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Her Lost Siblings

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Story Description

JC,a 20 year old troubled young lady with a tramatic past. At a much more younger age, her two siblings, Shadow and Soren, suddenly disappeared causing her much grief which she can't handle that well on her own. Due to their disappearance, she started to not sleep well as harsh dreams started to haunt her in her sleep. Sleeping at night was difficult for her but, she started to understand that those dreams she was having, might mean something to her and her lost siblings. The only way to figure this was to take a journey herself and find out the truth. All that was left of her two brothers was four Eevee Siblings, one being hers.

Character Info

Name:JC Gender:Female Age:20 Appearance: She is light-skinned with a well feminine build. She has dark brown long hair pulled up in a high ponytail with light blue eyes,right blind which her bang covers. She wears a black shirt that only covers her right shoulder as her black tank strap is shown on her left shoulder as in the front of the shirt is a shiny Umbreon leaping over a black and blue flower as the name "Blue" is written under it in italics colored light blue of the shirt. She wears black skinny jeans with black flats that wrap around her ankles securely. She wears bandages around her wrists, ankles, and stomach to hide the scars from her tragic past. She wears glasses upon her face with a silver and black cross necklace around her neck. She often wears a white wolf mask that is blue-streaked on both eyes to hide her facial appearance. Personality: She is quite distant towards others and slightly stubborn which can be a pain to handle. Despite her stubborness, she is a gentle and very understanding young lady that will judge no one no matter who they may be. She only acts brave to hide her fear. She has trust issues but if you can gain her trust completely, she will protect you as if her life depends on it. Height:5"3 Siblings: Shadow(M)(First Oldest Brother), Soren(M) (Second Oldest brother) Other: She can understand Pokemon by their feelings, emotions, and language. She has severe Asthma and a medical condition(Coughs up a lot of blood). She lost both of her parents at a young age. Father was killed during a house fire by saving her as her mother died by an incurible illness. Her partner Blue, a shiny Umbreon wears a black and blue flower that is woren on her right ear)

Pokemon Team

Blue(F)Umbreon(Shiny)(Partner) Wolfa(F)Lycanroc(Dusk Form) Gem(F)Flygon Artastella(F)(Galarian Rapidash) Stelica(F)Corviknight Blade(F)Absol

Eevee Siblings

Blue(F)Umbreon(Shiny)(JC' s Partner) Sparkx(F)Jolteon(Shadow's Partner) Iclyn(F)Glaceon(Shiny)(Soren's Partner) Sakura(F)Espeon(Soren's Speech Partner)

Chapter 1 Rough Night

She stirred in her sleep that night, more then she had to. The dreams she has been having every night only got more intense the more she slept. She wanted to avoid sleep but, she couldn't since she was always tired. The more she saw them, the more she came to understand the reason behind those nightmares. She felt herself gripping the sheets of the bed as if trying to get out of it, but all she wanted was sleep. Her nightmare suddenly came to an end by a sudden nudge on her face as her eyes shot open, rising up from the bed. She looked down at her hands, which were bandaged and saw them shaking violently. She could feel her heart beat race inside her chest until she suddenly felt her whole body start to tremble violently. " I know there has to be a reason behind these nightmares I am having...-" she thought to herself. She suddenly saw a small black paw rest in her hands as she looked up to see who it was. It was her bond partner Blue, a shiny Umbreon, her room was dark so her bright blue rings and eyes was the only thing giving light inside of the dark room. She raised her trembling hand to rest on Blue's head. Blue....did you wake me?" she asked the Umbreon. Umbre....( Yes I did....you were having a nightmare.. I got worried..") Blue said sitting down in front of her. She glanced at the clock on her nightstand as it read "3:30am". She sighed softly knowing now that dhe won't be able to go back to sleep anytime soon. She shifted her eyes back to Blue before gently lifting the shiny Umbreon up and placed her on her lap as she looked up at her. " Blue.. I think there maybe some sort of reason behind these bad dreams or maybe just a sign of some kind...all I can see are Shadow and Soren.. I just...don't know what to do..." she told herself as tears fell from her eyes as her bang covered them both." -Don't cry JC, we are here for you-" said a familiar Pokemon voice. She raised her head up seeing a Glaceon, Jolteon, and Espeon sitting on the bed with her and Blue. These were the Eevee siblings, also Blue's sisters. Each sister had a partner with a trainer, the Jolteon named Sparkx was her first older brother Shadow's partner, the shiny Glaceon and Espeon named Icyln and Sakura was her second oldest brother Soren's partners and since Soren was more of the silent type, Sakura was his speech Pokemon and lastly there was the shiny Umbreon named Blue which was the partner to her. Only Blue, Iclyn, and Sakura had flowers on their right ear. Blue had a black and blue flower on her right ear, Icyln had an ice rose on her ear, and lastly, Sakura had the pink Sakura flower on her right ear and has for Sparkx, she had a light blue bandana around her neck with three light lavender small flowers at the side She can understand the sisters clearly since she can understand their language ever since she was very young. " Girls.. I know you are.. I know you are worried because I had a rough night...maybe...this is a sign...that they are alive somewhere...and that they need help..." she said leaning against the wall of her bed sighing. The girls all came up to her and rested all next to her. " Thanks girls....and Sakura...do me a favor...use Hynosis on me..." she asked the Espeon as she nodded. "Espeon?"(" of course JC,sleep well") she said until JC quickly drifted off into sleep again with the Eevee sisters sleeping beside her.

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