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Box Hunts~

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KerryBerry's AvatarKerryBerry
KerryBerry's Avatar
Welcome~ I have decided to box hunt haha


1 boxbox- 100 ZC equiv. 5 boxbox- 500 ZC equiv. 10 boxbox- 1000 ZC equiv. 15 boxbox- 1500 ZC equiv. 20 boxbox o.o- 2000 ZC

Things you can use instead of money:

Shiny legendary(summons worth 300K and under)-500 ZC Shiny legendary(summons worth more than 300K)-1000ZC Delta Fairy Albinos~ 100 ZC Relic Golds: 50 ZC Melan Marill- 1000 ZC Any 800 DP Melan-1500 ZC 28-day HM vouchers- 500 ZC Ubercharms- 200 ZC Shiny Charm Boxes-2000 ZC


1. EtherealWolf-20 boxboxes 2. 3.
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KerryBerry's AvatarKerryBerry
KerryBerry's Avatar
Increased the value of shiny legendaries
EtherealWolf's AvatarEtherealWolf
EtherealWolf's Avatar
I wouldn't mind being put down for 20 box boxes
KerryBerry's AvatarKerryBerry
KerryBerry's Avatar
Sure 0w0 That's alot of boxes xD
since you already have a big hunt, ill go simple: 5 BOXES (not box boxes xD) for a relic copper???????? and if not how many can i get with a mega stone/mega stone voucher (either or)
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KerryBerry's AvatarKerryBerry
KerryBerry's Avatar
uh. I'll get u 15 boxes for 1 voucher? Sound fair? BUT AFTERRRR the 20 boxbox order

QUOTE originally posted by KerryBerry

uh. I'll get u 15 boxes for 1 voucher? Sound fair? BUT AFTERRRR the 20 boxbox order
I'll THINK about it, and xD okayyy

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