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Updated Art Rules

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The rules contained in this thread cover artists and the Art Forums.

Rules for Artists

  1. Artwork may not exceed a PG rating. Customers may not order art exceeding this rating, and artists may not produce it. Adding PG-13+ qualifiers that describe excessively violent or otherwise inappropriate content is therefore unnecessary, and you will be asked to remove them if found.
  2. You may not sell traced art unless sufficient modification has been made to the original image. This includes official Pokémon artwork. "Sufficient modification" of official art includes the following: a full recolour, modification of at least half the image, the addition to the image of a significant piece of original art, etc. You may gift traced official Pokémon artwork, but you must credit the source of the art. You are not allowed to trace art from any other source. "Tracing" refers to the act of exactly or closely duplicating all or part of an image, and includes heavily referencing the image.
    • You may sell art created using a lineart base, provided you created the base yourself, the base is free-to-use for commercial purposes, or you have purchased the right to use the base for commercial purposes. Credits for art created using a free-to-use or purchased base must include the original artist as well as yourself. In general, all artists who contribute to a finished art piece must be credited.
  3. You may not ask for full payment up front. This is prepaying. For art and only art, you may ask for half payment up front, with the second half on delivery of the completed art.
  4. Verify permission has been obtained to use PokéFarm sprites. If a customer commissions art using PokéFarm sprites, it is the customer's responsibility to obtain permission from PokéFarm's Art Director. It is the artist's responsibility to verify that permission has been obtained before beginning work.
  5. Provide all conditions up front. If you wish to place conditions on art you are selling (i.e. "do not modify without my permission", "do not resell"), these conditions must be provided to the customer before any agreement is reached. These conditions may not be altered after agreement has been reached.
  6. Agreements are binding. Once an agreement has been reached, it must be upheld unless both parties agree to renegotiate.
    • Cancellations:
      • If the customer cancels, the artist is entitled to keep the 50% up-front fee.
      • If the artist cancels, the artist is obligated to return the 50% up-front fee.
  7. Do not double-sell art. Do not sell the same art piece to more than one person. This includes selling the art piece, making a small modification, and then selling it again.
  8. Gachapon must include examples of your art. Each gacha tier must include at least one example of art, in order to demonstrate to your customers the general quality of art that they would receive if they purchase from you. Ideally, the example pieces should not be up for sale themselves, so that the artist retains all ownership rights.

Rules for the Art Forums

  • Unless otherwise specified, Art Shops, art auctions, and art commission/request threads have the same rules as their Trade counterparts.
    • Art auctions and art commission threads must be completed and deleted within 30 days.
  • Art galleries/dump threads and art discussion threads may be bumped 72 hours after the thread owner's last post.
  • Teachers who run art school threads may accept or deny students who apply as they choose. Please remember that both students and teachers must be treated respectfully.

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