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The Shadow of the Ghost-Dragon Queen (Official Remake)

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The Shadow of the Ghost/Dragon Queen Setup You all have waited. You all have sealed your fates. Now the adventure begins. Below are the reminders of who's who, what the plot is, etc.


Many people say that Pokemon are only bad or evil when the Trainers are bad or evil. That all Pokemon are good-hearted beings. That both races are like family, friends, and partners. They were wrong... Very, very wrong... Many years ago, long before Gyms and the similar, one particular Pokemon called Arceus descended from the heavens, shaped and created the empty blackness of space into the universe we live in today. After doing so, Arceus decided that after shaping the Earth, created both Humans and Pokemon. Years of evolution took place, both Pokemon and Humans coexisted in peace. In graditude, they created a Shrine dedicated to Arceus to honor all the good deeds and wisdom that he shared, to use and pass onto future generations for everlasting peace. But... Their happiness was gonna be cut short... Arceus' sister, Giratina, was jealous of these deeds and honor and betrayed him. She soon declared war and corrupted half of the population of humans and Pokemon whilst Arceus commanded the half of pure, honorable warriors. A clash of titans and a raging war ensued for 10 whole years. After the defeat of his sister, Arceus banished Giratina into a place of corruption called the Distortion World and sealed it with 5 Arc Keys. He then entrusted it to 5 powerful Legendary Pokemon and their masters. Arceus believed them to be safe. But he was wrong. From the Distortion World, Giratina somehow knew that she would lose the war and be sealed away. So she had made a plan for just the occasion. Four powerful trainers, calling themselves the Shadow Emperors, were called forth from different regions. Without hesitation or questions... They began searching for the keys to free their queen...


1) All PFQ Rules apply 2) 6 Pokemon can be in your party at a time. You can have 6 Megas, but in battle only 1 can be active at a time unless it's 2 Trainers versus 2 Trainers or a Battle Royale. 3) Legendary and Ultra Beast Pokemon are prohibited. Shiny, Albino, Melan, Delta, Exclusive and Variant Pokemon on PFQ are fine (Excluding Bunbori). 4) When posting for your character, make sure that you are able to respond to it within a 2-week period. If you're unable to within that time, PM the reason and I'll provide an extension. Failure to do so will be removed from the RP for the next person to join. 5) No Over-Powered (OP) Pokemon allowed. Playing the RP as a God will ruin everyone else's fun. 6) When joining, keep your characters backstory short and to the point. 7) Last but not least, have fun. :)


The Light Priest/Priestess
Name Type Pokemon Region
Kiran Hale
Fighting Riolu Togepi Lurantis Sinnoh
Olivia Myst
Water Milotic Dewgong Gyarados (Mega) Lapras Charizard (Mega X) Pidgeot (Mega) Hoenn
Amethyst Stone
Psychic Espeon (Mega) Gardevoir Gallade Umbreon Flareon (Mega) Alolan Ninetales Alola
Skylar Maxwell (Skye)
Water/Grass Vaporeon Serperior Dragonair Unova
The Shadow Emperor/Empress
Name Type Pokemon Region
Darjin Tacnogard
Dragon Flygon (Mega Q) Dragonair Salamance (Mega) Searene Lucario (Mega) Gardevoir (Mega) Kalos
Silphreen Windsmor
Steel Metang Steelix (Mega) Mawile (Mega) Aegislash Reuniclus Swampert (Mega) Unova
Arthur L. Pearl
Ghost Decidueye Trevenant Mimikyu Sandyghast Heracross Peekoo Alola
Anuhea Heokoa
Fairy Gardevoir (Shiny Mega) Klefki Alolan Marowak (Shiny Mega Q) Ribombee Togetic Porygon-Z Alola
When finished making a post, make sure you use the [hr] code and point it to the next person in the RP. And now, a message from two Pokemon.

A Message from Arceus to the Light Priests and Light Priestess'

So you four have come. My young warriors, I gave each of you the abilities to choose your own path, and I had hoped that the world would allow you to pick a peaceful one. But now with my sister, Giratina, working to break free and create and exit for herself, it seems that you are all destined to fight and protect. Because I thought the world needed new champions, I along with my sons and daughters have hidden 4 relics across different regions. These relics are what keeps Giratina locked and sealed away, find them and you'll put an end to her for good. However, you are not the only ones who seek the relics. Giratina has gathered 4 powerful trainers, calling themselves "The Shadow Emperors and Shadow Empress'". Do not allow them to reach or obtain the relics at any cost. Good luck, my young warriors. And may the Light shine brightly and guide you to victory.

A Message from Giratina to the Shadow Emperors and Shadow Empress'

My dearest and most skilled trainers, you have been chosen by your mistress and queen to do my bidding from the Distortion World where I am sealed away. If you are hearing or reading this message, then I have failed to defeat my foolish brother Arceus, but I don't need to remind you all that, do I? (Chuckles) Now, listen carefully, for I will only say this once. Scattered throughout the world are 4 powerful relics which act as keys to unlocking the Distortion World. And before any of you ask, I have already made many attempts to break it myself. Hasn't worked yet... Arceus has already gathered 4 trainers called "The Light Priests and Light Priestess'" to make sure that I don't break free. As strong as you may be, you are not allowed to underestimate them. My enemies will become yours now, seek them out and crush their so-called "Hope". But, never forget your main objective. After you have obtained a relic or unable to find one in the temple, break each of the temples down to where it really hurts Arceus and his followers. After all, fewer temples or special places means fewer Legendary Pokemon to oppose us. Gather the four relics, reduce their place to rubble, and return to me. Only then will I truly be free and only then will you secure your rightful place as true masters of this world. Don't disappoint me...
And there you have it... Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let us begin the adventure of the lifetime and decide the fate of the world.
Light Priest or Priestess may begin. You all must meet up first.

The Darkness Within Story

Check out my Story! :3
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Skye was busy cutting her hair again. For a big bad destiny she had to save the world, she wanted to at least look presentable as she was to meet three other trainers that day. Skye hoped her hair didn't look bad. She redyed it earlier, and it was now a more prominent sky-blue. Now the real struggle was cutting it down, as it had grown longer and curled slightly. "Does this look good?" Skye asked, looking down at her Vaporeen. Blue blinked at her, mewed, then rubbed her face with a white paw. Blue looked rather odd. Instead of the normal blues, her body was white and orange. Her fins and frills were much more wavy and delicate, and her eyes were a pale blue instead of black. Skye assumed she had a Goldeen parent or some mutation, but either way she loved Blue and thought the Pokemon was beautiful. "Let's go, Blue," Skye said, grabbing her bag and the three Pokeballs from her table. Blue hopped up and left the house with her, off on a new adventure. //is this good?
Amethyst sat with a sigh as Ellie crawled on to her lap and began to purr. Amethyst knew Arceus had chosen her for a reason, but what was that reason? She was only 12. She silently moved the Mega Espeon off her lap and began to comb her hair. She wandered what the other 3 trainer would think about her. Would they be nice?
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//do i go again? Skye walked along the gravel path towards where she would be meeting the others. She felt a little nervous and self-conscious. She'd always had issues with self expression and gender identity. She just hoped the others didn't act weird because she looked like a boy. Her mother wanted a boy, and when she got Skye, she made Skye a boy, basically. Skye had to keep her hair short, look like a boy, act like one, dress like one, etc. She grew into it, but she wished she could be like the other girls sometimes. Skye pushed away the bushes, walking into the clearing. Blue followed her, and looked around at the new people and Pokemon. Skye noticed there was only one other person.
Amethyst gasped. There was another person here. What would she do? Ellie hissed, and quickly stood by Amethyst's side. The espeon was very protective of its trainer.
"I'm here under Arceus," Skye said in her normal husky voice, raising her hands. Blue looked at the Espeon curiously, taking a few excited steps closer to the other Pokemon.
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"Hey. Come on Silfie. We don't want to be late do we?" At the current moment, Kiran was busy trying to find his riolu. The riolu, having no sense of time, had hid from Kiran earlier for fun but hadn't come out yet. "Lu!" "Oh there you are." He grabbed the riolu. Once he took a deep breath, he went and walked to where him and the others were supposed to meet. //Sorry for a short post. I'm gaming with my sis and can barely type.
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"M-m, me too" Amethyst whispered. She stroked the espeon, and it lowered its guard. It began to playfully nudge the vaporeon.
The white Vaporeon started to run around with the Espeon. "My name is Skylar." She decided not to call herself "Max" for once. Maybe she could actually be a girl now, like she always wanted?
Amethyst smiled as Ellie ran around with the vaporeon. The espeon usually never lowers its guard around strangers. "I'm Amethyst." she said, a little more confidently. "And thats Ellie", she points to the espeon.

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