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the hunt for arceus rank

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QUOTE originally posted by shxdow

i just joined the champion chumps yesterday lol. looking at the number of pokedexes needed just makes me rage, and the shelter sure is a great help!
See? I told you not to waste your adoptions on hunts. I got to Champion in a month on 24 adoptions a day.
I have a complete set of Arceus plates! You can borrow them for 10k credits/10 gp/2 Zophan a plate!
koratta's Avatarkoratta
koratta's Avatar
oh boy are ubs really that bad i-im... so... excited... haha... yeah arceus rank... whoo.... i complete my dex every game, but omg, this is nothing like that. all the extra stuff... holy crap. i guess its to keep us playing for a while which is smart, but jezus badonkers i dont want to collect dragon balls for a rattata. ive had amazing help, shout out to mistyme, really such an awesome person and help. theyve made this so much less painful for me and i cannot thank them enough lol. and my boyfriend sends me a bunch of random garbage pokemon for laffs but its helping fatten up my dex so i dont mind. :) what're y'all gonna hunt for when you get that sweet arceus rank... im evil and want to get all the eeveelutions, but ill probably start wiiiiiith uhm... yknow what i dont know. maybe ill pray for a melan gardevoir bf. (ough that mega...)

Pages: 123

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