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Angel B.’s Variety Art + Sprite Stand![SPOOKY SALE]

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You enter a rather amateurishly built shack of good size to be greeted by, well... myself. I have no mascot, not yet at least. Welcome to Angel B.’s! Hello there! I’m Angel and I’m setting up a lil shop because I need to save up for things on and off site! That means some stuff here may be currency only, no items. Mostly just the “normal art commissions” side of things though! Contents: I. Front Desk (About, Rules, and Slots) II. The Gallery (Offerings for Sale) III. Gachapon Machine (Gachas) IV. (Reserved for possible other feature/s) Currently having a Spooky Sale on art and offering new spooky-themed sprites! More info in the Gallery!
  • Rules/TOS
  • Accepted Pay
  • Will/Won’t Do’s
  • Slots
1) Of course, all PFQ rules apply. 2) Subscribe to the thread. I will not hunt people down to say when I’m finished with your order. 3) Payment is expected within 48 hours. No payment means no watermark-free version and no accepting further orders until payment is received. Outright refusal to pay means immediate blacklisting. Might even make an adoption area to have any non-character specific sprites/art dumped there for the price you said you’d pay. 3a)To pay in USD, you must have PayPal. I will give you the info once you come to pay. 4) Use the forms
This is not the password
, this is to get all info I should need, and have either a reference image for your character or a really, really good description. “A Vulpix with a bow and a stripe on its back” isn’t enough (where’s the bow? What color is the stripe, where on the back, and what way is it turned??) 5) Please be respectful, I may not have the busiest life currently, but things do come up and sometimes my motivation fluctuates. I’d rather not rush orders while I’m not doing well, your product will suffer as I won’t be working at my prime. 6) I have the right to decline an offer/order. For any reason. But especially for ignoring rules
Not here either
and/or what I’ve said I won’t do aka my boundaries. 7) If you need an edit done to the art, the colors are a bit off, a feature isn’t the right size, ask right away, not days later. I will not edit art after paying without a fee. Sprites will not be edited unless stated otherwise in its description. 8) On-site credit me by here. If used off-site, credit me by my Instagram (angelbeast111), Twitter (angelbeast111), and/or my deviantArt (Angelbeast111). This shop
You’re getting close!
is not my base of operations and it is not permanent. 8a) Off site or not, do not claim the art/sprite as your own work or remove any signature. Offense of these rules, depending on the rule broken and the severity of breaking is grounds for being blacklisted from the shop — meaning no more orders — and reported as necessary. These rules are also subject to change as found necessary.
password is some kind of greeting. Makes it look like somebody edited out a password.
Lastly, commissioned art/sprites are only to be used by the commissioner, the only exception is if it’s a gift. In that case, the recipient and commissioner are the only persons allowed to display the art/sprites. Any of my shop examples are not free to use either.
Oh, you went too far! Thought you could just skip to the end?
Unless otherwise stated, I’ll take a bunch of different payments as I need them. Of course I’ll take the usual currencies at the base rate of: 500k=500=100=$1 I also take the following with the given rates:

Boxes and Treasures

=100 Any =5 =10 =30 =75

Passes and Charms

=140 =500 =130 =175
For sprites Gen 6 and up, I use F2U sprites made by conyjams on deviantart! Some Gen 7 sprites are missing and I may decline orders including them until they are made or I can make my own. I will do: Any Pokémon, Pokesonas, Fakemon (if you prove they’re your design/you have permission), Humans, Furry (so anthros), Mild blood/gore (PG-13), Basic/minor mecha parts/machinery, Innocent shipping art, basically anything appropriate for PG-13 Aka the site overall I won’t do: anything too bloody or mature, Complex machinery/mecha parts or full mech characters, Ships of uncomfortable/gross themes (you know what I mean, don’t pretend)
For art: 1) XIIIBlackCatXIII (Chalky Chibi) 2) Coil (Icon) 3) 4) For sprites: 1) Sachiller (2) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Limits: Art- 1 per person Sprites- 3 per person
Angel/Neo || 19 || Leo || She/They/He Genderfluid || Demisexual Biromantic || Taken
these are by me!
Check out my art and sprite shop here for more by me! Have a nice day!
After hopefully reading the rules proper, you walk further in to take a look at the gallery where the offerings are displayed, separated by art and sprite, then further by categories. It’s rather neat for a shack. The Gallery ***Note: a couple things lack examples as they have no recent PG example I can use.*** Spooky Sale on Art!! 25% off all art orders, and an extra 10% off if you offer me a Delta/Shiny/Albino of a dark or ghost type mon OR 15% if a D/S/A halloween mon!
must be given beforehand in order to count, this is to avoid anyone trying to get the extra discount without giving the pokemon
Sprites now have a Seasonal section!
  • Art
  • Sprites

Chalky Chibis (PWYW)

A chibi done in a cutesy color and line style like a chalk drawing on the sidewalk! Great for baits, signatures, dolls on sites, etc! These use any payment (Currency and/or items) that I’m currently taking! I ask only for a minimum of $1 or equivalent!


(Note I use a harder, rougher brush for lining than in these examples now however it is otherwise the same)


Bring out the chalk Angel! Username: (if a gift, PM the name of the other person so I know who should be using my art) References: (this is where you let me know what characters to draw) Are they holding something?: Pose?: Do you need it a specific size?: (___x___ resolution) Payment: Password:

Regular Digital Commissions

The usual headshot, bust, halfbody, and fullbody art done in my usual style! Get your character a new piece of art! Will be full-colored and transparent backed by default. These take regular currencies only, no items, and I would prefer Zophan or USD at least mixed in but it’s not required! Prices are: Headshots- $3.50 Bust
ends at mid-chest
- $5 Halfbody
ends at waist/lower torso
- $8.50 Fullbody- $10.50 +shading- basic is +$2, full is +$3 +background- base price is +$2, will increase based on complexity. Basic one color/shape backgrounds are free though. +extra character- $3.50 for Headshots/Busts, $5 for Half/Fullbodies



I would like a commission Angel! Username: (if a gift, PM the other UN for keeping track of my work) Size: (Headshot, Bust, Half, or Full?) Reference/s: Any specific pose?: Shading?: Background?: Payment: (use prices above, will negotiate pay for background) Password:

Pokémon/sona Icons

Icons for use here or for elsewhere (specify the size if elsewhere)! Will always be a headshot/bust. Will have a pattern background. No shading options (yet at least). These are $3.50 flat any currency and/or items, comes in larger size for sharing and smaller size for using.


Icon for Orre, should only see them using it


I need an icon Angel! Username: (If a gift, PM other UN for tracking my work) Pokémon/Pokesona: (give reference image if available for anything not a normal mon) Any emotion/pose?: Payment: Password:
All sprites take any mix of accepted payment unless otherwise stated! Put the total at the end of your order!

Recolor Varieties

These are all sprites that classify as a kind of recolor, from the Basic Recolor or Pallete Swap to even the Galaxies.


Take the colors and change them to pretty much anything! No real theme! Price: 10 Form: Angel, change the color! Username: Pokemon: Color/s: Password:

Palette Swap

Take a Pokemon and swap its colors with another Pokemon! Price: 10 (Both are shown to make it obvious) Form: Angel, use Switcheroo! Username: Pokemon 1: (The pokemon to color) Pokemon 2: (The colors to use) Password:


The pokemon is colored to look more like a crystal or soft gemstone. Price: 10 (Pictured is Crystal, can also come in Ruby, Amethyst, Topaz, Emerald, and Sapphire Form: Angel, give me the shiny rock! Username: Pokemon: Stone: Password:


Pokemon recolored to the color of a berry! Price: 15 (Pictured: Leppa Berry Purugly) Form: Angel, it is what it eats! Username: Pokemon: Berry: Password:


It's as if they got dropped in the movie. Price: 10 Form: They were sucked in the game Angel! Username: Pokemon: Accent Color: Password:

Cotton Candies

A sweet sugar spun treat but it's colors on a Pokemon. Price:15 (Can come in any combo of Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, or Purple) Form: Spin me a sweet, Angel! Username: Pokemon: Colors: Password:


A “paper portrait” of the Pokémon! Can add lines to give it a lil extra spice. Price: 10 (Pictured is no lines) Form: Angel I’ll take the page! Username: Pokémon: Lines?: (as in the paper lines) Password:


A shaded sorta sprite that makes it look like the Pokémon was done in ink! Comes in 2 kinds: High Contrast and Regular Contrast Price: 15 (Pictured: High Contrast to the left, Regular to the right) Form: Angel, it’s like a manga panel! Username: Pokémon: Color: Contrast: Password:


Take the Pokemon and make it a shadow of its former self! Comes in two types: Single color and Flats Price: 10 (Pictured: Single Color left, Flats Right) Form: It’s a shadow Angel! Username: Pokémon: Color: (If Flats, just put Flats) Password:


These Pokémon show their pride! Be it in a country or in being LGBT+, they show their colors! Comes in Details and Silhouette varieties. Price: 20 (Pictured: Details left, Silhouette right) Form: Angel, it’s Pride time! Username: Pokémon: Flag: Type?: (Detail or Silhouette) Password:


A Pokémon with a galaxy taking the place of some of its features! Price: 20 Form: Angel, put the stars in it! Username: Pokémon: Password:

Half Shiny

Self-explanatory title. Two types: Clean Split or Details Price: 10 (Pictured: Split left, Details right) Form: Angel, is it more or less rare? Username: Pokémon: Split/Details?: Password:

Infernos/Reverse Infernos

Take the Pokémon and make it look like one of those heat readings. Or a backwards heat reading. Price: 20 (Pictured: Reverse on right) Form: Angel, I’m getting a reading! Username: Pokémon: Color: Reverse?: Password:


The pokemon is loading, give it a second! Price: 15 Form: It’s in the matrix, Angel! Username: Pokémon: Outline: (put color here) Password:

Fusion Varieties

These sprites are a type of fusion from Basic 2-Mons to Charms and Dolls. May require a bit of scratching.


Two mons become one. It’s a science experiment! Price: 20 (Pictured: Sableye crossed with a Genesect) Form: It’s mad science Angel! Username: Pokémon 1: Pokémon 2: Password:

Sub Dolls

It’s a Doll custom made to fit its Pokémon! Price: 20 Form: Angel could you sew it up? Username: Pokémon: Password:


The Pokémon is squished into a lil charm! Can do items with a mini icon too! Price: 20 Form: How charming, Angel! Username: Pokémon/Item: Password:


I’ll get you a hamster that looks like a Pokémon! *Likely to involve more scratching* Price: 30 Form: Hamha Angel! Username: Pokémon: Password:


Give a Pokémon a lil costume of another Pokémon! Price: 30 Form: Is it Halloween, Angel? Username: Pokémon 1: Costume: (Pokemon 2) Password:


Here are the sprites that don't fall into another specific category or type. There aren't enough others like them to make a new category. Stuff like Stickers, Couples, etc.


Make the Pokémon into a lil sticker lookin thing! Price: 15 Form: Angel, a sticker for the album! Username: Pokémon: Password:


Awww, pokemon in love! If you wanna make it a trio I can give that a shot too, healthy poly is valid. These are extra custom! Price: 30(+5 if poly trio) Form: Love is in the air Angel! Username: Pokémon 1: Pokémon 2: Third?: Heart color/s?: Any pose in mind?: Password:

Glass Statues

I make the Pokémon a glass statue in its image. I coulda put it in recolors but I wanted to show this isn’t your average Glass, this is like an actual glass-with-frosted-details thing! Price: 35 Form: I want a knickknack Angel! Username: Pokémon: Password:


The pokemon is caught either glitching out or about to teleport. Price: 15 (Pictured: Glitch left, Teleport right) Form: It’s scattered Angel! Username: Pokémon: Glitch/Port?: Password:

Fighter's Aura

The pokemon is pumped to fight anime style! Can do type color/s or an unrelated color! Price: 15 Form: Angel, it’s powered up! Username: Pokémon: Color/s: (Up to two, if type color/s say so) Password:

Neon Signs

The Pokémon’s shaped and key features are now a bright sign! Price: 15 Form: Everywhere are signs Angel! Username: Pokémon: Color: Password:


The lines of the Pokémon pretty much get yeeted. Price: 15 Form: Gimme that mon boneless Angel! Username: Pokémon: Password:


In this the Pokémon is just lines. Any color lines. Price: 15 Form: Just the lines for me Angel! Username: Pokémon: Color: Password:


No shade, only flat colors and basic lines for these mon. Price: 15 Form: Angel, it’s flat! Username: Pokémon: Password:


I take the Pokémon and make it look more like an Undertale monster! Price: 20 Form: Angel, Fight or Mercy? Username: Pokémon: Password:


I can add a pattern to a Pokémon, change a pattern, or remove a pattern entirely! Price: 30 (Pictured: Added Jaguar Zoroark, Changed Stripes Lapras, Removed Black Milotic) Form: This Pokémon is different, Angel! Username: Pokémon: Add/Change/Remove?: What Pattern?: Password:


Special edits and recolor palettes for holidays and special events!

Spooky Recolors

Color palettes fitting the Halloween season. This year we have 3! Price: 25 (Left to Right: Candy Corn, Party Decor, Bloody Knife) Form: These colors are eerie Angel! Username: Pokemon: Palette: Password:

Halloween Costumes

These pokemon got all dressed up for the night! Can be any costume, be it a basic halloween one or trying my hand at a character! May take a lot of scratching. Price:50 (Pictured:Witch Charizard) Form: Angel, I need costume help! Username: Pokemon: Costume/Character?: Any color edits?: Password:

Holiday Lights

Pokemon that have flickering light up bits to fit the season! This season's colors are: Orange, Purple, Light Green, White, and Red! Comes in Fast Blinks and Slow Flickers Price:50 (Left Fast, right Slow) Form: Put up the lights Angel! Username: Pokemon: Color: (From the season's list) Fast/Slow?: Password:
Some dispenser machines and a rack for designs are set up in the one corner. A sign is set beside them, even though the machines have it all over them what they are. Gachapon Machines and Adoption Center!
  • Gachas
  • Adopts
Test your luck on a few "machines" to win neat art/sprite prizes! You might get experimental pieces or high-tier/combo/currently unreleased sprite types! Gacha Form: Turn the nob, open the capsule! Username: Gacha of Choice: Do you feel lucky?: (Optional, for fun!) Password:


These options give only sprites, can take any accepted payment! Prices shown are in GP.


You only get one shot, but this machine seems to try the best to predict things you like to make up for it. Also it's the cheapest. Price: 30

Small Batch

You get 5 sprites out of this one. Great for trying to get higher tiers/combos on a budget. Price: 125

Medium Batch

10 whole sprites, good for going after unreleased types and is way likely to give a combo or two. Price: 250

Big Batch

Holy cow, 15! Guaranteed to have at least one high tier and/or combo, and super likely to have an unreleased type! The prediction on it is almost non-existant though... Price: 375


These options only give small art pieces. They're more expensive, but hey you get art art and simple designs! All payment types and mixes are accepted and any art discounts apply! Prices shown in ZC because easy. Images are no larger than 750x750.


You get a random pokemon of a random retyping! The special chance, outside of experimental style, is possibly getting a legendary. Price: 350


A random fusion of pokemon. Special chances are 3 pokemon fusions and legendary inclusions. Price: 500


A random chibi of a pokemon or, if you're lucky, a gijinka. Could even be a legendary or legend gijinka with some luck! Price:500


Complete mystery art. Could be from the above types, a combo, or it could be something entirely different (but still pokemon related). You could even wind up with me tracking down your favorite pokemon, a favorite character, or one of your fancharacters to make the art if luck is on your side! Price: 750
Here you can take adoptable designs and sprites I make or give shelter to sprites and non-character-specific art I made for orders that went unpaid. Prices vary and will specify if alternative payments are accepted. No form because the art is already made. You just gotta pick and pay. No wait, no keeping track really.


Cotton Candy Gothitelle- 15, other payments okay Kelpsy Berry Misdreavus- 25, other payments okay Ghost/Fairy Retyped Togekiss- 50, other payments okay Clefairy/Gengar "Fusion"- 40, other payments okay Shadeless Candy Corn Mawile Sticker- 55, other payments okay

Past Adopts (already taken)

Ghost/Fairy Retyped Togekiss- Taken by XIIIBlackCatXIII


The rack is empty here right now, come back another time!
[RESERVED] Just in case, could get ideas...
Angel B.’s is now officially open for business! Come one come all!
BunnoBlizzard's AvatarBunnoBlizzard
BunnoBlizzard's Avatar
Angel, is it more or less rare? Username: BunnoBlizzard Pokémon: Furret Split/Details?: Clear Split please! Password: Hi <3
I made my avatar on Ibis Paint :)
@BunnoBlizzard Apologies for taking a while to respond, order accepted! I’ll put you in and have it done ASAP! Be sure to sub so you can see when it’s up!
EDIT: Finished! Order up! A Half Shine split right down the middle!
by Tenshi-Akuma123

Code for use!

[tip=by Tenshi-Akuma123][img]https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/f/79289ab4-139f-42d5-b4ed-556b3f0bc8f8/de5nx06-ad01201d-b864-4913-ba59-df207704cef8.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOiIsImlzcyI6InVybjphcHA6Iiwib2JqIjpbW3sicGF0aCI6IlwvZlwvNzkyODlhYjQtMTM5Zi00MmQ1LWI0ZWQtNTU2YjNmMGJjOGY4XC9kZTVueDA2LWFkMDEyMDFkLWI4NjQtNDkxMy1iYTU5LWRmMjA3NzA0Y2VmOC5wbmcifV1dLCJhdWQiOlsidXJuOnNlcnZpY2U6ZmlsZS5kb3dubG9hZCJdfQ.m1inkB620EnPNUx1a6GTXCLOYfdTWybWVaF8PyUhL5I[/img][/tip]
Itty Bitty Bump!!
Bump!! Might also add to my commission and chibi examples too!
Orre's AvatarOrre
Orre's Avatar
I need an icon Angel! Username: Orre Pokémon/Pokesona: Harmony Any emotion/pose?: Calm and passive Payment: 350 Password: Hello! ^^
icon from the pokemon snatcher leo manga journal / art shop Type Race Score: 1500

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