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mike's ramblings of a gay madman (13+)

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POLL: who are you and why are you browsing my awful journal

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guess who remade his journaaaaaaal after archiving all the important stuff i said in there! me. i did. yeah i wasn't exactly happy with my old journal... so yeah now its just me saying, yanno. ramblings of a madman. this includes:
  • ""political""
    being gay isnt political but boy do i sure talk about that a lot here
  • my bad art
  • how this site makes me suffer but i love it anyway
  • sally being indecisive on if she loves or hates me
don't post in here but literally nobody except the OP posts in journals anyway,,,
  • Misc.
  • Banners & Stuff
  • Important Mons
i'm mike. he/him. here's my journal. icon & button by me
banners by eeveebailey. gay chimchars by gladio. pokesona sprite by me
haha you thought this was an interesting post but no now its edited to take some stuff out of my about!

pfq milestones

first shiny hatched on 10/5/2019 first albino hatched on 9/29/2019 arceus rank first gained on 2/13/2020 first egg won in tournament on 2/29/2020 first melanistic hatched on 3/3/2020 first pokerus on 3/21/2020 interactions in a day record: 88,077 on 2/29/2020 rus count: 3
hey wait a second. in the japanese version of pokespe, pearl names his pokemon with part of that pokemon's name, + the suffix -hiko. he did this for his infernape, who he named "saruhiko". chimchar's japanese name is "hikozaru". this man seriously named his chimchar "charchim"
while i was archiving my old journal tho, i found this absolute gem again my art skills will never surpass the skill i had when crafting this piece
anyway i think its time to remove these from my about...

shiny hunts


very much want


albino hunts


very much want


melan hunts


finished hunts




paused hunts

pause reason: wanted to wait & dont wanna continue 4 now 276h/2s/2a/0m pause reason: TR 715h/13s/9a/0m start: 6/5/2020 paused: 6/14/2020 pause reason: i am so tired 415h/0s/5a start: 5/18/2020 paused: 5/24/2020

melan bait that i was using for one of the paused things

drawn by me, for snompeito and my use only
i made one of these things! unfortunately i suffer from the issue of only 6 pokemon being allowed in your party. otherwise walrein would be here.
how many of my friends and i have ocs named ophelia ren's got one, gracie's got one, I'VE got one,
(edited out)
help me ive been dying over this stupid jpeg its just Shrimp... (screencap from squid girls)
i need so many poison evos

Pages: 123··· 434445

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