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I added a new poll, feel free to suggest name ideas
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Kayden115's AvatarKayden115
Kayden115's Avatar
i am PRAYING that stands wins. if not can i still have a persona/stand ability?
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I might allow it, or if the poll is tied when I close it, I'll have a mix of both.
Kayden115's AvatarKayden115
Kayden115's Avatar
also if this rp becomes 15+ i wont be able to participate because i'm 14 -_- sorry for double posting but am i not gonna be allowed in the roleplay because i'm not 15?
Cattafang's AvatarCattafang
Cattafang's Avatar
i'd be up for an rp like this, though i'd say whether you use a transformation or stand should be up to the player, as they both sound like really cool ideas in my opinion ((edit: if we do have to choose between one or the other though, i'm goin with personamons))

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Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
Ah, this would be a great idea! I'd definitely be down- although I'd prefer transformations (I voted for the wrong one...) I'm fine either way!
Oh hey this sounds cool, hope it really picks up! I’d be down for it. Both the transforming and stands things sound cool... but I am kind of a Jojo fan so I personally like the stands thing just a smidge more. Though if you think about, couldn’t the “legendary stands” potentially act as a transformation of sorts if they were to, say, have an armoring ability that envelops the user’s body and amplify their abilities from there? I think if you really want to strictly separate the two and go for one over the other, you’d have to prevent that from happening. (I only had this idea because I have a Jojo fanchar whose stand basically makes her a “werewolf” by covering her body)
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@Tenshi-Akuma123 Sounds like a good idea, and I'll probably implement it I'll make the sign-ups thread after I come up with a name and a plot
CWTtheAI2360's AvatarCWTtheAI2360
CWTtheAI2360's Avatar
Yo, this sounds really freaking cool! Count me the heck in! Honestly, whichever way the first poll works out, I'm game for it!
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