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Haxorus High! - RP

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The new school year of Haxorus High has begun, there are new students as well as new staff, this school year will bring new ideas into the mind of pokemon, and even help them with their evolution! Ryuu was inside the school already, the doors weren't open and he was making sure the school was ready for all the new students, he had let Zipp in since he was always early to work and wanted to get ready for the students (Setup)
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
Ani cracked her knuckles from inside her classroom, flashing a shark-toothed grin at her partner as the Crawdaunt organized books and pushed desks around. "This should be fun."

Ryuu walked by all the classrooms, peeking into every one of them to make sure they were ready for the students, Zipp's classes normally took place outside but for the first day Zipp was gonna hold it inside as a introduction
Mirabelle was inside the Nurse's office, looking into all the supplies to make sure everything was in order. It was only the first day, but who knows what might happen while they're here? There should be a good amount of students filing in after all. Meanwhile, there were two more students on the way, one of which was on a phone, keeping away from others while the other was bouncing around with excitement for starting highschool. I mean, at least it made sense for the girl, as a Buneary
Ryuu stopped by the Nurse's office to check inside real quick before starting to the other rooms, Ruby was happily running on all fours on the way to school, being excited to meet new people, Flare was in the gym, getting it ready for the day
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
Gigi stared at the Buneary, tilting her head. The Elgyem slowly floated forward to the door, avoiding all contact with other Pokemon for the moment.
Ryuu could be seen coming up to the school doors, using his keys to open the doors after he checked all the rooms, he went to his office after the door was unlocked, Ruby was going full speed to the school, running by the other pokemon, Zipp was sitting in the room he was at, Flare was running in place in the gym to get himself ready
soxterluna's Avatarsoxterluna
soxterluna's Avatar
Lumikki was in his office setting up his wooden desk and supplies. He would need these supplies in case some Pokémon couldn’t actually talk out their problems, especially on their first day of school, getting all nervous. Outside of the school, could be seen a Totodile plopping up in down in excitement, showing that she had quite the childish personality.
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When the doors were unlocked Ruby was one of the first pokemon to get inside, she looked around, near the front of the school was a bulliten board that had a paper to show them to go to the gym for an introduction speach, it included directions to get to the gym itself, Ryuu had started to go to the gym, having to be the one to give the speach, Zipp also was going into the gym since some of the teachers had to be there, of course Flare was already there
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
Gigi floated behind, softly beeping and humming an erratic tune.

Pages: 123··· 575859

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