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question about DNI's

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Asclepius's AvatarAsclepius
Asclepius's Avatar
I have asked someone to stop interacing with me, and contacting me due to harassment. The person continues to click me every single day, and change their trainer card to messages responding to my trainer card messages. Is this still seen as harassment?
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Grey Skies's AvatarGrey Skies
Grey Skies's Avatar
I would assume so? Regardless, report it anyways, I'm sure the TC thing could be at least considered vaguing if you're positive they're targeting you specificially
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Doduo's AvatarDoduo
Doduo's Avatar
I'd say report it personally, the TC thing sounds like vaguing to me, if they're definitely writing on their TC to respond to your own.
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Asclepius's AvatarAsclepius
Asclepius's Avatar
@replies I'm worried about false reports/how hard it would be to prove that the TC is reffering to me, and not just vaguely countering my views.
Arsenal's AvatarArsenal
Arsenal's Avatar
If you have timestamped screenshots of your TC and their TC then you can add it into your report. Or perhaps the Mods can see someone's TC History (Not sure about this though, but I know they have tooling for stuff) If you report in good faith because you really think they are vaguing about you, staff won't get "mad" at you if there ends up not being enough evidence to support the case. So please don't worry about "false reports" if you have a genuine concern about a player.
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Grey Skies's AvatarGrey Skies
Grey Skies's Avatar
All I can say is to take screenshots of your TC and theirs every time you change it as proof that they keep lining up You might even be able to PM a mod directly for advice instead of doing a formal report if you're really worried about it?
Asclepius's AvatarAsclepius
Asclepius's Avatar
Oh the screenshot idea is an excellent one! I'll start to collect those, and think about reporting. As far as the contacted "DNI do not message me", and them continuing to click me every day, does that still count? because i feel like that would be a bit easier to track. I've asked them in PMs to not interact/contact me, and they continue to do so :( (Also, thank you @arsenal for the re-asusrance about false reports! I have some pretty bad anxiety about that)
Kiryu's AvatarKiryu
Kiryu's Avatar
I don't think interactions by themselves can be considered breach of DNI's, since there's no blocking or hiding feature intrinsic to the game itself and the only way to completely avoid clicking a player is to pay 100% attention while clicking and manually skip over the DNI'd player, which is, not very easy, especially since the more people you click the more likely the skipped player will show back up in your online users thing. I'm fairly sure DNI's only extend to communication, such as PM's and post replies, but basic game features like interactions I don't think fall under that. (like it'd be unfair if you had rus and they couldn't click you in order to get RUS, and you reported them for it if they did, haha) But the trainer card thing could be considered a breach of DNI if it's being used to directly respond to your trainer cards (as a form of communication to you), but yeah, it needs evidence of that, so screenshots would be a big help in proving that.
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Asclepius's AvatarAsclepius
Asclepius's Avatar
Ahh, okay, thank you for the clarification! That does seem right, i suppose thats fair! I just notice they usually click me at the site reset, so i think it's more intentional, but again that would be nearly impossible to prove, or just coincidence. Thank you all for the advice and information! I've got what i need, and will be screenshotting things from here on out. Thank you!
lovey's Avatarlovey
lovey's Avatar
i know this question has already been answered as well as it can be, but i just wanted to pop in and say im in the same boat, and curious if anything has come from the report. i feel awkward reporting them, especially since theyve actually moved their stuff into their about and off their trainer card. regardless, ive contacted them and asked them to not interact but they continue to. have you sent in your report yet? if so, has anything come of it? let me know if im not allowed to ask this, but i want to know before putting a report in myself <:( like, i don't wanna waste anyones time if it isnt actually something i should report.
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