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  • Hi!
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Hi! Welcome to Art Academy, a place where you can draw digital art in any style you'd like!
This school is for digital art/artists only
Please don't be ashamed of what you draw, everyone has different styles, and I'm not a really 'pro' artist, so feel free to draw whatever things that make you feel happy! I've only learnt digital art for only about 3 years, but my practicing made perfect!

Helpful Tips

Sketchpad 5.1 is a digital art drawing tool which is fun to use. I was always using the 'pixel fill' but I had 'white pixely areas' which looked really weird >< If you use Sketchpad, always use about 70%-97% tolerance. I don't use Sketchpad for my drawings though, lol. I'd recommend you use the 'magic wand' when shading, if you already do that, then uh... nice!


  • Shading
  • Body Structure
  • Hair/Fur
  • Face
  • Eyes
Form! [h3]Celena I wanna learn![/h3] [b]Classes:[/b]
Hi! I'd like to learn (if your still doing this lol)!
celena's Avatarcelena
celena's Avatar
You're in! c: Please fill out the form, and I will edit the first post.

Celena I wanna learn!

Classes: Everything (mostly eyes, shading, and body structure tho)
celena's Avatarcelena
celena's Avatar
I've edited the post!
I've edited mine as well!
celena's Avatarcelena
celena's Avatar
Alrighty! I'll pm you!
Hillo's AvatarHillo
Hillo's Avatar

Celena I wanna learn!

Classes:Body structure, but mainly poses, if possible?
celena's Avatarcelena
celena's Avatar
Alrighty~ I will pm you~
Naela's AvatarNaela
Naela's Avatar

Celena I wanna learn!

Classes: All of them, if that's possible :)

Pages: 123

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