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question about DNI's

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Even if you're not sure, as long as you're doing it in good faith, ALWAYS report if you feel it's something that needs attention. You will never get punished for reporting something that turns out to not need reporting, as long as you're sincere and not obviously abusing the report feature. I've reported things plenty of times that ended up being acceptable and not breaking the rules at all, but I've never been punished for it, since I was reporting in good faith and not deliberately misusing the reporting function or trolling. If you feel awkward/unsure about it, you can always report them in the form of a question, like, "Is this an alright thing to do/say? Does this break the rules?" I've made lots of reports like that, ex. "Does this count as spoilers? Would this be breaking [enter rule here] this rule?" You're never "wasting a mod's time". This is literally what they're here to do. They don't bite, they want to help you, and above all they want to know if a user is misbehaving so they can do something about it. I know it can be a bit scary, but they're just human beings, not cold, ruthless robots. Just be polite and sincere and they will be so in return. :D
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Pages: 12

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