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"Breeding what you hunt"

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Hi. Im a low activity user who hardly reaches 1k clicks a day. I hear the phrase "breed what you hunt" used a lot. And im wondering. Does this mean "breed what you hunt into the shelter" (something I do not tend to do, I will sometimes release the few eggs I make.into the shelter if I know I can't get them.) or "breed what you hunt to avoid using the shelter" (which is something I do do. Daycare takes priority for picking stuff up.) I mainly ask this because I dont want to be that guy. I only hatch about 3 or 4 parties a day, a majority of the eggs being from the daycare if i ahave the DCP figure it's fine, but is it.
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It's usually used to incentivise people to breed more eggs into the shelter, most specifically so they don't just take other people's eggs that other people bred without chipping in their own. I'm more of a "breed as much as you take" kind of person. If you're hatching 50+ eggs a day (and taking those 50 eggs from the shelter) but only are putting like 10 eggs a day into the shelter, that means those extra 40 eggs are being taken from other people's breeding efforts. It's not against the rules at all, since anyone can take any egg from the shelter, it's just common courtesy so that people who work to breed eggs can actually use them and not need to pull the weight of two (or more) hunts by themselves ^^;;
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Yep. Im fine then. I just wasn't sure what it meant. You'd think a player of 2+ years would. :P I'll leave this thread open just in case.

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