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andromeda.a's Avatarandromeda.a
andromeda.a's Avatar
soooo I know you have to evolve eevee into sylveon by giving it "affection"? how do you do that? (gosh I ask so many questions on this site I'm awful)
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
If you go to the Eevee page, affection can be found under the contest tab. To raise, you feed the Eevee Perfect Berries based on the berries found on a Pokemon berries. You can buy them in the market or grow them in the garden with Amaze Mulch.
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andromeda.a's Avatarandromeda.a
andromeda.a's Avatar
ohhhh I get it now, thank you so much!
CottonEevee's AvatarCottonEevee
CottonEevee's Avatar
Allso make sure it matches its berry pref (if it likes pecha then give it a Perfect pecha)!
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