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Simple game of what you would rather have given the two options!! • Could be between your own pokemon • Doesn't have to be site related • Explanations are purely optional


P1: [answer to previous question] Would you rather have an Umbreon or an Espeon? P2: An Espeon Summer or winter? P3: Winter because I like the snow!! [next question] ETC…
I'll start: gummy bears or gummy worms??
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click & feed please!

thank you if you do 💜
come play this or that with us on here!!
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MerpleSerple's AvatarMerpleSerple
MerpleSerple's Avatar
gummy worms, more fun to mess around with. chocolate or peanut butter?
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Orchid's AvatarOrchid
Orchid's Avatar
(dark) chocolate. Charmander or torchic?
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Wurmcake's AvatarWurmcake
Wurmcake's Avatar
Charmander for suew Pokemon XYZ or Pokemon Sun and Moon?
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you said z so i'm assuming you mean the anime, so sun and moon. i havent watched xyz yet kanto or johto?
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Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
Johto all around, it should get more love Team Skull or Team Galaxy?
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MerpleSerple's AvatarMerpleSerple
MerpleSerple's Avatar
team skull yo! gotta love how they take care of each other! mew or mewtwo?
Orchid's AvatarOrchid
Orchid's Avatar
Mew 💖 Banette or Haunter
DJay325's AvatarDJay325
DJay325's Avatar
Banette! Gloves or Mittens?
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MerpleSerple's AvatarMerpleSerple
MerpleSerple's Avatar
Gloves! Beanies or baseball caps?

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