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[OPEN] Cat's Cradle - a PMD Story

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The young dragon let out his breath of relief and nodded his head in response to the other fusion. "Yes. Exploring something," He said. Reuben then sees the cheerful Mimikyu introducing herself and slowly backs away for her shopping. Her name is Mimi. That's really fitting! I should introduce myself too." thought Reuben while he gave a little bow to her as she leaves. He looks back at the other two pokemons with a nervous smile. "T-thank you for the help. I'm Reuben," Reuben said calmly. (I'm still alive! Although I am going to reply pretty slowly. ^^; @DreamThief, @SnivyQueen15)
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“Wow, I’m meeting so many Guild members today! Swear I ain’t seen half of you aroumd, either. Maybe Rhythian’s right and I need to get out more...” Avery paused, staring off into the middle distance thoughtfully for a moment before shrugging. It moved through his entire body in a sinuous wave, and his claws clicked a little on the tiles. “Psh, nah.” “Nice to meet you, Reuben.” A sudden thought flickered across Avery’s face, making him look mildly constipated momentarily as he realised his faux pas. “Oh! Oh! That was rude of me!” Avery facepawed, thankful his mums weren’t there to witness his catastrophic ettiquette failure. “I’m Avery. Um, in case you were wondering. I mean— you know what, I’m just going to shut up.” It was hard to see beneath his dark fur, but he could feel the flush of embarrassment burning across his cheeks and fluffing his tail. Today was not his day. (@LuckyTrefoil and @SnivyQueen)
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Rhythian The hybrid’s ears lowered slightly and he turned his head away, though it didn’t last long. He flashed Tock a grin - she was fun to talk to whenever he came across her, and turned to Cairo. Who am I? Rhythian pretended to look hurt and placed a paw dramatically on his fuzzy chest. “Who am I? Who am I!” As over the top as he was trying to be, he couldn’t stop the giggles slipping into his voice. It didn’t take long for him to relax his ‘dramatic’ pose. “Rhythian. Just Rhythian. Live around here at the guild, with my friend Avery. He’s a weird Purrloin-Rattata thing, but don’t tell him I said that! I’m not exactly one to talk anyway.” He flexed a paw, as if showing off his odd appearance. That you totally couldn’t see from miles away. His voice was warm and bouncy, perhaps a bit too overly cheerful. “Anyway, I know you’re Cairo, but what are you? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Pokémon with one eye. Well, without an eye patch or something...” he frowned. He’d seen the Gallade who sold medical supplies plenty of times before so it would be rude to leave him out. Lucifer Bluepyre Lucifer listened silently, offering a small perk of the corners of his mouth. His suspicions were eased off somewhat now, though he made a note to look into this again later. “I-“ Oh, right. He was looking for something his ‘friend’ would like. His eyes had just settled on a lovely looking necklace too. Lucy leaned forward to get a better look; two leather ropes carefully twined around each other, and at the centre of attention was a glittering blue gem that dazzled with different shades when the light hit it. It probably wasn’t by coincidence that he had spotted something that just so happened to be a stylised flame. Typical convenience. “This one though...it reminds me of my home and family. There’s such a range here, I’ll have to ask my friend a few, ah, subtle questions, but I’d like to take this one if I may.” He gestured to the necklace, ducking his head to shake off his satchel. The odd jobs he’d done around the place would hopefully provide him enough money to buy it without dipping into his guild funds.
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As Ondine finished scrawling a letter out to their mom about the festival and preparations, finally remembered what time it might be and that they had been waiting for a mission application. They pressed their face to a nearby wall to listen for the sound of bustling pokemon and hopped up excitedly when they were satisfied by the sounds. More 'mons meant they were more likely to find someone to travel with without having to post a notice. Tucking the letter away in a small pocket under a wing, Ondine quickly made their way through the crowd, careful of their tail and to keep their eyes downward, energy in each step. They chirped quietly throughout the trip, brimming with nervous excitement.
DreamThief's AvatarDreamThief
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Hadrian Gigavolt
<OOC: Avery would probably be (mock) insulted to hear Rhythian call him weird, but since he’s probably referred to Rhythian as an ungainly pigeon at least once... well, fair’s fair, right?> Hadrian’s ears pricked up as he took a closer look at the necklace Lucy had indicated. “Oh, of course! Good choice, that o-one. It’s a v-very unique piece, I-I think a c-collector donated it, so it’s the only one I have.” He busied himself pulling out some thin tissue paper to wrap the necklace in, muttering around a mouthful of packing material. “Or maybe it was his family? Can’t remember. Anyway, it’s not magical so it’s 53 Silver.”


Gold Poke, or just Gold, is a kind of ‘special’ currency in this world. Most things like food, clothes, camping supplies etc are purchased with ‘Silver’ and that’s not a currency anyone’s going to need to keep track of or worry about. It’ll be assumed you have enough Silver to buy whatever you need (I mean, not like a house or anything ridiculous, but you’re never gonna starve). Gold is used to buy magical or high-tech items, things that are uncommon or rare and very useful. There’s no real conversion rate between the two currencies, though unofficially you’d probably be able to trade either for the other currency. Gold is far more valuable than Silver, hence why it buys cool stuff like Bands, Evolutionary items and Healing Berries. /world-building-nerdery

The lobby was full of the sounds of ‘mons moving to and fro, the front doors swooshing open with a mechanical whirr every so often to let in the smell of rain and a gust of chilly air. As Ondine made their way towards the Mission Board they heard the sound of voices, two ‘mons standing near the Board and talking. Overhead the FlightGlass in the windows vanished for a moment, allowing some ‘mon to enter in a clatter of feathers and a brief patter of rain that speckled Ondine and pattered on the tiles. A splash from the other side of the room and a shouted greeting suggested that one of the water-type Guild members recognised the newcomer, though Ondine didn’t hear the name clearly. <OOC: This was an unusual POV to work with, and I hope I did okay! Basically, both Rhythian and Cairo are near the Board chatting right now. As for the Board itself, there’s a button on it, marked by a universal symbol (who knows what - not all ‘mons have the same shaped ears like humans!!) that Ondine can press to get the Missions etc read to them. Now I gotta go research how tablets are made functional for vision impaired peeps. To Google!!>
Rainquail's AvatarRainquail
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Ondine paddered their way to the board, careful of any slick on the floor, still chirping quietly. They carefully felt for the button on the board to get it to read whatever was posted. However, Ondine had forgotten where it was, only having visited twice before and not used to the placement. They swished their tail in irritation before resigning to asking for help. They approached the two that had been talking and waits for them to finish or take notice. //That's neat, thanks! I'm hard of seeing and it means a lot to me that it's accessible. I think you did good! Realistically, Ondine would have smacked it eventually, but they need to get caught up in some interactions lol
“Now, does this say right in the low flower stop or at the low flower pots..?” It’s been 45 minutes of speed walking since Neo got off the boat in East Tanzarine. He’s not sure about his luck until he looks up from the hastily scrawled notes a woman gave him to find to his right a courtyard... lined with low flower ‘pots.’ ”Well that answers that,” he thinks to himself. At the end of the courtyard is the building he’s been looking for. The Adventurer’s Guild. He steels himself before making his way through the courtyard. Along the way he admires the fountain, it helps calm his nerves. When Neo reached the front doors, he took a deep breath and entered as they slid open. Now for the fun part: finding where in this large building the Guildmaster is. Avoiding the mob around the boards, he made his way to the front desk and jumped to get the attention of whoever was behind it with “Hi, excuse me? I was hoping to join the guild!”
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(ack! sorry for forgetting to post, nyaa) Mimi's eyes went wide beneath her costume at the sheer size of the place. Squeeing under her breath, Mimi ran up to the nearest shop-which just so happened to be Galestorm Wares. On seeing the prices of the items, however, the Mimikyu's face dropped. "Ummm...maybe I should've thought this through," she remarked. She turned around nervously, heading back to the stairs. Maybe those three Pokemon were still there, and could help her sign up?
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“Huh? Oh yeah. I kinda zone out now and again, you know. So... um.... what were we talking about ag- wait, what?” A snobby looking Pachirisu in a kimono pushes past her without caring. “Kinda rude...” (@the group)
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(Gonna make an assumption for convenience sake and assume that there are different silver/gold pieces worth different amounts, like silver/gold coins in real life. Because I’m just imagining the thought of counting out like 50 coins and it’s a bit mmmm) Lucifer Bluepyre Some strange noise of excitement escaped Lucy. A maybe one of a kind necklace? He stuffed his gold pouch back into his bag and pulled out a different pouch. It took a moment but he managed to count out the total and place the coins on a bare patch on Hadrian’s cart. (I would imagine Rhythian probably makes it a challenge to become a mock upset as possible with anything Avery calls him haha. Though, it isn’t exactly inaccurate to call him an ungainly pigeon) Rhythian Rhythian’s tail thumped on the ground and he shimmered, his form flickering. This other Pokémon didn’t seem very good at conversation. He glanced around, hoping to find an out, eyes landing on a Pokémon he’d never seen before - Ondine. His eyes lit up and his focus immediately changed. “Hello! You, feathers with a funny tail. You look a bit lost?” He turned around and moved toward it. Of course, he’d noticed the weird eyes on the creature, and of course he had seen blind Pokémon before.

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