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MikoFerret's AvatarMikoFerret
MikoFerret's Avatar
How do you raise the beauty of a Feebas to get Milotic?
Tarashia's AvatarTarashia
Tarashia's Avatar
You need to feed it Pokeblocks to raise its contest stats, which can be made from berries at the blender at the contest hall. You need to use good enough Pokeblocks so that you don't max sheen before getting enough beauty - I find that Blue Pokeblock IIIs, made from Starf berries, will do the job. Check the wiki for more on Pokeblocks if you need it.
MikoFerret's AvatarMikoFerret
MikoFerret's Avatar
Okay thank you! I was wondering how you make Pokeblocks. I have not seen any Starf berries so far. Where can you look at these stats?
You make Pokeblocks here, and a Pokemon's contest stats are viewable under the "contest" tab of its summary page. Hope that helps c:
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