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Mass-Click Weekend 69 Discussion

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Amazedfurz's AvatarAmazedfurz
Amazedfurz's Avatar
Im pass the goal and within an hour of actually clicking (I love pc clicking) But this space baby needed to make home with me~
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AudreyC27's AvatarAudreyC27
AudreyC27's Avatar
phew got 10,147/10,000! now I gotta wait for another day *sigh*
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Glad.Silver's AvatarGlad.Silver
Glad.Silver's Avatar
Here goes... *cracks knuckles* *clickclickclick* I only have 580 interactions???
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Mirica199's AvatarMirica199
Mirica199's Avatar
I woke up at 4AM just to do the MCW really hyped to see what's inside the egg!
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ricewithice's Avatarricewithice
ricewithice's Avatar
guess who got only 10.5k clicks in 2 hours haha
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hey, i'm ricewithice. i'm a rice fanatic and a big loser
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BigGerald1's AvatarBigGerald1
BigGerald1's Avatar
The new one in the egg is remake of blue moon slugma! Super cool!
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QUOTE originally posted by BigGerald1

The new one in the egg is remake of blue moon slugma! Super cool!
Really? The screencap before you play the video doesn’t really line up with the design of the egg...
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BigGerald1's AvatarBigGerald1
BigGerald1's Avatar
Well, didn't they confirm it in the stream?

QUOTE originally posted by BigGerald1

Well, didn't they confirm it in the stream?
Time stamp?

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