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Solaris Contest Academy: RP

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Rhea turned from inside 1-A to see a Valladox barreling through the doorway. Sirene lifted her head high, the top of her antennae pushed tightly against her head. The bottoms of her reddish appendages puffed out towards the unknown Pokemon, and she let out a shriek. Rhea put a hand on her counterpart's head, letting her know they were in no sort of danger. "Why hello," She smiled, leaning over to get to a more eye level with the strange Pokemon. "Can't say I've ever seen something like you before." Her gaze lifted towards the trainer as she blocked the doorway. Rhea flashed a toothy smile. "I can only assume this is your partner?" She spoke to the both of them happily as she lifted a hand to Andrea. "I'm Rhea, and this grumpy-puss is Sirene. Don't let her fool you, she's a softy."
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Raven had listened to the lady at the desk, but before he could reply there was a yell from behind. He looked back, startled by all the sudden commotion; he faintly shivered as he remembered the Castelia streets. He was brought out of his nervous thoughts by a hard nip on his hand, Moxxie pulling him back easily. "Li.." She rumbled, licking where she'd assaulted him. He sighed and nodded, lightly patting his compatriot on the head. "Thanks Mox... Hey, how 'bout ya pick?" He gestured to the presented balls. The feline stood up, putting her socked paws on the desk. She flicked her sharp gaze over the balls before settling on the Nest ball that seemed to be wiggling, pointing to it with her nose. He nodded in agreement, he liked the light green one as well. He reached out to gingerly take the Nest ball, flashing a tiny smile to the lady, "Yeah, I'm Raven... I'll take the Nest Ball, if that's okay? And, its a part of the program? That's pretty cool." He glanced to Moxxie who'd dropped down and began to wander off, towards where the ruckus had ended. She looked back with a rumble, tail flicking low. "I'm comin', Moxxie. Thank you.. Uh, so where do we go?"
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Andrea took Rhea’s hand and laughed sheepishly. “Sorry about that. My Valladox, Desi, tends to be a bit of a trouble-maker.” She said. “I’m Andrea, by the way. Please to meet you.” Desi stepped back closer to Andrea after Sirene’s shriek, slightly shaking a bit. He looked up at Rhea and Sirene and gave them a wave, suddenly snapping back to his usual self. Andrea looked over at the lady and guy with the Liepard at the desk. “I reckon we’re getting Pokeballs for our partners in here, right?” She asked.

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Pages: 12

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