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Heroes of Armonia Setup [15+] [Closed]

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Hiii! Glad to hear you're interested in applying! Warforged is such an interesting race!! I'd say go for it. And in terms of what kind of lore to add, that's entirely up to you. Anything you think we need to know..
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I said I would wait for other people to join but oops ^^’


Name: Attila Age: 25 Gender: Female Personality: Atilla is friendly enough when it comes to customers, but years of thieves attempting to take advantage of her kindness has taught her to turn aggressive on a dime. Despite this, she has a soft spot for urchins and often sneaks them massive discounts that coincidentally match however much money they can spare. On the topic of urchins, children are another soft spot of hers, especially children with a hunger for adventure. She tends to watch these with kind, worried eyes. Inversely, she carries a disdain for nobles. Outside of the realm of her business, Attila is an easy person to get along with. She enjoys speaking with people, although she’s not used to seeing the same faces more than a few days in a row. She’s fond of travelers and will often give them a discount in exchange for stories of their adventures. She can be smug, as evident by the smirk that crosses her face when someone says something that rubs her a certain way. She enjoys fighting in every sense of the word, but lately her fights are more verbal than physical. Although she doesn’t pick fights very often, her childhood of roughhousing still bleeds through at times. She’s not one to start a flirtation, but she’s happy to toy with anyone who tries it. Race: Human Class: Artificer

I brought another long bio

Little Gwendoyln had dreams of being a pirate, wild and unapologetic and a force to be reckoned with. But fate had other plans for her. Instead of being born on some briny, battle-scared ship, she was born in an ornate mansion, into the arms of the best midwives money could afford. She and her older sister Ariana never had any real complaints about their childhood as nobles, but Gwen always felt a friction in the air. She did a lot of sneaking out into the night as she got older, oftentimes catching Ariana doing the same, but where these excursions took them was very different. Whereas her sister would sneak out to meet boys or something stupid like that, Gwen would sneak out to gamble and scam and scrap for money. It wasn’t that she didn’t have enough money for herself- quite the opposite- but she never felt any of her parents’ wealth was hers. All of this money she earned herself went into a set of plain looking clothes to facilitate her outings. There was nothing else she could buy that could reliably be hidden, so for the next several years, the money she earned was tossed around at her whim. Some days she’d gamble it all, some days she’d dump it through the windows of orphanages, some days she’d hire the local urchins to spread mischief on her behalf. And when the sun rose, she’d go back to being the perfect little princess. Her favorite thing to do however, was venture out into the docks to look at the ships. Looking back at this period in her life she cringes at the danger she put herself in at such a young age, but she became such a common and endearing sight to the sailors that no one would dare touch her. Occasionally a pirate ship would pull into port. These she pestered incessantly, against the sailors’ warnings. The pirates who didn’t ignore or roll their eyes at the apparent street rat would humor her with tales of their adventures. The girl would listen, starry-eyed, at these almost humorously inappropriate stories of looting and murder, as well as the vast open seas and treasure. One particular pirate, an Orcish woman, became the closest thing to a friend Gwen could procure from the pirates. The woman’s ship pulled into port multiple times, and she always brought gifts for Gwen. Her favorite of these gifts, still at her side to this day, is a rapier. Gwen’s double life came to screeching halt one day. When she was 14 and Ariana was 17, the bomb dropped: the boy their parents had introduced to them just the week before was to become Ariana’s husband. Gwen didn’t particularly care for her stupid shallow sister, but the news was devastating to her all the same. If they could marry her sister off, what was stopping them from doing the same with her? She stayed in bed that night, but the next morning, Ariana was gone. Horrified and furious at her sister for leaving her behind to potentially bear her burden, Gwen fled the very next night. She tossed some money at the first ship captain she met and demanded to be taken wherever they were going, no matter where that was. She left her old life, including her name, on the docks. The girl now known as Attila began adventuring with her trusty rapier at her side. She sliced her long red hair off and bundled up in her warm plain clothes. For a while she even posed as a boy, at least until she was sure no one would be searching for her anymore. She briefly entertained the idea of obtaining a pokemon of her own for company, maybe a Chatot like she’d seen the pirates carry, but any wild pokemon she managed to get near always seemed to nip her and run away. In turn, the hotheaded girl lost interest in the idea of taming herself a companion. And besides, she was happy with her careless life of diving in and out of trouble on a whim. Having a pokemon meant having someone to be responsible for. But this life, too, suddenly came to a violent stop. The first real adventuring group she joined, what was meant to be the beginning of her romanticized life of adventure, disbanded when a boy in the group, only a few months older than her, was killed. Attila and the boy were never very close, but his death stuck with her. She slowly backed away from the adventure she craved and began to focus more on tinkering, an interest she picked up from one of the men in the group. This, combined with the interest in weaving she resentfully admitted she kept from her old life, slowly opened a new door to adventure. She travelled from place to place, slowly learning the art of imbuing her thread with magic. At one of these towns she finally managed to obtain a pokemon that she could get along with: a mechanical Houndoom. She purchased the strange sentient machine and quickly learned to love it, both as a companion and as a fascinating marvel of engineering. Based on his design, she eventually managed to weave a creation of her own into life: a Lycanroc, and later a Mudsdale. Her life now is quiet compared to her chaotic childhood, but that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of adventure. She now spends her time wandering the land in a covered wagon pulled by her Mudsdale and guarded by her faithful Houndoom and Lycanroc, selling trinkets of her own creation. The mischievous spirit hasn’t left her however, as many of her more expensive, magical wares seem to mysteriously stop working as soon as she leaves town.
Strengths: Weaving, creating (temporary) magic items, fixing and creating small things, knowledgeable of constructs, haggling, skilled with her rapier, some skill with lockpicking Weaknesses: Thrown off by unexpected flames, often overestimates herself, stubbornly protective around children who remind her of herself, fond of starting scams that sometimes get out of hand, easily frustrated Appearance: Attila’s most striking feature is her long hair, formerly bright red, but time and the sun have lightened it into a more strawberry blonde color. It falls past her shoulders in long strands that are uneven at the ends if looked at closely from years of cutting it herself. Her eyes are gray-green. Her light skin is slightly sun-kissed. She stands around 5’6. All of her smugness and mischief is often plainly visible on her face. She has a few tattoos on her upper arms, including gears and some small pieces stylized to look like embroideries of vines and flowers, but these aren’t visible under her plain black cloak. An old but well-kept rapier is always at her hip. -------Pokémon Companion(s)------- Modified with permission from TimeLadyVIII Species: Houndoom Nickname: Ferdiad Gender: Male Nature: Bold Construct, steel type, appears as metallic, slightly skeletal Houndoom Species: Lycanroc (midday) Nickname: Setanta Gender: Male Nature: Adamant Construct, normal type, appears as a Lycanroc made of thousands of strands of colorful yarn Species: Mudsdale Nickname: Lady Gender: Female Nature: Hardy Construct, normal type, appears as a Mudsdale made of thousands of woven black, brown, and orange threads
I will enter my first character when I have the time and once I come up with a decent backstory
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Hnnng. I will definitely join. This sounds too much fun to pass up- hasn't rped on pfq forums in forever I'll get my form together in a lil while when I'm not on my phone haha
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Really curious to see what kind of characters you come up with :) Just wanted to let you guys know that I am definitely working on setting up a first post to get things started. Kind of nervous. It's been a while since I've done writing with such a big group of people. But I am certain it will be fun! If you're still in the process of making your character, give their location of origin (if its within this kingdom) a thought and let me know. There's a map you can check out in the first post of this thread. Also if you have already created and finished your character but still want to let me know where they originated from, by all means :) Town names are very much appreciated for this. It's probably easiest to DM me with stuff like this, to keep this thread sliiightly clutter free ^^.
TimeLadyVIII's AvatarTimeLadyVIII
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Alright! It happened sooner than I thought. The first post is up. I really hope you guys like it. I am. So. Excited. Please let me know what you think, I am super curious. This is ittttt I have also linked the RP thread in the first post of this thread. So I feel like everything is set up and organised and all that jazz.
I subbed to the thread, even though I have yet to make my character Still trying to think of a backstory
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I thought I was going to have trouble writing long Bios,,, man, how wrong I was, it's like a full half of a novel

Ashe Brightley

Name: Ashe Brightley Age: 19 Gender: Female Personality: Though naturally a very cheerful and affable person, Ashe struggles to temper her true nature to stay safe in her profession. Her extroverted nature wages war with a need to stay hidden from prying eyes, and her loyal nature, so inherent among other Halflings, must remain quashed, lest she be betrayed by one she calls a friend. Used to being the charming, affable face versus her brother's sly theft, Ashe naturally gets along well with others, the dazzling distraction who quickly escapes as soon as the deed is done. She's well-versed in charming others, though often wishes she could get by on her good nature instead of having to trick others. Despite it all, she can be very transparent when it comes to loyalty - it's always quite clear to see where Ashe's allegiance lies. She has a soft spot for street urchins like herself, and will often redistribute the wealth she steals so that a generous portion goes to them. Outside of her jobs, she loathes being the center of attention, especially due to recent events. She finds it very difficult to truly trust anyone. Race: Halfling Class: Arcane Trickster (Rogue)

Block of text time (Bio:)

Ashe never knew her parents. From the stories her adoptive family have been able to tell her, they were halflings who loved to travel, finding their home wherever they went instead of in peaceful dwellings like others of their kind. They had some mastery in magic, but Ashe never knew what kind, and was only told that her parents held magic when her own magic started manifesting. Somehow, they got on the wrong side of... someone. The Brightleys had to give her away, and Ashe has never heard anything of them since. While the Thieves' Guild wasn't exactly a place to raise a child, it was also one of the places where whoever was pursuing the Brightleys wasn't likely to look. They smuggled Ashe away, to another city, so that the chance of finding her was even slimmer. And as luck would have it, she was taken in by a newer member to the Guild, a human woman named Shanty. Shanty had lost everything when a noble had wrongfully accused her of a crime. Struggling to raise a child of her own, she vowed to take care of both. So Ashe grew up alongside Shanty and Mikel, who were her family in all but blood. Whatever allegiances in the Thieves' Guild shifted and changed and evaporated, the three of them always had each other, picking pockets and attempting the small, occasional burglary. Never anything flashy or big, just enough to keep themselves alive. Ashe and Mikel were a natural team. Once they were old enough (read: probably not as old as Shanty would prefer) they were out on the streets, picking pockets on their own and helping to keep the Guild afloat. Mikel took to stealth like he'd been born for it, and Ashe was always around to distract a target, melting away from the scene as soon as Mikel sent her a signal. Especially when her magic started manifesting - she'd send a handful of sparks into someone's face, or send up a mock-firecracker in the middle of a crowd, and she wouldn't even have to show her face to distract the target. Every now and again, the three would switch towns, when they got a tip that they'd picked the pocket of someone too powerful to brush such a slight aside. But Ashe had found a family, and never once thought of leaving. Until she and Mikel got a tip they couldn't ignore. A minor noble, gone for some vacation, leaving only a pittance of staff behind to keep the place clean and/or secure. Somewhere in the mansion, a wealth that this team of two couldn't ignore. And sure, they found some nice, shiny objects to steal, but the real surprise was when Ashe entered a lavish, sparklingly-cleaned room, and found a beat-up looking Pokemon. It shrank away when Ashe approached, shivering violently, and Ashe recognized the signs immediately. (Some of the younger thieves came to the Guild like that, ones that'd been cast out of their families, or had just gotten sick of the behavior of their "families" and ran away. It broke her heart every time, even though some had been older than her at the time.) She was surprised when Mikel didn't comment when they met back up again, that she was making calming noises to a very scuffed-up looking Axew, but Mikel was always good at rolling with the punches. She heard yelling close by as they were leaving that particular burglary. Within days, Wanted signs were hanging at every street corner, demanding that someone catch the two street thieves that had plundered the noble's home. Shanty took one look at a poster, looked back at the Axew that the two kids had freed, and looked into her contacts. They'd have to move again. Every time, the names of towns that they could move to on the map became fewer and fewer. Only a few days of hiding later, the trio's contacts told them of a caravan headed southeast, passing through (among others) a small town named Dila. It was a small town, not good for thieving but a good place to regroup, to figure out a plan for where to go next. They were ambushed by knights at the marketplace where that caravan was preparing to leave. Mikel hid Ashe and the Axew in one of the carts, covered them with a generous armful of empty baskets and burlap sacks, and ran off so that the guards would see him. She didn't know where Shanty was. She didn't dare move until the carts started moving, and didn't even think of leaving her hiding spot until they were well out of the city. With an endless forest around them and plenty of time to think, Ashe sat at the back of the cart and worried. They wouldn't be dead - at least, she hoped and prayed. Mikel was far too crafty to let the guards catch him, and Shanty must have been hiding somewhere, unwilling to lead more guards right to the two kids. They'd both be safe, she just had to wait in Dila until they arrived. Right?
Strengths: Stealth, affability, good at keeping a team together, survival in urban environments, deception, being a distraction, minor magical abilities Weaknesses: Compassion, physical strength, not an offensive fighter, gets lonely when not in a group, loathe to take a leadership role Appearance: While Ashe isn't much taller than her Pokemon companion at 2'7", she has a charisma that makes her seem bigger than she is. She's tan, with plenty of freckles sprinkled on her round face, and green-hazel eyes. Her sandy brown hair is just long enough to keep in a short ponytail, and the ends are ragged and uneven from having to but her hair herself. She's about an average build for a rogue, but perhaps a bit slimmer than one would expect for a halfling (if that person's even heard of halflings, anyway.) She often compromises between a rogue's dark clothing and a halfling's normally brightly-colored garments by usually wearing dark green and maroon. Her clothing is made to be practical and unremarkable, though maybe with a few frayed threads and ripped elbows than a normal person would allow. Her hands are usually covered in scratches and scrapes, including a few small scars. Finally, she has a few knives tucked into her belt, though anyone with experience being around rogues knows that that probably isn't the only weaponry on her person. -------Pokémon Companion(s)------- Species: Axew Nickname: Mako Gender: Male Nature: Quiet


Name: Resin Age: He's not sure. Of the time he's been awake, about 30. Gender: - Personality: The times that you'll see Resin and he isn't a model of stoic patience is rare. While not an overly bubbly person, he's highly compassionate and rarely turns a blind eye to someone in need, even if it's someone who's wronged him before. If he isn't actively defending something or someone that he cares about, he's a pretty pacifistic guy. He's pledged to never inflict mortal harm on anyone, even enemies. He knows very well that people are racist, and does his best to ignore it - if they're not hurting him or any of his brothers, he's just going to distance himself and try to be happy. He has a soft spot for Pokemon (honestly, if everyone would trust him to work at a DayCare, he couldn't possibly be happier.) Tends to think through problems logically, and will take the most pragmatic way out that doesn't hurt others. He's very open-minded about the worldviews and opinions of others... at least, unless they're racist against him or any other Warforged. Race: Warforged Class: Ranger? Fighter? Ronin? Something like that

Giant Freaking Robo Bio

Back when Resin was first made, he was, in fact Gladius. And he was much different than he is now. Originally from a town on the western coast of Armonia, he was a soldier. He was in charge of keeping the streets safe and, less often, fighting off groups of pirates or bandits who thought such a small town would be easy pickings in a raid. He had several brothers who worked alongside him, but as much as Resin tries, he cannot remember their names. If they're still alive, it's likely that they've changed their names, anyway, like him. Gladius often helped around town. As the artificer that made the Warforged was well-liked, and the Warforged had defended the town many times over, this was one of the places in Armonia where Gladius and his brothers were welcomed with open arms. Practically any small task that a small, mostly fishing-and-ranching town would have, Gladius had helped them out with. He'd helped the smith by hauling around heavy ores, he'd given the town's children rides on his shoulders, he'd sent for help when someone was too sick to get out of bed. Then one day, a group of bandits bigger than any they'd fought off before ran through town. Gladius recognized a few - they'd been there before, trying to raid - but they were more panicked than angry. They were only fighting the Warforged who were trying to stop them, and they were running away from the coast. Where a giant Pokemon had emerged from the sea. The bandits had angered it, and now it had its sights set on the town. There was no way to fight it. The few of Gladius' brothers trained in archery had fired on it to little effect. Anything the artificer threw at it was for naught. Even if it got close enough to hit with a sword, it shrugged it off effortlessly. Gladius had tried to weather a few of its attacks, trying to keep it at bay while the townspeople escaped, but the last thing he remembered was it smacking him with its tail so viciously that he flew far, far out of town before he landed. A group of adventurers woke him up. Among them was a paladin and their Audino, who'd healed him. They were going to the town, the very same town Gladius had been defending. It had been weeks since anyone had heard anything from there - it was a small town that barely contacted the outside world, but it had been long enough that the adventurers wanted to see it. Gladius, though weakened and badly hurt, insisted on joining them. But it was entirely destroyed. They couldn't find anyone. Resin hopes that someone, anyone managed to escape, but he can't bear to remember anything more about that day. He wandered between towns, taking on odd jobs, until he got to a big city at the northern end of the central mountains. Many of the people there were hostile, but he eventually managed to find a low-paying job, helping a smith haul around materials. (He was much meaner than the smith from the village. But at least Gladius was getting his life back on track.) He lived in squalor... but he had come here with no money, looking for anything that payed well enough to buy himself what he needed to live. That was enough. Until more people flocked to the city. Until the smith told him his services were no longer needed. It was fine, Gladius was already planning on leaving, going back to the outskirts of the kingdom, where he'd been accepted before. He was attacked on the road north. A group of bandits - no, not bandits, he'd heard them coming like a drunk Mudsdale on a rampage, and they knew nothing about the area. From the city, then... with newly-made weaponry. Gladius tried his best to fend them off, but was forced to run, heavily wounded. In the dark of night, in a forest, blind to all but the most obvious trees in front of him, he ran as far as he could before collapsing beside an ancient oak. He doesn't know how long passed. It was a long time, though, judging by how the forest had grown around him. He woke up to a small gathering of forest Pokemon, and a person, an Elven druid who'd claimed that he'd had no name. He hadn't asked for Gladius' name, either. Gladius stayed with him for a while, keeping the forest hut safe from bigger Pokemon and the occasional thief. But his heart (he wasn't sure if he had one?) grew heavy, and he knew this wasn't where he was meant to be. Under the advice of the druid, Gladius renamed himself Resin, and set away from that safe haven with a few of the Pokemon he'd befriended during his time there. His attackers had known that he was headed north, so he instead found his feet headed east, toward the rising sun. He eventually found Dila, a small town that was relatively friendly to him. Resin stayed in the area, doing much the same as he had in his first home - doing tasks around the town, defending from wild Pokemon and bandits, doing his best to be helpful. He still isn't sure that this is where he's meant to be, either, but he'll stay for now. Maybe an opportunity of a lifetime will strike here.
Strengths: Physical strength, being abiotic
not needing to sleep/eat/breathe, not getting poisoned, etc.
, patience, largely peaceful, largely practical and logical, traversing wilderness (though not particularly surviving the wilderness,) self-reliance, swordfighting (when he does fight) Weaknesses: Interacting with people in general, passiveness, gets mad easily when others threaten Warforged, largely practical and logical, don't trust that he'll join a fight, fire, not used to being in a group Appearance: Towering close to seven feet tall, he'll easily draw attention when he enters a room (much to his chagrin.) His "skin" is mostly composed of silvery-gray metal, though there are spots where, during his hibernation, bark grew over and was absorbed into the metal, so there was patches of dark bark visible on him. His eyes are chips of some kind of green gem - they light up when he's happy, or is feeling a strong emotion. He wears a suit of metal armor (or is he the armor?) which also has patches of bark on it, and a few weapons belts for ease of carrying weapons around. -------Pokémon Companion(s)------- Species: Pikipek Nickname: Acorn Gender: Female Nature: Brave Species: Roselia Nickname: Jade Gender: Male Nature: Impish Species: Ledian Nickname: Constellation (Connie) Gender: Male Nature: Modest
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This looks like a lot of fun! I hope this character is okay. It's been a while since I rp'd on here but I love the concept for this rp!


Name: Ikki Swiftwing Age: 19 Gender: Female Personality: Thoughtful and purposeful, everything Ikki says or does has a reason. She takes the time to consider her words and actions before she makes them, and comes across as elegant and considered as a result. Ikki is intelligent and level headed, seemingly unflappable and able to stay calm in a crisis. She generally remains quiet in discussions until she has something to say, and has little time for empty words and filling silences - Ikki means everything that she says, and is disappointed when others do not extend the same courtesy to her. Although rare, Ikki's anger should be feared, for when she becomes enraged she is ferocious. Race: Aarakocra Class: Monk (Way of the Open Fist)

Bio under a cut because long

Bio: Ikki was not raised by her own kind. Her egg was found outside of a monastary, still covered in bits of nest and unharmed. None of the monks know how it got there, but they recognised the egg for what it was and took it in to raise the aarakocra that would hatch from it as one of their own, naming her Ikki for the sounds she made as a hatchling, clicking and chirping and snapping her beak, and gave her the family name Swiftwing for her Peregrine falcon apperance. Her upbringing is to be thanked for Ikki's calm patience, hours of meditating every day helping her to handle her emotions and her anger quietly. Trained to fight by the monks as they raised her, Ikki favours using a long naginata, a long pole taller than she is that has a serrated blade at one end. She keeps it strapped across her back, the blade sticking up above her left shoulder, and uses it only when she deems necessary. Her ability to fly allows her to be above the battlefield, swinging her naginata down into the fray. A capable shot with a bow and arrow and in hand to hand combat as well, Ikki is a formidable opponent who should not be underestimated based on her slight frame. She was out in the forest around the monastary gathering food when she heard something crying. Upon investigating, Ikki found an abandoned Taillow, left due to its unusual colouring. Not a full albino, the Taillow was streaked through its feathers with white, and its mother had abandoned it. Thinking of her own upbringing, Ikki scooped the tiny Pokemon up and took it home, asking the monks to allow her to raise it. They agreed - although most of them had fighting Pokemon as partners, Ikki having a flying type made more sense, and a Taillow might be able to keep up with her. Ikki raised the Taillow meticulously, and it grew stronger and eventually evolved. She loved having someone to fly with, and her and her Swellow could often be found swooping over the monastary. When she turned sixteen, she was given a Riolu, the traditional starting Pokemon of the monks in her monastary, and she would practice fighting with him to help them both become stronger. When she was eighteen, her monastary was attacked. They still aren't sure why. Able to fly and avoid the worst of the fighting, Ikki was safe, but many of her brothers and sisters were injured and some died in the fight. Her Riolu evolved into Lucario during the battle, and as one of the few uninjured members of the monastary, and more than able to take care of her self, Ikki volunteered to try and investigate what had happened and why, then return home with the knowledge. She has been gone over a year, and is no closer to her goal.
Strengths: Flight, ability to use Ki, combat ability (especially with her naginata), keeps a calm head in a crisis, excellent eyesight. Weaknesses: Brittle bones due to her heritage (why she prefers to fight while flying), can come across as distant and rude while she thinks about her words, dismissive if she thinks you don't have anything to add, naive of most of the outside world due to sheltered upbringing, once angered she won't stop until she acheives her goal, rain/water - if she gets too wet, she becomes to heavy to continue flying, and she cannot swim. Appearance: Standing at five foot nothing, Ikki looks like a humanoid Peregrine falcon. Her markings, feathers, and face all appear like the falcon, and her eyes are dark. She has a slight body, and wears the traditional dark grey robes of all the monks at her monastary. -------Pokémon Companion(s)------- Species: Swellow (mottled blue and white feathers) Nickname: Aera Gender: Female Nature: Naive Species: Lucario Nickname: Ki Gender: Male Nature: Adamant
icon by gezeïchnet
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Ashe, Resin and Ikki are all accepted. And am still in the process of reading through all of your backstories! I really admire how pretty much everyone came up with pages upon pages worth of backstories for their characters. Thinking we may have reached a nice number of people to start things out with. The first couple of posts have been posted already, and I'm curious to see what kind of adventure we will end up having over here :)

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