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Thread Hijacking

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Blank Banshee's AvatarBlank Banshee
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Since numerous instances of this have been recorded recently, I'll post this and sticky it so people have no excuse to not see it. Thread hijacking is now being looked at under SPAM rules, meaning that if we see it happening or have it reported to us, you'll be looking at a short (day-long, multiple day if it's multiple offenses) mute. It's SPAM, people, and rude to boot. Thread hijacking is when you suddenly jump on someone else's thread, posting things like 'Me too!' or asking a completely different question. For example, User A posts a help thread asking about how the shelter works, when User B posts 'This is happening to me too!' and User C asks about how to evolve Jirachi
You can't, I'm already as awesome as you can get.
. Both B and C are going to be looking at mute pages once a moderator finds this or has it reported to them. That's thread hijacking. Jirachi out.

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