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a lil bug shep n snek art shop [1/3 OPEN]

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soxterluna's Avatarsoxterluna
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Walking through one of the most popular places to find art shops, "The Galestorm", you come across a colorfully colored wooden stand, that said, "a lil bug shep n snek art shop". You find it particularly odd as this was quite a small stand, but nonetheless, you wanted to see what would be inside it. On the stand, there was 3 stuff animals, that all held signs that probably had their names, and were all connected to one cloud. There was an odd Spewpa, a Sleepy Mareep, and Starry Snake, with the signs saying "Luna - Sheep/Oid - Gordeen" On the cloud, it stated "Rules", and being a friendly person, you touched the cloud. Up you go into a room, and there you are, a room of rules! There were four sides, "Global", "Luna", "Oid", and "Gordeen". A voice can be heard telling you to read each of the rules carefully, and with that, you started reading.

Welcome to our little art shop!

We're all glad to see you here, but of course, we need rules, so come along!

Global Rules

These rules are applied everywhere here! These are the basics and most crucial rules!
  • Every single PFQ rule is applied to all of us and our shops!
  • Absolutely no being rude to any of our customers or us. We do have feelings.
  • Be patient with all of us! Some of us are busy sometimes and can't do the orders!
  • We can decline your orders with reason that will be posted in the rejection or by PM's.
  • Credit all of us and our art!
  • Please do subscribe if you order, it's way easier.
  • Do not Edit/Alter the Artwork we made for you in any way. Minor Edits such as Resizing is okay.
More can be added to these rules at any time!

Advertisements and Banners

  • Banners
  • Advertisements


Who knows, you may like our shop, so you might wanna advertise it, or not, but here are some banners! Credits added to them, with code! These can be a tad bit large, but can fit in a signature fine, as long as it's in the first or second line. - Shep Banner


- Buggo Banner


- Snek Banner




Want your shop to be advertised here! Gimme a PM! Advertise our art shop in yours and we'll advertise yours in ours!
template / coding / divider and bullet is official art / bg - viridean forest - hg/ss
luna/lana | he/him | ♡ totos and spewpys childish | abrosexual please don't call me soxter! it'll annoy the stars out of me. hewwo <3 I’m luna/lana, and I like bugs, and water types. sharkies, n reptiles are cool too!

Lil' Animals Group

soxterluna's Avatarsoxterluna
soxterluna's Avatar
This Transforming Bug's Status: CLOSED!
Welcome to my lil buggo side! I'm Luna, the transforming Spewpa, and at my stand, I got art! My part may be closed for the time being, but you can still look around! For info on why my part is closed, rely on my newest post!
  • Tappy! Tap!
  • Other Interesting Payments
  • Form
  • Progression
  • Finished Orders

Read like a book!

Here are some notices and tadbits I have that aren't added in the shop!
  • Ordering humans probably will get your order declined. Maybe someday when I'm better, y'know?
  • Anthros also go for the rules above, unless they have a feral, form, which I'll do that instead <3
  • This is more of a preference, but please don't call me just soxter, or @soxter, I prefer Luna or soxterluna, thanks for understanding.
  • I really do prefer if you send half-payment before, but if you can't, then you can send full-payment after!
  • Finished Works, are posted here, if you do not like that, please tell me!
  • My examples are never free to use! There my good friends OC that I purposely made for them, so please don't steal!
  • Pricing will fluctuate quite a bit until I get a desired price! PM me if you have some ideas <3
  • My forms are optional, but include all the details needed in the form!
  • Patience is key, the more patient, the quicker you get your order!
  • Questions? Send this bug a PM!
  • Credit me with my TH: soxterluna !

Items that will be accepted in place of currency for all you broke people, like my sheep friend, you can pay with these only if you'd like, as long as it's equal price!
- Hunting Supplies Hypermode : Valued at Site Price - BoxBox : Valued at 500K / 500 / 100[ - Z-Fragments (Any) : Valued at 50K / 50 / 10 - Z-Crystals (Any) : Valued at 350K / 350 / 70 - 60X DCP =: Valued at 420K / 420 / 85 - Certain Summons: Just say you want to pay with Summons and show me your summon inventory!

Form Example!

Form Example!! Ones with asterisks/stars are needed! -- BUGGOGOGOGGO! Gives the Art! User*: soxterluna Type Of Art?*:Durable Doodle! Character Ref*:(Preferred IMG link here pls) Pose: Dancin, dancin is what I do Expression:the expression you make after watching a kids movie that has a 1 star rating, except your 1 and you don't know what a good movie is. Payment*: hugs, only I give hugs Other: put whatever you'd like here! do what ya want!


[b]BUGGOGOGOGGO! Gives the Art![/b] [b]User*:[/b] [b]Type Of Art?*:[/b] [b]Character Ref*:[/b] [b]Pose:[/b] [b]Expression:[/b] [b]Payment*:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]
Frankie G's Order | Not Started/Finished
bunifu's Order | Not Started/Finished
StarlaSketch's Order | Not Started/Finished
DeathBird's's Order | Not Started/Finished
Celenå's's Order | Not Started/Finished


Username Payment Style/Type Post Link Half-Paid?
Frankie G 2 Moodboards POST LINK Impossible
bunifu 15 Durable Doodle POST LINK Yep!
StarlaSketch 35 Char. Pin POST LINK Not Yet
DeathBird 75 Durable Doodle POST LINK Yep!
Celenå ART TRADE Moodboard POST LINK Impossible

Finished Orders!

All orders that I've finished stored here!

BlueAssassin247 (1)

Ebony - March 7th, 2020

Spiritkitty666 (1)

Silky - March 7th, 2020

quinn (1)

bunifu (1)

Phoenix (Feral) - March 9th, 2020

Zakuro (1)

TBN - March 11th, 2020
template / coding / divider and bullet is official art / bg - viridean forest - hg/ss
soxterluna's Avatarsoxterluna
soxterluna's Avatar

Only Need Examples!

  • Introduction
  • Durable Doodles
  • Kinder Eggs
  • Sketches
  • Moodboard
  • Character Page
  • Character Pin
  • Character Emote Sheet


Heyheyheyhey! Heard you were pretty broke but would still like a bit of Art? Well I call this the more cheaper side, to help you with your rent expenses! This should include cheaper stuffs, stuff that doesn't take very much time to do, or simple stuff I experiment with! Take a look! You might find something you like...

Buggo's Durable Doodles!

Buggo's custom doodles, or durable doodles! You can never ever go wrong with these, or can you? Named after a typo I made trying to spell adorable after seeing my friend's doodle, and decided that this would be a good style! These durable doodles have somewhat clean lines, somewhat stable coloring, perfect for that messy artist look! Also good to show in an adorable contest. (Complex Characters Most Likely Simplified)
Prices 75K / 75 / 15


The Kinder Eggs

Buggos's baits! These are mostly baits, but you can request your OC here too! These baits are a bit different than other baits! The melan version of your requested Pokémon will be doing something with a chocolate egg. The chocolate egg can be eaten, and the melan will attempt to eat the chocolate egg if not bitten! You can use these for your hunts! All baits are not free to use and customized to that person's extent.
Prices 125K / 125 / 25



These are just like what you think! Messy, pre-drawings before I do the actual art! Sketches are generally always in one color, and aren't colored, ever. My sketches, aren't exactly, like a regular sketch, and are just an idea of what I get with proportions measured. The color defined is mostly a purple mixed with blue, but another color can be requested!
Prices 225K / 225 / 45


The Moodboard

Just like the title says! It's a Moodboard of your character, about 7-10 images of your character on each Moodboard! They'll all have various expressions, and will be done in either a lined or crayon style! You can choose a few moods/expressions, but if you don't want to, you can provide me their personality and I'll gather up my own moods and expressions!
Prices 250K / 250 / 50


lemme draw one up tomorrow <3

The Character Page

Well, it's a character page! Kinda like a doodle page, except there all flat colored. Individual character pages are fun for me, but so are multiple characters! Best works with 3-5 characters for multiple, these take just a bit longer and are little bit more pricey, but still relatively cheap. You can also request just lined character pages, instead of flat, which will lower the price a bit.
Prices Individual: 350K / 350 / 70 Multiple (Varies): 450K / 450 / 90


bruh need Examples for this too, I'll do this tmr too.

The Character Pins

Wait. I think these are original, clap, clap clap, but truthfully, these are pretty cool! Take a look! Character Pins are circles, or pins, that have a headshot of your character in it! They can be resized to be notification icons, add or remove the pin part, these are very customizable! Shaped, background color, metal pin color, anything! Guess what? These are also relatively cheap!
Prices 175K / 175 / 35


Owned By Spiritkitty666, thanks for letting me use it!

The Emote Sheet

The final piece of art in the cheaper side! This will be a bit more pricey than the others, and might give you a hint of the expensive, or kinda expensive, options! An emote sheet! No, not a Moodboard. These will be like PMD icons, with 3 basic expressions of, happy, sad, angry. You can also customize the expression! The basic border will match the character's color scheme, be a square shape, and have a tiny detail on the outside, (ex: flower), which can all be customized as well!
Price 500K / 500 / 100


None, I'll draw one tmr, gosh this is a lot,,,,
template / coding / divider and bullet is official art / bg - viridean forest - hg/ss
soxterluna's Avatarsoxterluna
soxterluna's Avatar

Only Need Examples!

  • Introduction
  • Tinker
  • Play
  • Templates
  • Crayon
  • Binary


Hey hey hey my friendos! Welcome to the rich people part, or the relatively expensive part of my shop! For all you people that have already paid your rent too much currency and items on you, this is the place for you to use all your stuff! This area includes art that takes more time to make, template coding, something most people don't actually offer. Some stuff may be experimental and put here for how much time they take out of my day! Now take a look here, you'll surely like something here! Come on.... (P.S. - as I get more comfortable, I'll add more styles to the part!)

The Tinker

My usual style of art, that I like to call Tinker! This, out of all the art styles (on this side), takes probably the least time! This style mostly includes thick lines and one colored eyes! An example of this would be purple colored eyes on a murkrow. You can expect this style to be somewhat like my durable doodles, especially with solid colored eyes and thick lines. They can also be added with a bit of cell shading!
Prices Flat: 750K / 750 / 150 Cel Shading: 875K / 875 / 175


The Plays

A new and very experimental style! Take a bit longer than "Tinker". This style is mostly like Tinker, except that the lines are way thinner, and eyes will be changed instead of just being solid colored eye colors. This style takes longer, and is tedious as I tend to keep this very clean and neat as possible! Bit of Cell shading can be added as well!
Prices Flat:875K / 875 / 175 Cel Shading: 1000K / 1K / 200


need some new ones for this so let me doodle some up!

The Templates

Woah! This is rare, isn't it? I can make templates just for you! They include everything you could possibly need coded! Although I mostly code templates, I can make them for you too! Image based templates can be a bit harder for me, and instead will be a collab with Sheepoid! These take quite a bit to make, so be a bit more patient for these! Cheaper as they aren't as tedious as art, and most likely the cheapest option here! These also have there own form, so use that instead!
Prices Base Price*: 500K / 500 / 100 *Prices can change based in complexity.


Form Example! ITS TIME FOR SOME CODING BUGGOGOGO Username:lovelyluna Theme:sheeps Images:sheeps? Words?:beep beep I'm a sheep Secondary Words?:i said beep beep I'm a sheep Details:more sheep Payment:cute snakes Other:snakes.

Form BBCode

[b]ITS TIME FOR SOME CODING BUGGOGOGO[b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Theme:[/b] [b]Images:[/b] [b]Words?:[/b] [b]Secondary Words?:[/b] [b]Details:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]


text here please!
template / coding / divider and bullet is official art / bg - viridean forest - hg/ss

The Crayon

My honestly favorite art option in this area! I use the crayon brush to make your character instead of just basic pen brushes! These tend to have thicker lines to have a better crayon feel, and are often on a larger canvas, except for maybe headshots. These are like "Tinker" solid colored eyes and thick lines! Cel shading cannot be added, sorry!
Prices 1000K / 1K / 200


The Binary

The binary option! Pixels are durably epic! Like any other binary option, these are drawn without the smoother, or with a binary pen. These are drawn with pen as other option look completely different and make the pixels not clearly visible. Some shading can be added onto these pieces of art!
Prices Flat: 825K / 825 / 175 Shading: 1000K / 1K / 200


template / coding / divider and bullet is official art / bg - viridean forest - hg/ss
Sheepoid's AvatarSheepoid
Sheepoid's Avatar
Heyo! My side is currently Closed!
Welcome to my part of this lil collab art shop, I hope you enjoy your stay! <3
  • Notice!
  • Other accepted payments
  • Form!

Some things to know before asking for art

  • yEH, I can't draw humans. Maybe one day? :'D
  • Mixed payments are welcomed! I use the 5k :5 :1 ratio
  • Please pay the full payment after I finish
  • I'll be posting all finished artwork here. if you prefer I pm them, please let me know!
  • feel free to pm me any questions/orders
  • All examples are not free to use unless stated otherwise
  • Pricing is a bit icky rn, so if you have any complaints/suggestions about the pricing, my pms are always open! i won't be mad i promise-
  • Forms are optional, but please make sure to include all the required fields in your response without the form!
  • Please be patient ^^'
  • I'll either post to accept your order or just upvote your post. to check if i've seen your order or not, take a peek at my trello at the bottom of this post :)

These are a list of items I'll accept in place of currency :) All art can be fully paid for with these items equaling in the same value unless stated otherwise.
Hunting supplies valued at site price Box box valued at 500k /500 /100 ANY z-crystal valued at 500k /500 /100 60 Daycare Pack valued at 400k /400 /80 Order's Crest valued at 300k /300 /60 Ice Feather valued at 250k /250 /50 Griseous Orb valued at 250k /250 /50 Lunar Wing valued at 200k /200 /40 Death Wing valued at 200k /200 /40 Victory Medal valued at 150k /150 /30

EXAMPLE FORM User: Sheepoid Type of art: Cheeb Character ref: (add link to image preferably) Pose/Expression: yes Payment: yes Other: Add in here any other info that's in the description of the types, or any additional comments :D


[b]SHEPEPEPEPEP[/b] [b]User:[/b] [b]Type of art:[/b] [b]Character ref:[/b] [b]Pose/Expression:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]
(if you click anywhere on the form, it'll auto highlight for you :D)
Epic icon by snek! hello i'm sheep ! i like cheese and fluffy things :D I'm very forgetful so if I don't reply to you in 2 days then I probably forgot. Feel free to send me a PM if I do, thank you! :)
Sheepoid's AvatarSheepoid
Sheepoid's Avatar
  • Intro
  • Doobles
  • Cheebs
  • Stickers
  • Doodle Pages

hELLO hello hello! because I have no self control and no real style, I'll be experimenting with a bunch of art stuff, so i'm really sorry in advance if my drawings aren't as consistent as you prefer! :'D This post is for the cheaper types I offer, feel free to look around! <3

Doobles are just some fun lil cheap doobles ! they tend to be a bit messy and complex characters will be simplified in this style :>
Price: 200k /200 /40


Cheebs are small images of your character! They're all flat colored, and drawn in a cleaner style. Colored lines are optional =)
Price: 250k /250 /50


Stickers are similar to cheebs, with the addition of cell shading and a white border! The border is color customizable (more options to be added), and optional :D
Price: 500k /500 /100


Doodle pages are exactly what they sound like — single color doodle pages! They're collections of doobles of either a single character, or groups of characters!
you can either link all the ones you want me to draw, or link me to your TH (or wherever you keep your characters) to let me choose! works best with 5+ characters!
it'd also help if you give me a few words to describle your character(s) so i have an idea of what to draw them doing, but it's completely optional !
Individual page price: 250k /250 /50 + flat color: 100k /100 /20
Multi character price: 500k /500 /100 + flat color: 300k /300 /60

Individual examples

(No flat color examples yet ^^;)

Multi examples

(No flat color examples yet ^^;)
Sheepoid's AvatarSheepoid
Sheepoid's Avatar
  • Intro
  • Cartoony
  • Smooth
  • Pixelly
  • Lineless
  • Binary

hi c: here's the section for the more expensive side for the types of art that are more time consuming. I may decline your character if I don't think I can draw it properly, and the price may vary depending on the complexity of your character(s)! (Usually legendary characters will need an add on) Please don't complain about the prices in this section, if I did them lower i'd lose motivation and only be able to get out 1-2 pieces per month ^^';

My usual "style" hehe. Pretty cartoony, since realistic makes my brain hurt Cel shading and highlights can be added on !
Price (flat): 1000k /1000 /200
+ shading: 250k /250 /50


Shaded + highlighted piece

Soft shading and eyes are different ewe (wow!) Will default flat colors, but shading + lighting can be added on :D
Price (flat): 1000k /1000 /200
+ shading: 250k /250 /50


Shaded + highlighted pieces
Flat color

Pretty new and experimental, basically smooth except with pixels. These take quite a bit to draw, but hopefully worth the wait! I can include shading, and complex characters (ex. legendaries, lots of accessories/patterns, etc.) will require an add-on :>
Price (flat): 1000k /1000 /200
+ shading: 250k /250 /50


Shaded + highlighted piece

Lineless are drawings without lines lol A bit of cel shading is included in this style :D
Price: 750k /750 /150


Binary art is fairly experimental atm! Shading is only included in the 200px x 200px ones. I can only do 3 small sizes, and these take quite a while to draw! ><;
100px x 100px price: 500k /500 /100
150px x 150px price: 750k /750 /150
200px x 200px price: 1000k /1000 /200

100px x 100px

150px x 150px

200px x 200px

Gørdeen's AvatarGørdeen
Gørdeen's Avatar
Hi! My side is currently Closed!
Welcome to my part of the shop! I might not have much to offer but I can make you some cute doodles!


  • Any piece of art you commissioned me are for Personal use only!
  • I have the right to decline any request.
  • I'm not obligated to complete a request. However I'll always try my best!
  • Be patient please! I have school and I am a slow artist so it might take a little longer for me to complete any request. c:
  • Please link to my Pfq Profile if you use an artwork I created for you.
  • Do not Edit/Alter the Artwork I made for you in anyway. Minor Edits such as Resizing is Okay. c:


Gørdeen's AvatarGørdeen
Gørdeen's Avatar
  • Information
  • Doodles
  • Icon
  • ???


  • I accept mixed payments, my ratio is 5k:5:1
  • Please use the form provided.
  • I'm still experimenting with prices so my prices are not set and are subject to change.
  • Send the payment after I finish your art.
  • I love cute simple designs and I dislike doing complex characters so, I might decline on those!
If you have any suggestions, questions, or inquiries, PM me!

what I'll do

Will do

  • Pokemons
  • Animals

Might do

  • Athros
  • Human/Humanoids (very rarely will do; only chibis)


Doodles [u][b]Hey Snek, gimme some doodles! :P[/b][/u] [b]Character Reference |[/b] [b]Payment |[/b] [b]Other |[/b] Icon [u][b]Hey Snek, make me an icon![/b][/u] [b]Character Reference |[/b] [b]Emotes? |[/b] [b]Payment |[/b] [b]Other |[/b]
  • Please use a link for the character reference or put them in a hidebox if you're showing the image!
  • Do write an amount on the payment (ex. write 10 ZC instead of just ZC if you're paying with ZC)
  • For Icons, if you wanted to choose an emote (either a heart, star, or other things (ask/give me a visual reference) please fill the 'Emote' section with what you want, otherwise just leave them empty!

Other accepted payments

Death wing - 200k/200/40 Large Dark and Dragon gem - 100k/100/20 Specials
s/a/m mons
- 5k/5/1 per dp ask for delta specials

Flat-colored doodle

these are very simple doodles with flat colors blocked in. Price: 750k/750/150


Full-colored doodle

these are doodles with a clean and colored lineart, also with a simple shading added. Price: 1 Mil/1k/200



[u][b]Hey Snek, make me an icon![/b][/u] [b]Character Reference |[/b] [b]Emotes? |[/b] [b]Payment |[/b] [b]Other |[/b]


these are headshots of your character with clean lineart and simple colors blocked in. Your character can have a small speech bubble that will be filled with an emote of your choice! (ex. heart, question mark, etc. (ask for other stuff! (give me a visual ref) Price: 500k/500/100

Examples 1 (with speech bubble)

Examples 2 (without)


[u][b]Hey Snek, make me an icon![/b][/u] [b]Character Reference |[/b] [b]Emote? |[/b] [b]Payment |[/b] [b]Other |[/b]
  • For Icons, if you wanted to choose an emote (either a heart, star, or other things (ask!) please fill the 'Emote' section with what you want, otherwise just leave them empty!
oh, what's this? look's like it's gonna be empty for now..

Gørdeen's AvatarGørdeen
Gørdeen's Avatar
Something will go here someday..

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