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Updated Contest rules

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The rules in this thread pertain to Contests and Contest Applications, and are in addition to the main Site Rules. To create a Contest, you must create an application thread in the Contest Application subforum. The Contest may only proceed if approved by a Moderator. Any contests found being run through any other method (Trade or Art Shops, Forum Games, etc.) will be removed, and may result in penalties against your account. The Moderator will contact you regarding any issues preventing the approval of your Contest. If you do not correct these issues in a timely manner, your application will be denied. Moderators will deny applications if the Contest has an excessive number of issues, issues communicated to the player are not corrected, or if the player has a past history of issues running Contests. Note: Upvotes/subscribers have no weight in the approval process.

General Contest Rules

  • The owner of the Contest must be 15 years or older.
  • The owner of the Contest may not enter the Contest themselves.
  • In your application you must state a length of time for your Contest, which for single-use Contests may not exceed 30 days. This time period will begin once your Contest is approved. Once that time period is over, you may have one (1) time extension, not exceeding 10 days, for the purpose of waiting for additional players to enter the contest. Contact a Moderator for permission for any additional extensions. Contests intended for repeated use have no maximum length, but you must state in your application that it will be a repeating Contest.
  • A Contest may not require an entry fee, with the exception of Raffle Contests (see Rules Specific to Raffles for further information).
  • You may not change the rules of a Contest once the application has been accepted, except with the permission of a Moderator.
  • All Contests must be written in English, be easy to read and understand, and be visually legible (see the Legibility Guidelines). We do not recommend using post templates for Contests.
  • "When Will It Hatch" Contests or similar are not allowed.
  • Once your (single-use) Contest has ended, lock the thread. Two weeks after the Contest has ended, delete the thread.
  • Contests marked for Type Race Teams can only be entered by users belonging to said team.

Regarding Prizes

  • All Contests must have at least one (1) prize. Prizes and any conditions on receiving them must be clearly listed and explained.
  • If you receive donations from other players for your Contest, you must maintain a list of the donations received, and who donated them. Staff prefers that these lists be maintained publicly, so that the information is available in the event Moderators need to intervene and return donations to their original owners. Note that if Moderators are needed to intervene in your Contest due to error or inactivity on your part it may result in penalties being placed on your account as a result of these failures.
  • You may not begin accepting donations from other players until your application is approved.
  • In the case where a Contest host would be assisted by thread helpers, only the host may handle donations and prizes. The thread helpers may not have donations or prizes in their possession at any point.
  • Credits, GP, and ZC may not be accepted as donations from other players, but may be given out as prizes if donated by the Contest owner.
  • All prizes listed must be distributed to participants, even if there are fewer applicants than prizes. Extra prizes must be distributed fairly between as many participants as possible.
  • If you offer consolation prizes, all participants who did not receive a main prize must receive a consolation prize.

Rules Specific to Raffles

  • Raffles may require a donation as an "entry fee", only if the donation is added to the prize pool. If an entry donation is required, all participants must receive a prize of reasonable value.
  • Purchasing extra entries in a raffle is allowed only if the payment is entered into the prize pool. There should be a reasonable limit on how many extra entries may be given per participant, such as a maximum of three. All donations must meet a certain value, as determined by the Contest's creator.
  • Purchasing extra entries through services (such as creating art for the Contest owner, or advertising the Contest) is not allowed.
  • Participants may not "pass" on prizes, in the expectation of receiving a different or better prize. If a participant "passes" on the prize(s) they won, they forfeit all future prizes as well.
  • In order to label your Contest a "Giveaway", you must be the one to donate a majority (minimum of 10) of the prizes.
  • If using a digital randomizer to assign prizes to participants, take a screenshot of the results. The screenshot should be kept as evidence for at least 30 days after the last prize is distributed.

Rules Specific to Art Contests

  • Artists entering an Art Contest must be reasonably compensated before the Contest owner may use or claim to own the art submitted. It is extremely immoral for a Contest owner to claim that all art submitted to their Contest now belongs to them without that reasonable compensation.
  • Artists, if you disagree with an Art Contest's rules, don't enter the Contest. Read the rules carefully, because entering the Art Contest is a tacit agreement to the listed rules of the Contest.
  • If the Contest owner requests artwork of their original character, the Contest owner retains ownership of that character, and the artist may not create additional artwork of that character, or distribute the artwork created for the Contest, without the permission of the Contest owner. Likewise, the Contest owner may not sell the artwork submitted to another person without the permission of the artist.
  • Art Contests are allowed a second extension of a maximum of 10 days in order to allow participants extra time to complete their artwork.

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