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This Fanfic takes place in the Almia region, which in this world has a school for aspiring coordinators and trainers as well as the Ranger school. This school is geared more towards a professional standpoint than the general trainer schools and is set up like a college with different majors and clubs. The Almia region is connected to Sinnoh in this story since their real-life counter parts are. The school's majors are Performing, Science, and Training. Under these are other smaller brackets such as coordinating, geology, and league training (to become a gym leader). All students are required to join a club alongside their major... most pick one that lines up with their future profession, but there are some odd clubs.. This is an inspired mix of Pokemon and Ouran High School Host Club. c': Most battles will have a ASBL vibe to them and this includes the moves Pokemon may use. In this fanfic, any move (via TM or learning) a Pokemon can use without issue. I will leave the post unlocked for comments and link the chapter posts here for easy access! Updates will (attempt) to be posted every Tuesday and Thursday EST.
This story follows Avis Faelyn, a teenage girl who wants to take over one of the Psychic gyms. She had forgotten entirely about joining a club and when she finds out the Battle Club is full, she has to discover other options... Or, the option discovers her. After being rejected by the full Battle Club, she is approached by the president of the Host Club - a group of students who run a small cafe styled room and act as companions for the patrons. To her own shock, she agrees to the offer after visiting it herself.

Character List

Avis Faelyn

Avis Faelyn Major/Minor Training - Psychic Type Gym Leader Club Host Club A friendly individual, she tries to be kind to everyone... even in battle. She tends to offer advice regardless of the situation and has a heart of gold. She is ruthless if you are rude to others however, and she often takes on conflict readily. She has long pastel pink hair pulled into pig tails and light brown eyes. She generally wears long flowing dresses. Pokemon Meowstic, G. Rapidash, Solosis, Slowpoke

March Fareway

March Fareway Major/Minor Performing - Coordinator Club Host Club (President), Battle Club Very flamboyant and seemingly 'out there'. Its hard to keep March's attention and he enjoys talking about himself, his Pokemon, or his friends... Many enjoy his distract-able attitude though, but this takes a turn when he's in battle or performing. He becomes hyper focused and is a challenging opponent. March is a tanned boy with somewhat lengthy dark purple hair and friendly gold eyes. He wears polos and ripped jeans. Pokemon Espeon, Flareon, A. Vulpix, Purrloin

Hana Raine

Hana Raine Major/Minor Performing - Coordinator Club Host Club (Vice President), Coordinating Club Sweet yet shy, Hana has trouble speaking most of the time due to his habit of stuttering while nervous -- he feels like others judge him for it. (It is quite the opposite though!) He has very little self-esteem and has a habit of encouraging others while bringing himself down. This is a trait he is working on with March and Clovis to get rid of. A spindly boy with chopped cut brown hair and stormy blue eyes. He wears button ups and slacks. Pokemon Delcatty, Liepard, K. Meowth, A. Meowth

Clovis Silph

Clovis Silph Major/Minor Science - Biochemistry for Pokemon, Performer Club Host Club, Coordinating Club A smart and gentle individual, he's often tied to Hana's side. He's outwardly friendly to strangers, but his friends know he is grumpy... especially if he hasn't had his tea. He wears his heart on his sleeve and tends to be overtly trusting. He doesn't approve of how Hansen acts. A dainty boy with pale skin and straight, short black hair. He has bright, friendly green eyes. He generally wears pale flower printed yukata - presumably a trait passed from his older sister Erika. Pokemon Tangela, Porygon, Magneton, Omanyte

Hansen Stone

Hansen Stone Major/Minor Science - Infinite Power Conversion Club Host Club, Battle Club A rude and apathetic boy, Hansen rarely gets along with anyone. He prefers to work on his own, but will put on a cool face if necessary. He tends to make rash choices. Clovis annoys him to an unspeakable degree. A tall boy with striking steel grey hair and icy blue eyes. He often wears waist coats and matching dress pants, with a white lab coat over. Pokemon Sealeo, Metang, Weavile, Amaura
Chapter Index
Chapter One - The Proposal
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Noki-Doki's AvatarNoki-Doki
Noki-Doki's Avatar

Chapter One - The Proposal

"That's what I thought!" A victorious grin swept across Avis' face, bafflement capturing her classmates. On the battlefield, the giant Arbok had tangled itself around her chubby Slowpoke who looked at ease in the Wrap. The hippo slipped a lazy glance to its trainer, waiting for the command. "You fell into our trap! Slowpoke, use Psychic!" A fuchsia hue cast over her Pokemon's gaze and soon the snake was entangled in a glowing aura, unwound from its Wrap and thrown across the battlefield ruthlessly. The Arbok weakly rose with an angry hiss, baring its fangs at the smaller Pokemon. Her opponent, Cori the Poison type prodigy, whistled with still surprised eyes. "Well, that was unexpected! I thought it only knew water moves... Uh, set up a Haze then go underground with Dig!" He directed his Arbok. The snake still looked disgruntled, but followed the directives given to it. The markings of it's hood faded from illustrious color to a faded grey blue, pure smoke billowing from its agape maw. The battlefield slowly became obscured in the ruse, hiding the Arbok's escape into the earth below. "Stay sharp, Slowpoke! Use Calm Mind to focus yourself -- try to sense where Arbok will be coming from to dodge it." Avis gently instructed her Slowpoke. It glanced to her and nodded slowly before sliding its eyes shut, a serene air seeming to surround it. The Haze was fading and the Slowpoke could feel the snake burrowing in the ground below.
Slowpoke's eyes opened suddenly. "Iron Tail now!" The hippos thick tail flashed from pink to a shining steel hue, crashing it into the ground. Hunks of rock flew upwards, dust flaring up. A snarl from below, a rumble from the hippo... When the debris cleared, Slowpoke stood on shaky feet with the fainted Arbok below it. "Really? I thought I had you..." Cori frowned, returning his Arbok. He was down to his last Pokemon, Avis having Slowpoke, Meowstic, and Rapidash left. The boy took a breath through his nose, knowing it'd be an inevitable loss... But he'd go down fighting. "Let's go, Skuntank!" The Slowpoke and Skuntank faced off, the latter easily defeating the pink Pokemon after Arbok had weakened it. The girl bit her lip as she considered her remaining pair - she didn't doubt Meowstic's abilities but... "Come aid me, Rapidash!" The friend ball was thrown from the pink girl's hands, the Unique Horn Pokemon presented itself. Soft pastel sparkles misted from her main to her fetlocks, coating her in a shimmering Pastel Veil. Any poisonous tricks up Cori's sleeve wouldn't work, he realized... But he still smirked and swiped out his arm, "Turn her into a Kantonian Rapidash - Flamethrower!" The skuntank dug in it's claws, opening its maw wide... Flames burst forward, licking towards the elegant mare. "Nuh-uh, not so fast! Psycho Cut it down!" Avis called, grinning slightly. Purple and pink twisted around the mare's horn and just as the fire grazed her pelt, crackling hot and harming her, Rapidash sliced downwards and out. The Flamethrower was split, damage done, and the psychic cut collided with the skunk. Steam had resulted from the blows and when it cleared they found both Pokemon injured. "Time! Good battle, you two!" Their instructor interrupted before the battle thickened, clapping. Both students returned their partners, Avis nodded to Cori before her attention was pulled, "Avis, I need to speak with you." Avis felt herself grow nervous at this, but she shared a fist bump with her friend before joining the instructor in his office. She swallowed, sitting adjacent from him. "Miss Faelyn... I need to ask - have you joined a club yet?" Confusion rushed to her - that was it? "No, sir... Why do you ask?" Dark eyes blinked at her in surprise before her instructor handed her a paper - highlighted was... "You need to have at least one recreational club while here... So, unfortunately, if you do not find one by the end of the semester you may be failed out of the school -- I'd hate to see you leave over such a simple fix." Her instructor explained lightly. He then suggested, "Most students in your class are in the Battle Club and Yuni is the current president." "Oh..." She swallowed nervously. How had she forgotten? "Okay, I'll ask her if I can join."
Avis stood before the Battle Club and for once felt nerves tangle in her. What if they were full? Where would she go? She shook her head; "Come on, Avis." she whispered before pushing open the door and entering. There was a full blown battle going on between... She blinked in surprise - Hansen Stone and another boy. She didn't know the bitter science geek enjoyed battling. She watched it for a moment, impressed by his Metang and somewhat melting in excitement at seeing it. As a lover of Psychic types, she adored the fantastic Beldum line and secretly envied anyone with them; she'd been unable to find them in Galar. The pink haired girl made herself focus. She needed to find Yuni... Scanning the students there.. it was rather packed.. She found the brunette chatting with a long purple haired boy and his purrloin; he looked familiar. "Yuni?" She questioned, approaching the pair. She smiled warmly as they greeted her. "Are there any more spots in the Battle Club? I.. still need to join one and was hoping I could join yours." She inquired, though her smile faltered when Yuni shook her head. "I'm sorry, Avis. We're jam packed, as you can see. I'm not sure what clubs are still open..." Yuni sighed, apologetic gaze settling on her. "I was worried you'd say that.." Avis sighed, glancing sideways. Suddenly the boy with them clapped, making her look to him. "The Host Club is still open - we'd love to take you in." A smile spread on his face, kindly. He then tilted his head, humming, "On one condition - you join us for a cup of tea first. You can meet the others and make your decision." "Oh." She said, stunned. Wasn't that the social club? She hesitated before smiling and offering her hand, "I'll take your offer - I'm Avis Faelyn by the way." "Charming; I'm March Fareway, President of the Host Club." March winked before shaking her hand, the purrloin on his shoulder grumbling. He twirled a strand of hair before smiling lightly. "I can take you to our meeting room - the others should be getting there soon. In fact, they should already have the tea ready. I'm just waiting on Hansen to finish playing around with his opponent."

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