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MothsandFrogs's AvatarMothsandFrogs
MothsandFrogs's Avatar
Welcome to my shop!


1. Please do not claim my art as your own! 2. You can use these anywhere as long as credit is used! The only person who is allowed to use the art is the commissioner. 3. Do not be rude in the comments!

Can and Cannot

Can - Simple designs - Pokefusions - Humanoids - Animals (As long as it's simple) Cannot - NSFW - Difficult/Detailed designs - Mecha - Detailed; scales, fur, etc.
It can take up to 5 days to finish up a commission but if it takes longer than expected, I will pm the commissioner and let them know!

Regular Prices (with color)

Headshots 60| 60 | 12 Halfbodies 80| 80 | 16 Fullbodies 120| 120 | 24

Shaded Prices (with color)

Headshots 75| 75 | 15 Halfbodies 100| 100 | 22 Fullbodies 150| 150 | 30


100| 100 | 22

Adopt Price

500| 500 | 100 | Paypal: Offer 6 - 10$







Vanilluxe/Appletun Fusion! Swirlix/Appletun Fusion!Drifloon/Pyukumuku - Open Drifloon/Ribombee - Closed Drifloon/F Frillish - Open
Hi can you do a head shot of a Cresslia :D Payment : 50 gp
Avatar creator: HawkBelly Rp please join: https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/265355/The-Herb Made by the awesome Vio99 And the first one by Zangoose97
MothsandFrogs's AvatarMothsandFrogs
MothsandFrogs's Avatar
Absolutely!I'll get right on it, send a trade when you're ready and I'll pm you the drawing!
Ok thx
FrostyMew's AvatarFrostyMew
FrostyMew's Avatar
Oh my goodness I love your art UwU May I have a head shot of a female scorbunny wearing a blue bandanna scarf with a sharp toothy grin/smirk? Payment: 50 GP
Avatar Punny-cat, Sprites by sojussimblr, Vio99,
MothsandFrogs's AvatarMothsandFrogs
MothsandFrogs's Avatar
@Moonshine-shadow I just finished your request and will send it in pms! @FrostyMew Sure think! I'll get on it asap, just send the GP as a gift! Thank you for the compliment on my art too <33
FrostyMew's AvatarFrostyMew
FrostyMew's Avatar
Will do UwU Thank you
Jenny151618's AvatarJenny151618
Jenny151618's Avatar
Can you do a full body of Erwyn, Rosebuds, and the poke form of Hana for 60zc?
Avatar by Sheepoid
Made by Skitty22
MothsandFrogs's AvatarMothsandFrogs
MothsandFrogs's Avatar
@FrostyMew I am almost done, I might need another day to finish it due to irl thinges but It shall be doNE! @Jenny151618 I will absolutely do that! Do you want them all together her on one canvas or separate? Just send a tgift and I will get started! Since it's 3 full bodies, it might take abut 4-5 days if that is okay with you, ill try to get it done sooner though!
FrostyMew's AvatarFrostyMew
FrostyMew's Avatar
Okie dokie lokie UwU

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