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Frìeda's AvatarFrìeda
Frìeda's Avatar
This is going to sound dumb but I can't figure this out at all. Hi, I'm wondering how you put more points into your albino thingy. Ever since I purchased the thing, I've been charging it with 150 points as my sister said it would need to level up. My sister, being an old player on this site, hasn't played for a while so maybe that was patched out or there's something more to it now. But I can't figure out how to add to the charge. Please help?
Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
The need to level up the Radar has been removed, in favour of just picking what level you want. Higher levels cost significantly more IP for the boost they give (ie. diminishing returns) so it's really a balance with how much IP you can earn with your playstyle.
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Frìeda's AvatarFrìeda
Frìeda's Avatar
All right, awesome that sounds cool. But how do you change the level? That's the part I'm struggling with. I don't know if I'm just not seeing a button on the page but I can't find anywhere to do it.
SadEgg's AvatarSadEgg
SadEgg's Avatar
You pull the little slider to the right. It goes up to level 7 for 100000IP
Frìeda's AvatarFrìeda
Frìeda's Avatar
Oh my goodness >3< That's so embarrassing, thank you so much! I couldn't see the line on the slider because the site skin I use almost blended in with it. Thank you both very much!

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