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Haxorus High! - Open

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Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
So are we ever gonna continue to the nurse's office?

before I join, are legndary and mythical pokemon allowed?
PFP by AudreyC27 on PFQ
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
Weedle, Julian is in his room? Cloud is at the nurse's office
right okay
DanielTheCake's AvatarDanielTheCake
DanielTheCake's Avatar
Don't mind me deleting my post here because I posted this at 11 pm in my time so I had no brain.
Image taken from https://pokemon.fandom.com/wiki/Furret
Apologies but there is no 'Legendary and Fusion science teacher' role, however if you would like, your character can be the co-teacher for Evolution Science! But they don't have to, Just a suggestion!
Duballl's AvatarDuballl
Duballl's Avatar
username: duballl pokemon name: lili pokemon species: kecleon gender: female role: student melan/shiny/albino: yes likes: students who like gaming,lays chips,orange gatorade dislikes: fur affinity,deviantart,people who call her weak other: she wears glasses and a black ribbon on her neck
*trips into the thread* owwww ;-; *gets up* sorry for that ^^; lets make a new OC :D Username: Liamthehedgehog Pokemon Name: Juniper Pokemon speices: Ponyta Gender: Female role: Student shiny/albino/melan?: Shiny Likes: making new friends, eating cheri berries & Peacha Berries, battling, tba Dislikes: people making fun of her cause of her birthmark thats around her right eye, accidently hurting someone too much during battle training, tba Other: the birthmark around her right eye is blue like her blue flares and its shaped like a star*, she always wears a lilac scarf around her neck no matter the weather, she has Purple eyes as well *This would stay blue when she evolves into a Rapidash
Icon made by this person! My CS Hey Hey Its Liam here! im still a newbie to Pokemon (since my first game was Sun) but I know lots of pokemon ^^ Any form of Gift is welcome ^^ I like birds, Psychic types and most water types :D They can be either Normal (most common to happen), Shiny, Albino or Melan (highly unlikely going to happen) S/A/M Gifts (anyone who gifts one, gets mentioned here): Tune (S)

Pages: 123··· 78910

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