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Temporary Eeveepon!

Making Temporary Gachapon here for a while to collect some muns Mostly will be using bases and Eeveelutions , but the bases will have alot of variety with the poses and designs Not sure what else to say - These all will cost depending on what its listed ALL BASES ARE CUSTOM MADE AND ARE FOR MY USE ONLY 1 ZC = 5 GP = 5 K CREDITS 1 $ USD = 1 ZC BoxBoxes are 100 ZC Each! CREDIT ME AT NUZZYRUBWEKH : TOYHOUSE

Current Gachas - 0

Come back soon!
Ill make more in the future!

Purchased Gachas!

Berry Bush Sylveon


Soda Pop Sylveon


Apple Orchard Leafeon


Grape Punch Umbreon


Temp Comms

Wanna make some commisions i guess? - Well yeah soo uhhh- Yay! Im opening back commisionssss IM BACK OPEN

Mini Rules! Please Reas

- All PFQ Rules Apply - Payment must be sent after i finish your commision, if you dont send under 48 hours ill notify you in advance, but further than that will have actions taken with - I have a messy schedule hence this will be up temporarily, it takes around 10 min
Password Is Egg!
- 1 Hour for a piece but i dont do it immediately- Please give me time and patience , i have a life, i am a human - Please credit me on Toyhouse : NuzzyRubwekh - You can do whatever with your art / design- Please credit me if posting it elsewhere

Commision Types

Can and Cant

CAN DO! Furries Most Pokemon Anthros Humans , Skinny / Slim Body Type Ferals Dragons Some Reptilians Some Avians Some Bugs , Not All Dinosuars CANT DO Bulky Body Shape Weirdly Shaped Creatures Extremely Complex Design Complex Mech / Armoured Chara Im pretty sure you know what you should not order
Icon! 100 ZC ! [ 200 ZC For Complex Ocs ] Simple Icon of your character with cute bgs! Size can be any! Mostly default size is 500 x 500 px + 100 ZC For Lineless Shading Is Free! Fullbody / Custom Design 100 ZC : Simple Characters , Like Skitty / Eevee 200 ZC - 300 ZC : Normal Character , Basic Furries and stuff 500 ZC + : Complex ones - They have complex clothing designs and Armoury at mostly Shading Is Free Simple Backgrounds are free Detailed Backgrounds Varies in Prices Extra Character is 50% of the original character prize Art / Designs Ocs Belongs To @MapleAndPie [ Not On PFQ ] Example Of Complex BG Ocs Belongs To Me Example Of Simple BG - Can mostly be patterns / Shapes


Limited - Not sure how many i can do

Other Adopts

Magical Girls!

OTA! AB is USD ONLY Some already have been purchased! Bubblegum Prism Skitty [ 5$ AB ]
I have a few toyhouse adopts Im very tentative on Very Tent , so USD / Higher Offers are appreciated! Boop Have a nice day
Ruby | Aro | Fem | 17 | MLY Aromantic To The Max Temp Comm I like eggs Icon by Cloudtail!
Art @gezeichnet
kattscribbles's Avatarkattscribbles
kattscribbles's Avatar
Hekkin 500gp for apploasa?
Demon mommy in disguise and Twitter's thigh snatching gremlin | Founder of H3llLive Twitch - Twitter Constant EEEEEEE 24/7 EnVTuber and professional idiot
Signature by kattscribbles | Avatar Sig img is my own model made by Mama
750k cr for the Applosa? ♡
☆Avatar by wobbegong
Adding in! - Still looking for more - Update : Changed from 600 GP Ratio to 500 GP
Hifumin's AvatarHifumin
Hifumin's Avatar
100zc for dreamer?
If I don't reply I'm probably sleeping 'cause I got no energy nor motivation;;;
by RenCringe!
icon: amyc123 bg: official lxh art
kattscribbles's Avatarkattscribbles
kattscribbles's Avatar
500gp and 100zc for Applosa?
Adding Both-! Will choose someone hopefully tmr
1250k credits~ (250zc worth) edit : For the Appaloosa/Apple zorua ;;
kattscribbles's Avatarkattscribbles
kattscribbles's Avatar
500zc for Applosa?
WHOA THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY @CatEnergetic You won! Send in the payment and ill get a better file of them sooner! - You also get a free evo orr custom from me for bidding 10x the original price Will make more eventually! This inspires me to make more food related lads... Expect Apple Pie , Banana... Or Probably Macaroni? Who knows! Ill post a batch of 3 each time - Stay Tuned

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