berry tournament is announced, plant a bunch of watmel berries with growth mulch. After 2.5-3 days, soon after the tournament starts, they'll be ready to harvest, and will yield between 13-15 berries each of properly watered. After that, both Razz and Bluk berries with growth mulch will yield nice results.
Nylaryx's AvatarNylaryx
Nylaryx's Avatar
Ahh, so it would seem I was on the tight track in the first place. Excellent, thanks

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