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Growing pokemon mechanics

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Caliburnus's AvatarCaliburnus
Caliburnus's Avatar
Vulpix (both Kanto and Alolan formes) grow their 6 tails as they level up. Are there other pokemon that have a similar mechanic (i.e. change as they level up)?
To my knowledge, that is a mechanic unique to Vulpix. However, I wouldn't put it past GameFreak or the Art Team here to come up with a new Pokemon that takes advantage of this. And before you yell at me that Pumpkaboo exists, they have forms that are determined by how long time passes before a user hatches the Egg. That's a different mechanic compared to Vulpix's

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Caliburnus's AvatarCaliburnus
Caliburnus's Avatar
Ah you're right I forgot about Pumpkaboo! I see I didn't explain myself clearly, let me try again: I'm doing a live dex, with a twist, so to speak. My livedex will feature gender differences (male/female Venusaur, Pikachu, etc.), patterns (Vivillon, Maravol) and "specials" (tails in Vulpix, size in Pumpkaboo). When I was planning this I wondered if more pokemon have something similar, so I could feature them in my fields. I'm discarding Spinda's patterns because it's insane to try to get them all. Are there other pokemon that could fit in the "special" thing like Vulpix and Pumpkaboo?
Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
For spinda you still can get the more "funny pattern" I like the panda one (spot on mouth and eyes) there even a generator of spinda spot if you ever want to go in the Trade forum for a specific one. For special I guess you can include all the forms like castform, cherrim, zygarde, kyurem, burmy, shellos, etc. You can find more on the wiki.
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