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Moonblast * Esme's free templates

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ZelenPixel's AvatarZelenPixel
ZelenPixel's Avatar
ive been using one for a while but thank you for that birthday template. i recolored it and then after a while completely based my site skin and avatar on the colors lol. its cool and good.
avatar edited by me, signature coded by me
LilMinxy's AvatarLilMinxy
LilMinxy's Avatar
Using About me template Mage.
I don't know anymore.
Spottednose's AvatarSpottednose
Spottednose's Avatar
Ah, I love your templates! I'm using the Mage template, and I love it! Thank you for doing these, especially for free~
- - - - -
Shinies, Summons and Items available in my Shop Avatar
fictiøn's Avatarfictiøn
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Made by Infernapefan2 in their temporary shop
so, in my hideboxes the title is white, though specifically said to be black? not sure if i missed a color: white; or color: #FFFFFF; that should be changed to black, but help pls (sorry it's lopsided - it's supposed to be an about (as you know))


Content 1

lara (sona)

art here stuff here describe here backstory here
Content 3
Content 4
Content 5
code * gif free to use from tumblr
EDIT: i just noticed (this only happens on mobile i think, i could be wrong) when i finish tweaking some stuff and i look at the hidebox and the title shows, yet when i reload it's gone...?
avatar by bananalizard
Esme's AvatarEsme
Esme's Avatar

PFQ About - "Just Like Heaven"

the title and lyrics come from one of my mom's favorite songs I actually had a dream where my current about-me got replaced by this, so I tried re-creating it Quick note about this, if you want to change the colors aroumd, you'll have to know how to do rgba colors and gradients. I'll provide helpful guides . CSS color guide - rgba translucency - Helpful gradient maker!~ But wait, there's more! I made a dark version! I jokingly called this the "Haru" version because purble

dark varient preview

Pastel version Dark version
i have nothing but love for the places that call me home
★ art made by me ★ background ★ icon - me - my shop
SinnohRegixn's AvatarSinnohRegixn
SinnohRegixn's Avatar
Ooo I know I don't post much in here but the new About (and all of your abouts, templates, etc.) is really pretty <3
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My name's Shoob. I love anime, music, and drawing Journal 2.0 Hunt Shop DeviantArt Toyhou.se Ask for anythin' else
PFP drawn by me uwu
Don't mind me. I'm just saying imma use one of your amazing templates. Your just so talented. Edit: I made a mistake. Man I can't type today.

Hi! Open Me Please!

Names Coolsharp! Please go click on my Combee eggs. I’m tryna hatch albino combees! Main goal=Albino female Combee! Thank you! <3333 check out my Shop! Please click my eggos! Pretty please?~ :)

My Babies

Hatched my first Albino ever(His name is Joyful) Hatched my first Shiny ever!(Her name is Happiness)
shinonon's Avatarshinonon
shinonon's Avatar
I'm using the SU one <3
Hi, I'm Marvie! I don't know what to say so I mean. Have this gif :') Previously CHIHIIRO Signature by CatEnergetic. Gif from BanG Dream!Garupa Pico. Icon is from Epithet Erased
Icefeather's AvatarIcefeather
Icefeather's Avatar
Excuse me, I was wondering how you make the templates? I'd like to make my own, and I can't figure out how. Thank you!

Looking For

Pokemon Barbaracle, Arasprit, Bezerell, Gumairy, Kitsunari, Kyutopi, Minibbit, Petripeep Items Ice gems, Dark gems, Kane Idol

Where you can find me

QUOTE originally posted by Icefeather

Excuse me, I was wondering how you make the templates? I'd like to make my own, and I can't figure out how. Thank you!
Honestly until they answer try messing around with one of the codes, that's how I'm learning XD
My Art Safe/Journal
made by KitKatKutie2

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