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Unique eggs

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Ah thanks .o.
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I wanted to add that if you adopt the wrong egg you can still a) wait until you can release it or b) buy an egg pass to be able to hatch it without breaking your chain.
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QUOTE originally posted by Mareep

In this case unique means eggs you haven't hatched in this specific tournament. That means you can hatch every egg, but the one you currently chain, once without breaking your chain. If you try to hatch one of the same spezies again, it will break your chain. I suggest writing down what you've hatched so far if you want to participate. If an egg would break your chain upon hatching, you will get a pop-up where you have to confirm breaking your chain, so you can't really break it on accident, but it's still better to have a list
Shame I didn't read this. I summoned a Hoopa, just to release the egg, since I summoned it before.
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