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The Disappearance of the Legendaries

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People and Pokemon living with each other in harmony. Everybody thought nothing would bad would ever happen. Or so they thought. Until one night, something from the sky fell, opening a cave for itself. In the morning, a Marshadow searched in the cave for the star. It seems that there are Pokemon that have already made the cave it's home. As Marshadow went deeper into the cave, it spotted something glowing. Marshadow jumped up high and landed near the glowing thing, sending dust towards nearby Pokemon, sending them away. It seemed that the glowing thing was a crystal. Marshadow would do as he was told. He put two hands on it, and started to pull. But when he tugged it once, he caused a big explosion, causing the planet to shake. After the explosion, Marshadow got up at once. He was about to grab the crystal when he realized it wasn't there. Instead, he saw a pile of ashes. Marshadow sighed and he left the cave, and jumped into the portal. He landed in another dimension and the portal closed. "Master, I am sorry but once I touched the crystal, it made an explosion, turning the crystal into ash." Marshadow's Boss wasn't facing him. Though his boss turned his head toward him. He sighed. "Well, it's not your fault. I didn't really need the crystal. I wanted you to touch it." "But you said to bring it-" "It doesn't matter what I said." "Couldn't you just have go-" "You know I can't leave this dimension?! I'm held like a prisoner here." "Right. Sorry, sir." "Don't apologize. Never apologize." "Yes, sir." Meanwhile in the Earth dimension... People had disappeared. No, they turned into Pokemon. People thought that the Legendaries would come and save them but they never showed up in the cities reassuring them. Everybody was panicking for they didn't know what to do. Nobody was even brave enough to solve this madness. Until one day...
I woke up, finding myself in a nest. I went out to get some berries and I heard the news from other Pokemon that people had turned into Pokemon. But of course, it's all a rumor. Oh, and by the way, I'm Beauty and I'm not a human. I avoid them and I also avoid Pokemon. And you're probably wondering, how did I hear about the rumor about humans? Well, sometimes I eavesdrop by either hiding in the tall grass or behind bushes and stuff like that. And you're also probably wondering, why I avoid humans and Pokemon? Well, that has to do with my family. When I was just a baby, I was playing with brother, Thunders and Glacia. My mom was an Espeon so she could see the future so she knew what my brother, my sister and me would look like. Though she never got the chance to tell me what Eeveelution I would be. Anyways, I was playing with my siblings, my mom and dad were out collecting berries. But my mom and dad were taken away by humans or as you would know 'Trainers'. So then it was just me and my siblings. Since my sister was the oldest, she would be the one to get us food while me and my brother just played. But one day, my sister took a bit longer than usual. Thunders told me to stay home while he went out to find her, but I disobeyed. After a little while after he left, I went after him. I smelt the air and he was nearby. Like a little close to me, and then I heard some thuds nearby, just behind some bushes. I took a little peek and it was my brother and sister. They were battling each other and there was something wrong with Glacia. She seemed angry. She's never like this when they battle. Did my brother do something to make her furious?
I wanted to jump in and stop the fight but that would be huge risk because one of them could've done a move, injuring me. Or I could've just turned away and go back into the nest, hoping that they will stop. But my curiosity got hold of me. But then I a rustle from the bushes behind Glacia. It was a human and it seems that were holding something pointy. He must've done something to Glacia. And then fury flowed through my body. I didn't even think. I jumped out of the bushes heading towards the human but Thunders did a move and he was too fast that he hit me. I hit the ground with a big thud and I noticed Glacia turned back to normal because she ran to me. My eyes were still open and I was trying to get air into my lungs. And then the man jumped out of the bushes with a Pokemon by his side. The Pokemon by his side was a Salandit. The human told the Salandit to do a move on my brother and sister. The Salandit used a Poison move on them. My brother and sister had fainted quickly obviously because the battle they had. And that's when I fainted too. I woke up in the morning and I was all healed up. And I was in the same spot where I was from last night. I expected to be indoors but I guess the human decided I was useless or something. But then I realized that I had to find them! I tried to track them down by using my nose but the scent of my brother and sister told me that it would be a long way for a young Eevee like me. And that was the last time I saw my brother and sister. And then I've been living on my own. And after what Salandit had shown me, I thought every Pokemon lived in harmony but apparently not. So I don't trust anyone. And I don't need help.
Later today, I've stored all my berries in the house and I decided to go for a little training. How I train, I don't with other Pokemon. I test my speed and I attack old berries and trees. I shake myself and I run towards the trees in front of me, I dodge them as fast and swiftly as I could. And on the second to last tree, I jump onto the lowest branch and jump onto the last tree branch and I climb to the top. Then I go back the other way except I'm on top, jumping from one tree to another. I jump back down onto the ground and I go back to my tree. I came back, but I could hear some voices. I went over to check what was going on and it was Pokemon. I began to eavesdrop on their conversation. "What are we going to do? We've become Pokemon! And the Legendaries aren't even gonna help us!" "Tiffany, just relax. We won't be like this forever." "How do you know?! No one is going to stop this madness!" I shook my head. They must be insane. It's just a rumor. They're probably trying to attract little Pokemon for prey. I went back into my nest. The next day, I went out again and I heard some talking. I saw a Lucario, a Purrloin, and a Zorua. I listened to their conversation. "We have to save everyone." "But how? We don't even know where to start?" "Hmm..." Then I noticed that Lucario looked over my way. I ducked down, hoping that he would think he saw nothing and turn away. But he found me. I was trembling, but he didn't even use a move on me and hurt me. I looked at him and he smiled.
"Hi, there little Eevee." He put his paw on me. I did not understand what was happening. Then he lifted me up. I started waggling my legs, trying to get back I down for I did not know what was gonna happen. I started panicking and I tried to take deep breaths but I jumped out of his paws and hid behind the tree. I was shaking so hard, I thought I should run. But I was too scared to even more. "It's okay, Eevee. It's okay. I'm not a bad per- I mean Pokemon." He was beside me. And he lifted me up again. This time, I didn't try to escape. I believed him. "What's your name?" "U-uh, Beauty..." "Well, Beauty, I'm Yung, the Purrloin is Zari, and the Zorua is Amy." I waved my paw at them.

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