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Dimension Number 2 - Chapter 1: A New Beginning

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The small mimikyu almost jumped out of her skin... disguise? Didn't matter. She was too lost in thought when the other pokemon's arm came to sight, cutting off her thoughts. The fomantis's tone was flat, but it was oddly soothing to Bree, considering she was probably just as dazed as Bree was. Bree blinked and was about to instinctively apologize, When the Yamper's comment caught her attention instead. At least someone was having fun. Realization hit her as she looked at the three. "Y-You were all.... Human too right? It's not just me, r-right? The portal..." Bree had no idea on how to finish that sentence, but hoped the three didn't need her too.
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Marlowe tried to lift their massive foot up to check for any Joltik. Thank Arceus there isn't anything on there, Marlowe thought in relief. They decided to look closely at their companions. The Yamper nearby was running in circles happily, the Mimikyu was fretting, and the Fomantis was comforting the Mimikyu. Marlowe slowly approached the Mimikyu and Fomantis before realizing the Mimikyu was saying something. She was stammering about humans and portals, which Marlowe was rather thankful for, as they were about to go try and ask the same thing. Marlowe figured the Mimikyu wanted a reply, so they mumbled, "Erm... well... um... I think I... um... came here the same way as you?" The words were a lot louder than they thought it come out, making Marlowe awkwardly end the statement with "Idunnodon'tmindmeand my opinionsplease"
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"I think your opinion is right," Dawn looked up at the Dracovish and then Yamper and Mimikyu. "I came through a portal too. My name is Dawn." She scans the field past her current companions. Where were they? Her face remains blank though worry chews at the back of her mind. "You said you were missing a Joltik? Named Toby?" Dawn had turned to address the fretting Mimikyu again. "I'm missing my pal Gloria. She's an Ivysaur." And she offers an arm to the Mimikyu. "Maybe they've found each other and are looking for us." It was the most comforting thought Dawn could offer and she hoped it would help calm her companion. "What about you two? Missing any friends?"
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Jay spoke up while running around, sparks flying off of him " Nope!! no family or friends here!" He said proudly, yet a pang of sadness hit him. He began to speed up, running into a stump. He hit the top of his head on it, stumbling backwards with a groan. He stuck his tongue out, the tip red. He had bitten it.. He sat down, whining at the pain in his head and tongue, shutting his eyes.
"My name is Bree." She sighed in comfort knowing that Toby might at least be with a different pokemon than alone. While waiting for the Dracovish's response, Bree watched as the Yamper bump into a stump. How was she supposed to walk? She gave a Dawn a small bow to show appreciation for her kindness, and started awkwardly scooting to the Yamper. "Are you alright?"
SimønRee's AvatarSimønRee
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Jay nodded rapidly "Oh yeah!! im good!!" he said with a toothy grin. He then shook out his fur, standing up on all fours. His gaze drifted around, studying this new landscape.
Spewpa's AvatarSpewpa
Spewpa's Avatar
"Ah, uh, thanks!" Marlowe replied to the Fomantis, "I'm Marlowe by the way." Looking to the side, they saw the Mimikyu named Bree and the Yamper talking. Looking up, Marlowe saw a sky full of colors. Wow, this place might actually be really cool, they thought.
As the four were becoming acquainted, some shuffling could be heard nearby. One beam of light poked out over the horizon. Then another. Now three in total, rapidly approaching their location. They appeared to be flashlight beams, bright enough that the figures holding them were mostly obscured in the relative darkness. The lights shone aggressively in the direction of the four outsiders. "You there! Citizens!" a male, official-sounding voice called out. "Step away from the crash site, by order of the Dimensional Guard!"
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It was just her luck, Bree finally got her world to stop spinning and calmed down, a small feeling of ease was ended quickly when the lights came. Her real eyes widened as she stood frozen, not sure how to move backwards. What was she supposed to say? would the odd silhouette's even understand the four of them? The what police? The mimikyu wanted desperately to tell them that they WERE the crash site, but as a bright beam of light pointed and shown directly at her, only one word managed to escape her trembling form. "Wh-WHAT!?" Bree squeaked louder than she intended.
SimønRee's AvatarSimønRee
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Jay ran in front of the others, barking and growling. " You listen here, weirdo distant land police! If you come any closer i'll bite ya!! I'll do it! I'm a biter!!" He shouted, while jumping around, sparks flying off of his body as he glared at the strange lights.

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