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How much do shiny legends cost

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Sakuri's AvatarSakuri
Sakuri's Avatar
what are prices for shiny legends magearna etc
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Hetus's AvatarHetus
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It varies from 300 ZC to 1k Zc /eqn depending upon the pokemon!
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I've bought 3, all with BoxBoxes. It was a Mesprit, a Dialga and a Diancie. I paid 5 BoxBoxes for each, which with my own prices equates to 500 ZC. Hetus is right, though, it can really come down to which legendary it is, but I'd personally pay between 500-700ZC for one.
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TrêdëçÎm's AvatarTrêdëçÎm
TrêdëçÎm's Avatar
I've paid 300ZC for a shiny victini :)
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Kiryu's AvatarKiryu
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ive sold shiny deoxys for 1kzc each :v it really depends on the legend!
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