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Decimoway's AvatarDecimoway
Decimoway's Avatar
So I have two of these, one from the original event in 2014 and one from the re-release in 2016.
A few seasonal CS.
Please don't remind me of how much I spent to get these, lol.
Some Pikachu related CS.
I just love this costume and the Timeline on it, these two events were so cute.
And I just love this one. I also have all the Birthday CS since they were released, but I think many will already know those.
Avatar is official PFQ art from the Advent Calendar 💕
MonkeyBug853's AvatarMonkeyBug853
MonkeyBug853's Avatar
Avatar credit: made by Duchesslunaire I have autism so I apologize if I’m strange ^^’ I collect purple Pokémon
MonkeyBug853's AvatarMonkeyBug853
MonkeyBug853's Avatar
ACottontail's AvatarACottontail
ACottontail's Avatar
Let me talk about my amazing Amorvoir. I bought this Amorvoir and he had a Special attack boosting nature and decent IVs. I love sparing on PFQ and having a power boosting nature is extremely important to me when training up pokemon. Without the good nature he would probably just be sitting around my farm, rarely seen by me like the rest of my custom sprites that have been cursed with bad natures, IVs or both. But Amorvoir was blessed with a good nature and IVs. Since then Amorvoir started developing a life of his own. He is the over dramatic, drama king of my farm, and I'm really glad he's part of my team.
Check out my gym, and my Journal. Vearus sprite + banner by me.
Beta Wooper from the 1999 Gold/Sliver protype, the sprite was revamped and animated by me
~The trainer of raging dragons~
lucky's Avatarlucky
lucky's Avatar
The original owner gave him such a cute description I had to keep it
MonkeyBug853's AvatarMonkeyBug853
MonkeyBug853's Avatar
Bump time!

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