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Field Stacking

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Mewtoo's AvatarMewtoo
Mewtoo's Avatar
How is it determined which pokemon will display on the layer above another when you make pokemon overlap in your fields? Is there a way to control it, or make sure one is layered above another?
I believe it depends on where the top left pixel of the "hitbox" of the pokemon is. So if you have a pokemon whose top left pixel is at (x,y) 10,10 and a pokemon whose top left pixel is at 12,12 then the second pokemon would be in front. This is why smaller pokemon generally tend to be at the front of a stack of pokemon, because their top left pixel is further down and right than most of the other pokemon. Edit: When organizing your fields, if you want to make certain pokemon on top of others, move them as desired and then change fields and go back to refresh the stack order.
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Mewtoo's AvatarMewtoo
Mewtoo's Avatar
Oh, cool! Is there any way to tell the range of the hitbox while arranging your fields?
You can hover your mouse around to find where a pokemon's hitbox is, or if you're on mobile I suppose you could tap around. Otherwise, it's a bit of a guessing game. You could try going to your fields on your profile page as if to interact with your pokemon, click a liked or disliked berry and see the color come up over the whole hitbox.
Mewtoo's AvatarMewtoo
Mewtoo's Avatar
Thank you so much!
Tarashia's AvatarTarashia
Tarashia's Avatar
If you want to have a colored background like the berry like in public mode, you can add CSS like this to your theme. Adjust color and transparency as needed. #field_field[data-mode='private'] > div.field > .fieldmon > img { background-color: rgba(255,255,0,0.8); }

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