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Back from Hiatus - Pricing Question

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I know I’ve been out of touch with the shiny/albino market for years now, but about how much are specials selling for? And how much are special legends selling for? I’m more than aware pricing varies from one person to another and fair pricing is whatever two people agree on. I’ve been around a loooong time lol.
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To be honest it's hard to sell specials for more than their delta prices and that's 10gp / equivalent per point (the going rate of currency is still 5kcr/5gp/1zc) so a 5k albino would go for 80gp and a 5k shiny would be 40, etc. Some people do still sell for more but I don't see it as often nor anywhere near the days of a few years ago where you could easily sell 5k shinies for 100gp (though as a side note the shiny and albino chances have been nerfed and buffed respectively, rather than the ~1/25 full boosts usual odds for shinies and the ~1/125 albino odds they're both roughly 1/50, so if you're opting to sell the specials for higher than their delta point prices they are roughly equal in rarity now) I don't watch the special legendary market enough to give you a solid answer but it's definitely less than they used to go for
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That's pretty depressing, but yeah I remember the shiny and albino chances getting adjusted. At this point, it's more cost effective to not hunt extras, just get your own set and move onto the next hunt. And it's almost like why bother with legends... Thank you though
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I've bought S/A legends at 400zc (for a shiny Magearna) and I think 500zc each for a shiny and albino Nihilego? So that's a starting point I guess
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That’s good to know, thank you

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