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Scatterbug's AvatarScatterbug
Scatterbug's Avatar
I am :>
Mil Mi's AvatarMil Mi
Mil Mi's Avatar
If you have any free Giratina or Darkrai ill adopt/Take them
Please click my fields
Sünflora's AvatarSünflora
Sünflora's Avatar
May I have this please? Can I also grab a handful of phastix and male SS cleffa?
Pig444's AvatarPig444
Pig444's Avatar
I am online now if that helps at all???
Zangoose97's AvatarZangoose97
Zangoose97's Avatar
Hello :) Can I have an orthrus houndour and the flygon rayquaza (can't remember it's name) please?
Vio99's AvatarVio99
Vio99's Avatar
Here I am, but this time more precise xD Can I have Female scaracross bunbori (random) male slugdog male koroku (I saw one but I couldn't click on it so I don't know its gender) male blophin male and female shooting star cleffa male and female apoc. poochyena female solynx Sorry if it's too much :c I'm trying to complete eggdex and I miss some partners
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pikachubunny's Avatarpikachubunny
pikachubunny's Avatar
Who is currently online now?
avatar's artist is @diego.monster on twitter.
Vio99's AvatarVio99
Vio99's Avatar
I am now!
Pig444's AvatarPig444
Pig444's Avatar
I am
Jun's AvatarJun
Jun's Avatar
I might be in the wrong folder, but would I be able to grab any of these: Tapu Koku Tapu Bele Tapu Fini Virizion Terrakion (Id love to get them dex'd haha But I am not 100% sure if these were part of the legendarys you mentioned?) Also id totally buy the togetic/togekiss and feraligator/Croconaw pairs :O
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Pages: 123456

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